Are Ron Paul And Mitch Daniels Living In A House Made Of Brick Or A Poll made Of Straw?

Bookmark and ShareAs the results of the CPAC straw poll were released the Ron Paul Revolution has once again put the TX Congressman at the top with 30% of the vote. Not a big surprise to anyone in attendance as Paul’s supporters (half of the straw-poll voters were under 26) have made a yearly pilgrimage to the conservative conference in order to ensure he comes out on top of the straw poll conducted at the largest gathering of conservatives in the nation.

They are very adept at coordinating at these types of events and use them as a means to get Ron Paul’s name out there as they feel he is snubbed as a serious candidate by the mainstream media and Republican base. However strong the support for Paul appears, it unfortunately does not historically transfer to the primaries. With his anti-war, fiscal conservative message Rep. Paul appeals to the younger generation and his followers repay him with a loyalty that is unrivaled by any other candidate give former 2008 Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin. This loyalty gets Paul on the ballot but has yet to make a huge impact on the mostly social conservative GOP base. A base which is necessary to win a primary. That seems to be the stumbling block for the Revolution. Independent voters react to Rep. Paul’s message well and he may be the anomaly that would fair better in a general election than he does in his own parties primary.

A small surprise in the straw poll was little known Indiana governor Mitch Daniels whose message was along the same lines as Rep. Paul’s and was revered by the young pro-Ron Paul crowd garnering him 4%. Daniels took a different approach than most, speaking to the crowd personally and with a serious tone as opposed to the pep rally type atmosphere that others used as a pre-cursor to their possible candidacies. He shied away from mentioning President Obama in order to get the crowd riled up as some of the previous speakers had, instead going on a straight message of fiscal responsibility. It was an eloquently crafted, intellectually compelling call to arms against the red-ink forces of the national debt. He dubbed it “the new red menace”. Daniels also stated that if Republicans found the best way blocked they needed to be open to finding a different way, hinting that they should fore go purity in order to get things done and that to do so may require listening to independent and Democrat voters. A statement that was popular with the young CPAC audience but may not resonate well in a GOP primary.

So as the largest gathering of conservatives in the nation winds down and the potential candidates gauge their impact what does the straw poll actually tell us? I believe it tells us that Ron Paul and Mitch Daniels made nice inroads with a young, loyal base of voters that may just coax them into throwing their hats in the ring officially. It also tells us that the CPAC straw poll is in no way a valid snap shot of a Republican primary. In a primary you need the base. A base that is more socially conservative than fiscally conservative. The Republicans are not likely to nominate Ron Paul in 2012 for the same reasons he never won a primary in 2008 — the GOP mainstream is not going to embrace a purist who rails against the military budget with the same intensity that he attacks the Federal Reserve. Mitch Daniels may fall along that same line. A candidate that could fair better in the general election than he would in his own primary.

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Who Will Win the CPAC Straw Poll?

Bookmark and Share As the annual Conservative Political Action Conference prepares to kick off, White House 2012 wants to know who you think will be the winner of their straw poll when the conference ends on Saturdxay evening.

The official ballot looks like this;

Michele Bachmann
Haley Barbour
Herman Cain
Chris Christie
Mitch Daniels
Newt Gingrich
Jon Huntsman
Gary Johnson
Sarah Palin
John Thune
Ron Paul
Tim Pawlenty
Rick Perry
Mitt Romney

Take the White House 2012 pollhere and tell us who you think will be this year’s winner. Remember, we’re not looking for who you want to see win, but rather who you believe conservatives at CPAC will vote for.

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CPAC Releases Its Speakers Schedule

Bookmark and ShareNext week the American Conservative Union will conduct its annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C.. The event has become a rite of passage for Rpublicans who are trying to make their wayt down the path to the White House and is seen as an agenda setting gathering of the G.O.P.’s political base.

This year, speakers include:

Andrew Breitbart, Ann Coulter, Wayne LaPierre, David Horowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, Phyllis Schlaffly, Congressmen Paul Ryan, Connie Mack,and Allen West, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, Colorado Senator Mike Lee and Florida Governor Rick Scott.

But in addition to those speakers, the following list ofpotential Republican presidential candidates will also be addressing the lively crowd:

  • THURSDAY, February 10:
    10:00 AM: Michele Bachmann
    1:00 PM: Newt Gingrich book signing.
    2:00 PM: Rick Santorum
    4:30 PM: Paul Ryan
    6:15 PM: A reception co-sponsored by SarahPAC.
  • FRIDAY, February 11:
    10:30 AM: Mitt Romney
    1:30 PM: John Thune
    3:00 PM: Tim Pawlenty
    3:30 PM: Ron Paul
    4:00 PM: Rick Perry
    4:30 PM: Herman Cain
    7:30 PM: Mitch Daniels
  • SATURDAY, February 12
    9:30 AM: Haley Barbour

The highlight of the event is its annual straw poll. Last year, Ron Paul won. Mitt Romney was the winner of the CPAC straw poll in each of the two years prior to that. This year’s straw poll results are scheduled to be announced at 5:15 PM on Saturday, February 12th.

Click here for a complete itinerary of the Conservative Political Action Conference

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Mitch Daniels’ Potential Presidential Campaign Heads To CPAC

Mitch Daniels is being urgedBookmark and Share In February of each year, Washington D.C. plays host to a convention that caters to the conservative base of the Republican Party, the part of the Party thatcan make the difference in who wins the G.O.P.’s presidential nomination. It is the Conservative Political Action Conference and it is a must stop for any Republican presidential aspirant.

Now we get news that term limited Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels is joining the roster of speakers at the event.

Last year, Daniels skipped the event because he felt that it would have proved to be a distraction that prevented him from focusing in on his responsibilities as Governor. Although Daniels claims that he will not make a decision about a run for President until the Indiana state legislative session wraps up in April, apparently he believes that this year, his CPAC will not be enough of a distraction to keep him away.

If Daniels really has not made up his mind about a run for President, his appearance at CPAC in 2011 certainly helps keep his options open and will continue to fuel speculation about a potential Daniels candidacy. Currently there is not much any behind the scenes movement in the Daniels camp regarding development of a campaign organization but he certainly has the ability to get one going at a moments notice.

One of the high points at the CPAC conference is its straw poll. Winning it is normally a sign of organizational ability and the level of enthusiasm that exists from within the republican base. Voting is voluntary and is often skewed by how aggressively supporters of individual candidates pass out ballots and return them to the ballot box. In 2010 the winner of the straw poll was Ron Paul. Out of 10,000 people in attendance only 2,400 ballots were handed in and of them, Paul received 31%. Trailing him was Mitt Romney with 22%, Sarah Palin with 7%, Tim Pawlenty at 6% and Mike Pence received 5%.

In the three years prior to that, Mitt Romney walked away with the win.

So far, in addition to Mitch Daniels, CPAC confirms Romney, Paul, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich of Georgia, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Sen. John Thune of South Dakota, and former Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, as being in the lineup of speakers.

In the end, if Mitch Daniels is not seriously contemplating a run for President, he sure isn’t doing much to dispel rumors that he is.

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