White House 2012 Video Flasback: More Liberty Through Less Government

Bookmark and Share After a scintillating weekend of CPACspeeches which all largely shared the same themes, of more liberty through less government, a stronger economy through fiscal responsibility, and amore secure nation through a committed defense of freedom, White House 2012pulls out of its vault, a speech by the man who reinvigorated theenthusiasm for these themes within the modern conservative cause ………. Ronald Reagan.

The following video was first put together by POLITICS 24/7, the parent site of White House 2012,nearly two years ago. However; the words contained in it are as important today as they were then, and they were as pertinent then as they wereover 50years ago when Ronald Reagan first uttered them.

In this video, Ronald Reagantalks about the risks presented to our nationback in 50’s, and even before that. It was a riskwhichdecades later was arguably the tippingpoint which gave rise to the TEA Party movement and a renewed interest in liberty, free markets and constitutionally limited government. I am referringto Obamacare.In the 50’s and 60’s of course, it was not called Obamacare. Ronald Reagan called it”socialized medicine”.

When listening to this speech, I can’t help but think how appropriate it would have been at a Conservative Political Action Conference way back when……….ifit had existed.

Soas White House 2012 deals with the election of a future president, and now thatthe book has been closed onCPAC’s2011 gathering, I thoughtit appropriate to give you a speech by aPresidnt thatCPAChonored throughout its three days, and who gave some of the most appropriate speeches that anyone couldhave given at such a gathering.

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Barbour at CPAC: How Can a White Man From Missisippi Beat the First Black President?

Bookmark and Share Hat tip to Warner Todd Huston at Publius Forum for his one on one interview with Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour at the 2011 CPAC gathering in D.C..

In the interview Governor Barbour says he is seriously considering a run for President, but that he is also equally as serious when he says that he has not yet made the decision. Barbour discusses how many personal family factors as well as political factors must be carefully considered and he expects to reach his decision in April.

The big question asked by Huston in his scoop is“how can a white man from Mississippi beat the first black president?” For Barbour’s answer, since it was Huston who got the chance to ask the question, I will refer you to his site, Publius Forum, and his video for the answer.

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CPAC 2011: Newt Gingrich’s Speech at CPAC

Bookmark and Share In what can be described as a solid foundation to run a presidential campaign on, Newt Gingrich spoke to CPACstriking many chords with the conservative audience that he addressed. In it he indirectly laid out some of the immediate priorities that he would act upon if he were President. He outlined, in detail,what he called two large strategies that would lead to jobs creation. It included a call to end the environmentalProtection Agencies’war against American oil and gasand the creationof an Environmental Solutions Agency that would replace the Environmental Protection Agency and create a truly American energy plan.

In his speech, Newt suggested that President Obama be invited to give the keynote address at the 2012 Conservative Political Action Conference, but only if he makes good on his perceived attempts to move to the center. According to Gingrich he could prove himself sincere in that goal and be deserving of the invite to CPAC if he did the following seven things;

  1. Sign the repeal of Obamacare
  2. Sign tort reform for doctors
  3. Sign the permanent repeal of the death tax
  4. Sign a new Hyde Amendment so that no taxpayer money funds abortions
  5. Sign a new Paul Ryan drafted budget act to control spending and move to a balanced budget
  6. Sign a law to decisively control the border now
  7. Sign a 1oth Amendment Implementation Act that returns power to the states and the people thereof

While Newt’s speech was not a rah-rah, inspirational call to arms for conservatives, instead of coming off as a conservative firebrand, he presented himself as the quintessential optimistic, ideas man and proved that underestimating him in a potential 2012 race for the presidency would be a foolish thing to do.

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CPAC Releases Its Speakers Schedule

Bookmark and ShareNext week the American Conservative Union will conduct its annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C.. The event has become a rite of passage for Rpublicans who are trying to make their wayt down the path to the White House and is seen as an agenda setting gathering of the G.O.P.’s political base.

This year, speakers include:

Andrew Breitbart, Ann Coulter, Wayne LaPierre, David Horowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, Phyllis Schlaffly, Congressmen Paul Ryan, Connie Mack,and Allen West, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, Colorado Senator Mike Lee and Florida Governor Rick Scott.

But in addition to those speakers, the following list ofpotential Republican presidential candidates will also be addressing the lively crowd:

  • THURSDAY, February 10:
    10:00 AM: Michele Bachmann
    1:00 PM: Newt Gingrich book signing.
    2:00 PM: Rick Santorum
    4:30 PM: Paul Ryan
    6:15 PM: A reception co-sponsored by SarahPAC.
  • FRIDAY, February 11:
    10:30 AM: Mitt Romney
    1:30 PM: John Thune
    3:00 PM: Tim Pawlenty
    3:30 PM: Ron Paul
    4:00 PM: Rick Perry
    4:30 PM: Herman Cain
    7:30 PM: Mitch Daniels
  • SATURDAY, February 12
    9:30 AM: Haley Barbour

The highlight of the event is its annual straw poll. Last year, Ron Paul won. Mitt Romney was the winner of the CPAC straw poll in each of the two years prior to that. This year’s straw poll results are scheduled to be announced at 5:15 PM on Saturday, February 12th.

Click here for a complete itinerary of the Conservative Political Action Conference

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