CPAC’s Conservative Message

Despite Romney’s strawpoll win, the anti-establishment message of CPAC came through loud and clear from various speakers.  Alan West, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee, and even at times the Presidential candidates: the only way we can truly be free is by reclaiming the role of the church and community from the Federal Government.

For several years now the conservative movement has allowed private charity to flirt with and even get in bed with the Federal Government under the understanding that private organizations can use federal dollars much more efficiently than government bureaucracies.  Then along came Barack Obama.  It makes me think of Star Wars and Darth Vader’s line “Pray I don’t alter the deal any further”.

The problem is that conservatives abandoned their principles.  Trusting a pro-family, pro-conservative President in George W. Bush, we signed on to faith based initiatives.  Perhaps we never expected a President who would leverage those relationships to gain control over Christianity and use Christian institutions to spread liberalism.  We never expected a President who in three short years would be to the point of forcing Christian institutions to provide abortion pills or suffer the consequences.

The Government cannot protect our sacred institutions.  The government is using our tax dollars to control our sacred institutions.

The problem is that only one candidate in this has talked about the sort of shrinking of government necessary to get the government out of the charity and faith business altogether.  While he has appeared impotent when pressed, Ron Paul is the only candidate who will actually say that the government doesn’t belong in the insurance business or the charity business.  Mitt Romney would bring us back to the George W. Bush days when faith based initiatives allowed faiths to still manage themselves.  Newt and Santorum would certainly respect religious freedom, but would also strengthen the ties between government and faith based organizations with the same deadly good intentions W had.

This is not an endorsement for Ron Paul, but it is an acknowledgement that when it comes to the responsibility of Christians and community, Paul is more in line with the 2010 freshmen, and older wise sages like Huckabee, who must rise to the top if conservatism and freedom of religion is to survive in our country.  Perhaps Newt, Mitt and Rick will be persuaded by Paul on this like they were on the Fed.

CPAC 2011: Allen West’s Keynote Address at CPAC

Bookmark and Share If you have not yet had the chance to hear Rep. Allen West’s keynote address at the 2011 Conservative Political Action Committee, make sure you do so.

It was an outstanding summation of what conservatism really is in America. And his citation of what he calls “the three pillars of conservatism”, Allen West poetically and prophetically supports these pillars with examples that demonstrate how without them, the ceiling of our government, collapses on the new dawn of our nation.

And in defining true conservatism, Allen West never fails to neglects our responsibility to the defense of what is the source of Americas very being and existence ..freedom. One of my favorite lines came when the freshman Congressman told the audience;

A new dawn for America means never surrendering our nuclear deterrent capability due to a nave trust in those who subscribe to Machiavelli and not kumbaya.

But there were actually far too many convincing arguments, powerful statements of evidence and inspiring ideological and national words to list as the most memorable or noteworthy. In truth, Wests entire address was memorable and noteworthy. And while he touched upon a broad range of issues, I noticed that he was one of the few at the CPAC gathering who addressed touched on the issue of English as an official language in America. While West did not exactly call for such legislation or amendments of the sort, he did specifically say that;

We must honor our language and realize that it is the most important, most basic, and common bond which makes us an American.

In his speech Congressman West defended God, country, culture, values and life, and he did so in a way that made both proud of our nation and proud to be a conservative. He also made many of us realize that if he chose to seek it, he could be a future President of these great states of our mighty Union. Such may not be in the cards for 2012, but I intend to make sure that I am around long enough to eventually turn White House 2012 into White House 2016 and after that White House 2020. If I am fortunate enough to join you in those campaigns, I fully expect to be writing extensively about the campaign of candidate West.

Take a moment and listen to and watch Wests speech. Youll be glad you did.

Thanks to Politiclearnews for providing some of the earliestpublic recordings of the speech.

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Bookmark and Share Right off the bat, I have to tell you that I have not been following Ann Coulter too much. In the past, I felt she crossed some lines that while they did not personally offend me, they rubbed me the wrong way politically, in the sense that one or two of the jokes went too far and became a political issue to use against Republicans. However; I must say that Anns performance at CPAC was a masterful mix of political knowledge, ideological fervor, and sarcastic wit. Anns 25 or so minute spiel was an exhibition of political humor that she elevated to an art form.

