Trunkline 2012: Tuesday’s Top Tips and Tidbits from the Presidential Campaign Trail

Bookmark and Share  Tuesday’s election news summary takes a look at tonight’s presidential debater drinking game, the need for Candy Crowley to keep her trap shut in tonight’s debate, Condoleezza Rice’s entry in to the campaign trail just as foreign policy becomes a bigger issue,  the increasing importance of Wisconsin in the Electoral College, the tightening race in Pennsylvania, Ross Perot’s endorsement, the president’s dislike for people, and much more from the campaign trail;

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Trunlkine 2012: Thursday’s Summary of News and Views from the Campaign Trail– 12/29/11

Bookmark and Share  Today’s campaign trail briefing offers a look at Ron Paul’s games and blames,  anew santorum ad, Jon Huntsman’s wisecrack, how Iowa will effect New Hamsphire and more news and views.

 “If you’re thinking about Ron Paul because of his domestic issues, think again and look at virtually any of the other candidates and consider how they would be as Commander-in-Chief. That’s the president’s first duty, defending the country.” – Ambassador John  Bolton

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Kelly Clarkson has endorsed Ron Paul, which means that her music is no longer the worst thing about her.
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Trunkline 2012: Sunday Election News Review-12//4/11

Bookmark and Share ****Cain gone, Newt Ahead in Iowa, Coming in second: Ron Paul?? *****

With Cain gone, the field is looking more and more like Gingrich/Romney.  Meanwhile, liberal pundits and even some conservatives seem to be praying that Newt’s rise will be as long lived as Bachmann’s, Perry’s and Cain’s.  Is it really Santorum’s turn?  How about Ron Paul’s?

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Trunkline 2012: Friday’s Campaign Trail News Wrap-Up from White House 2012 – 11/25/11

Bookmark and Share  Black Friday may have the malls inundated with shoppers but today’s Trunkline 2012 is filled with an abundance of campaign trail news and opinions on about everything from Newt surging in New Hampshire, Michele Bachmann’s own shopping mall experience, the President’s notable deletion of God, the plight for a third-party candidate, the worst Thanksgiving week since the 1930’s, the lack of protection that the First Amendment offers the cause of Occupy protesters, Romney openly saying that he has the best shot at beating Obama, and much more.

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Trunkline 2012: Saturday Political News in Review and the Cinema Politico Movie of the Week 10/29/11

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President Obam steps in it, Occupy WallStreet gives Mitt Romney a hand, Perry’ s ethanol problems, Cain campaign chatter picks up, Rick Santorum gets areound, Republicans deliver their weekly radio address, and White House 2012 gives you a peek at the Sunday morning talk shows and offers you a free ticket to this week’s Cinema Politico Saturday Night at the movies feature film.

  1. Fox News Sunday: Texas Governor Rick Perry is the headliner
  2. ABC’s This Week: Guests include Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-Texas),  Austan Goolsbee, the former chairman of President Barack Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers and Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates,
  3. CNN’s State of the Union: Texas Congressman Ron  Paul and the President Obama’s chief campaign strategist, David Axelrod.
  4. CBS’s Face the Nation: Herman Cain
  5. NBC’s Meet the Press: White House senior adviser and ormer 2008 Obama campaign manager David Plouffe,
  6. Bloomberg TV’s Political Capital: Republican National  Committee Chairman Reince Priebus.
  7. C-SPAN’s Newsmakers: Federal Housing Finance Agencyt acting director, Edward DeMarco, will be interviewed by the Wall  Street Journal’s Nick Timiraos.

Described as shocking and informative, SPLIT: A DIVIDED AMERICA takes a behind the scenes look at the partisanship dominating our politics. Balancing candid discussions with citizens coast to coast and commentary from some of the sharpest minds analyzing government and society today, it’s a cross-country investigation of democracy in America.    The film is from IndieFlix Studios and offers  a relativley surprising unbiased analysis that, while politically naive, is interested and worthy of a political junkies time.        

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You will be rquired to register with to view the movie for free. But registration is simple, quick and free.

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Trunkline 2012: Tuesday Tidbits From The Republican Presidential Race – 10/25/11

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Perry puts proposal on the table, Reince Priebus penalizes pushy states, Newt builds a firewall in South Carolina, Mitt gets flack for flipping before he flops on Ohio’s SB2, Barry beats Herman, Joe wants to investigate why reporters ask him questions and Fred Karger wonders about Marcus Bachmann………….all that and more in today’s tales from  the campaigen trail.

Gay Republican presidential candidate Fred Karger, recently passed on a message to White House 2012 that dealt with a White House 2012 post that had a little fun with Karger’s recent “UnDesicion 2012” interview on Comedy Central which ended with a casual reference to Michele Bachmann’s husband Marcus being gay. It came with the following pic and a note that read;

“Marcus and me form the Iowa Straw Poll. he gets you in a bear hug when posing for the pic……..”

When inititally writing the commentary on Karger’s Comdey Central interview, I mistook the program’s host reference to Michele’s husband to mean Michelle Obama. So I thought Fred Karger’s comment “he seems gay to me” referred to President Obama. That would have been a better story. But the he was talking about Marcus Bachmann, who by the way is White House 2012’s biggest loser of the 2012 presidential campaign so far.

Like her, love her, or hate her, you know that living with and being Michele Bachmann’s husband ain’t easy. But now the poor guy’s wife runs for President and what does he get for it? He gets a big closet with his name on it that the whole nation suspects he lives in. At least Marcus can be content with the fact that when it is all over, he won’t have to put up with jokes about him being the First “Lady” if his wife was elected President. That doesn’t seem likely to happen any time soon.

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Iowa Caucus Power Rating

Bookmark and Share   By Steve Deace @

Note: These projections are done based on if the Iowa Caucuses were today with the field as current constructed. Please note this my analysis not my preference. I have yet to endorse a candidate.

1. Michele Bachmann (36%)

She is surging now, despite the fact she’s still really just now getting off the ground in Iowa, which is a testimony to the overall weakness of the field in the minds of many voters. Barring a complete and total self-inflicted meltdown, I now can’t foresee how she doesn’t win the Iowa Caucuses if this is the field. She’s drawing rock star-like crowds. My friend Wes Enos, who was Mike Huckabee’s political director in 2008 and is with Bachmann now, says he never saw crowds for Huckabee like Bachmann is currently attracting. The key for her will be staying aggressive on the issues to solidify as much of her support as she can in the eventuality that Rick Perry and Sarah Palin enter the race and attempt to syphon off a chunk of her support.

2. Tim Pawlenty (20%)

I don’t say this very often, but I agree with Doug Gross. His comments to Reuters that Pawlenty is trying to appeal to all segments of the Republican Party, and thus ends up appealing to really none of them, are spot on. Passive-aggressive is no way to run for president. Pawlenty doesn’t have a lot of glaring weaknesses as a candidate (other than his somewhat bland persona), but he doesn’t necessarily have anything that blows you away as well. He comes off as the sort of non-threatening, generic conservative the GOP could nominate any year. The problem with that is this isn’t just any year. This is a year that conservatives are looking for the political equivalent of a UFC combatant with charisma. Pawlenty still has time between now and the Straw Poll to reinvent himself, but he needs to pick one issue on the minds of Iowans and be the absolute boldest out there on it. I’d like to see that issue be the issues surrounding the judicial retention election, but it doesn’t have to be.

3. Ron Paul (16%)

I was starting to see some evidence of a Ron Paul boom a few weeks ago, but that has really died down. He just doesn’t seem to be doing much in the state right now. Why doesn’t he have State Rep. Kim Pearson, a pro-life champion in the Iowa House, going 99 counties to talk about his pledge to veto any budget that includes Planned Parenthood funding? Why doesn’t he have his well-liked son, Sen. Rand Paul, essentially turning Iowa into his second home? Why doesn’t he have activists/authors like Thomas Woods holding townhalls and conferences in Iowa about the need to repeal Obamacare? The issue environment is in his favor, but I can’t seem to figure out what his campaign’s gameplan is.

4. Mitt Romney (12%)

Romney has been playing the low-key approach McCain 2008 strategy in Iowa, because he knows he’s damaged goods here. Looking at the latest polling numbers in New Hampshire, he might want to start worrying about losing the state again, too.

5. Rick Santorum (9%)

I think he will slightly out-perform his polling numbers because his overall conservative record is more than acceptable enough to many conservatives, and there remains a bevy of conservatives either uncomfortable with Bachmann’s inexperience or gender who still need a home. Not to mention the fact his high-profile Iowa field director, Nick Ryan, has his reputation on the line as well, so he’ll pull out all the stops. Santorum could do much better than this if he throws caution to the wind and swings for the fences.

6. Herman Cain (6%)

I’m not sure anyone has ever gone supernova in the Iowa Caucuses quicker than Cain has, and it’s pretty clear he’s essentially done as a serious threat when just as recently as six weeks ago he suddenly appeared to be.