Of course, if you are a liberal without a sense of humor, you will not find any of this funny. Those individuals will simply lace up their Converses, grabs sticks and hang Ann Coulter in effigy as they march down the street screaming No justice, no peace, or Bush and Cheney are war criminals. Those individuals find humor in nothing other than the jokes they tell about conservatives or people who cling to their religious beliefs and their rights, including their second amendment rights.

But nevertheless, Coulter gave a performance at CPAC which anyone who has sense of humor, and by that I mean, can even laugh at themselves, should not miss. For that reason, I present to you my last series of clips covering CPAC. I was unable to get all of the speeches that I would have liked to. I am particularly angry and disappointed with circumstances that involved both an unexpected early departure and technical difficulties which prohibited me from both seeing and recording Congressman Allen Wests keynote address. I am a big fan of Rep. West and I was so looking forward to what I am sure was an exceptional and inspiring speech by him.

But that aside, for your enjoyment here is Ann Coulter. If you havent had the opportunity to catch it before now, than you just have to hear it now. You wont regret it.

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Bookmark and Share On Saturday morning, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour presented CPAC attendees a speech that focussed on out of control government and the related endless spending that comes with it.
Governor Barbour decalred “Never forget, a bigger government, means a smaller economy”.
He reminded us that “our problem is not that we tax too little. It is that we spend too much”,and he called the Obama Administration “the most job stifling administration in American history”.
In the end, the Governor told his audience that that Republicans were lected in 2010 because they want us to “expand freedom, not government” and he warned that ifRepublicans forget that, they “will be defeated as quickly as Democrats and we will deserve it“.
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Bookmark and Share On Friday, Texas Governor Rick Perry made for a very animated speaker who addressed the conservative Republican in a manner more conversational than oratorical. Yet what he may have lacked in poetic rhetoric, he more than made up for in a hard hitting discussion that struck at the heart of what troubles conservatives. As he put it, we are most bothered by an overly controlling federal government and deeply concerned with the federal governments willful neglect of their responsibilities.One such responsibility that he brought up was controlling our border. Perry said

Border security is one of Washington, D.C.s essential responsibilities. Yet they continue their record of abject failure in that area.

Perry also spoke of his love of the 10th Amendment which so poetically declares a faith in the government closest to the people is truly the best government. He added that a constitutionally limited government is one of the most critical aspects of our nation and of freedom. In one of his most eloquent remarks, Perry stated;

Our responsibility is to unite in ending the federal binds that tie our hands together and return to the visions of our founders.

He added;

We must handcuff the big spenders by simplifying our tax code and adopting a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.

Along the way, Governor Perry, like several others who spoke before CPAC, held up Texas as

the one state in the nation all others should aspire to.

This was in large part due to its status as the state that stands as number one in job creation, a distinction that the rest of the nation is sorely in need of improving. Perry also took the opportunity to promote Texas, or rather his leadership in Texas, by comparing his record to the liberal record of our federal government and that between all their regulation, taxation and spending, tell the federal government, enough! and urged everyone to pick up their cell phones and text 95613 Fed UP and he will keep you tuned in to what were doing in Texas.

Perrys speech was well received and well delivered but I could not help but notice one thing. I can see onesuperficial but stillproblematicimagethata potential Perry presidential campaignis likely torun in to. There were many times when I could not help but see a lot of President G. W. Bush in Perry.Aside from the understandable and obvious similarities in syntax and accent, Perry exhibited mannerisms that just made him eerily similar to the former President. One especially noticeable mannerism was what I would call the Bush shrug. Now for me this is not a problem, but for more moderate and even left leaning voters, this may be a silly draw back.

But then again, I have seen Perry deliver many speeches in a more statesman-like style, His recent State of the state Address is one example. When he focuses on his delivery, he doesnt come across quite so Bush-like. He might want to consider that when and if he campaigns outside of the South, where unfortunately George W. Bush is more of a liability than a benefit. For them, its bad enough that Perry is from Texas.

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