7. Thaddeus McCotter (1%)

Most people haven’t heard of him, let alone formed an opinion of him.


Editor’s Note: Mr. Deace is a guest contributor to White House 2012 who through his site,, will provide WH12 readers with upclose coverage and insights on the race to win the Iowa Republican Caucuses along with his weekly power rating and candidate weekend wrap-up .

You can folow Steve on Facebook

Special thanks to Jennifer Jacobs, the chief political reporter for the Des Moines Register. Ms. Jacobs  heped match WH12 up with Steve!

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Key Iowa Supporter Abandons Huckabee for Pawlenty

Bookmark and Share A key supporter and critical architect of Mike Huckabees 2008 winning Iowa caucus campaign, has bailed on Huckabee and cast his lot with former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty.

Eric Woolson, a formidable media strategist and campaign press operative, was the manager of Mike Huckabees come-out-nowhere Iowa victory in 2008 and despite a recent meeting with Huckabee when his book tour took him to the Hawkeye State, According to the Des Moines Registers Tom Beaumont, Woolson has said that he expressed to Pawlenty an interest in helping him. Woolson stated “I think he’s got a terrific record. He’s got a great story to tell. He hasn’t said he’s running yet. If he decides to run, I’d love to help him tell that story to Iowans.”

The defection from Huckabee to Pawlenty would be an organizational setback for a potential Huckabee presidential campaign and it is a sign of the soft commitment and sense of loyalty that Huckabees supporters have for him.

Woolson says that he likes Pawlenty’s record, style and profile as a governor. He is also concerned by Huckabee’s late time frame for making a decision on whether or not to seek the Republican presidential nomination again.

Woolson adds;

“As you look at the monumental task of unseating an incumbent president, Republicans need to get about the business of getting that job done and I want to get on with the task of getting that done.”

Tim Pawlenty has not as of yet accepted Woolsons offer, but he also not yet made his own decision to run for President or not. That is expected to come sometime during the course of the next month in a half.

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Santorum Builds Veteran Iowa PAC Team

Bookmark and Share Former Pennsylvania Senator and potential 2012 Presidential candidate Rick Santorum has added 2 veteran Republican operatives as advisors to his PAC operations in Iowa. A move which signals the seriousness of the former Senators presidential aspirations.

According to Santorum’s press release, (Santorum) announced today that his political action committee, America’s Foundation, has brought on Nick Ryan and Jill Latham of the Des Moines, IA-based Concordia Group LLC to serve as advisors.

“I am extremely pleased to have Nick and Jill on board to assist with my PAC’s efforts in Iowa and across the country. They have a proven track record of building grassroots support for candidates and conservative causes. As I continue to consider a run in 2012, they will play a critical role in helping determine if we are able to build the necessary support to embark on a possible run,” said Senator Santorum.

According to the Des Moines Register, Nicholas T. Ryan, founder and President of Concordia Group LLC, has extensive experience in Iowa. He served as a top political advisor for Congressman Jim Nussle (R-Iowa) from 1999-2006, and ran three successful congressional campaigns in Eastern Iowa. Nick is also the founder of the American Future Fund which was established as a multi-state issue advocacy group designed to effectively communicate conservative and free market ideals.

“I have respected Senator Santorum for years and am excited to have the opportunity to work for him. He has a deep understanding of the issues that matter to conservatives across the nation,” said Nick Ryan. “Senator Santorum is a full-spectrum conservative who has a demonstrated ability to motivate conservatives and Republicans. I am honored to help him continue the work he has started in Iowa by helping so many conservatives get elected this past November.”

Jill Latham serves as Principal at Concordia Group LLC. Prior to joining the Concordia Group, Jill served as Iowa Political Director for Governor Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. Jill has vast experience in government and politics, having worked on Capitol Hill and around the country, including President Bush’s re-election campaign in 2004. She also served as the Political Director of the Republican Party of Wisconsin from 2005 2006.

“As someone who played an active role in the 2008 Republican presidential primary, I have seen firsthand what appeals to Iowa Republican caucus goers conservative values, honesty and a commitment to standing up for what you believe in all attributes that Senator Santorum has. I look forward to working with Senator Santorum over the weeks in months ahead,” said Jill Latham.

There has been much speculation that Santorum will be making a bid for the GOP nomination in 2012. He has quietly been building a team in new Hampshire and now Iowa. He has visited both states frequently, stopping in Iowa 9 times in the last 15 months. To learn more about Rick Santorum’s credentials visit the Draft Rick Santorum website.

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