Defamation and Felony

While a felony can land you in court, slander and libel can get you in legal trouble too.  However, in the dirtiest of political campaigns, defamation is the name of the game.  That is what Obama is running: the dirtiest of political campaigns.    Even still, cries of one’s opponent being a “felon” are usually relegated to the third party shenanigans of an “issues” candidate who has no hope of winning.  Such charges could also be associated with peanut gallery observers and shock personalities like Sean Hannity or Bill Maher.  However, now it is also a tactic of the Obama campaign.

Can Obama sacrifice all credibility and still win?

Stephanie Cutter, deputy campaign manager for the Obama campaign, suggested that Mitt Romney is either a liar or a felon and could face criminal prosecution.  Why?  Because either she is a liar, or the Obama administration is incompetent when it comes to corporate structures and SEC filings.

At issue is whether Mitt Romney was running the show at Bain Capital after 1999.  Everyone at Bain Capital, including Democrat Obama supporters, say no.  Everyone at the Olympics say Romney was there.  The only people who think Romney was at Bain after 1999 are in Obama’s campaign.  They blame Romney for everything that happened in Bain up to 2002.  Kind of like how they still are blaming Bush for 8.2% unemployment.

So why do Cutter and Obama think Romney is a felon?  The Boston Globe came out with a story showing that Romney signed SEC documents as the President, Director and CEO of Bain Capital up until 2002.  The Washington Post, Fortune Magazine and explain this.  Romney left to save the Olympics before any sort of replacement could be found and remained listed as President and CEO until his shares were passed on.

Typically liberal Washington Post embarrasses Obama even more with a follow up fact check story, giving Obama another three Pinocchios.

Obama’s outright false and defamatory Bain attack is designed to get Romney to release more tax returns.  Obama believes he is gaining ground by highlighting the low percentage Romney pays in taxes.  However, another Washington Post factcheck story shows that even this line of attack is dishonest.  In fact, one of the reasons Romney’s tax rate is lower is because he gives as much to charity as he pays in taxes.

Media organizations have not been able to back Obama up on this one.  Even CNN’s John King backed up Romney’s side of the story.

In addition to exposing himself as a liar and a dirty campaigner, Obama has exposed himself to an easy rebuttal from the Romney campaign.  In fact, while Obama’s campaign is cheering any unfair negative press they can get on Romney, the result is Romney sitting in front of CNN, Fox, CBS, ABC and NBC cameras, on their dime, explaining how Obama is wrong and not living up to his promises of running an issues centered campaign.

In fact, as John Sununu pointed out, Obama’s bringing up things like felonies and outsourcing is really a liability for Obama.  Obama can be tied to Tony Rezko, Rod Blagojavich, Bill Ayers, and more recently Eric Holder and the Fast and Furious scandal.  You want to talk about secretive.

Here is my challenge to the Obama campaign.  Bain executives, Olympic executives, and anyone who knew Romney in 1999 knew that he was no more running Bain Capital than Bush was running a timber company in 2004.  So why doesn’t Obama send Eric Holder to arrest Mitt Romney for listing himself as CEO of Bain in 2002?  It wouldn’t be a waste of Holder’s time, he’s busy not turning Fast and Furious documents over to Congress and not enforcing Congress’s vote of contempt against him.  Send Holder to arrest Romney for supposedly committing the felony of being the president of a company he wasn’t running or involved with.  Then we can all have a good belly laugh at Obama and get on with our lives.

Obama has been consistently dishonest in this election season.  Eventually more people than just the political junkies like you and me will figure this out.  When a President lies several times during a campaign, the average joe on the street might miss every instance.  When a President lies continually, eventually every American will experience his dishonesty.  And when not even CNN and the Washington Post can backup Obama, his credibility is gone.  Can Obama win with no credibility?

Alan Colmes Teaches Liberals That Dead Baby Jokes Are Neither Funny or Appropriate Political Discourse

Bookmark and Share   Most people probably only know who Alan Colmes is when they are reminded that he was the liberal sidekick to Sean Hannity on what use to be the Fox News program called Hannity and Colmes.

Colmes got sick of being ideologically and personally overshadowed by Hannity and eventually the show became known as “Hannity” and Alan Colmes tried to make a difference on his own.

He didn’t.

But he is still trying.  Which is why today during an interview regarding  the Republican presidential race, Alan Colmes tried to mock Republicans based on the ever changing frontrunner status of their candidates.  Colmes tried to claim that the G.O.P. field is an extremely weak one and everytime the spotlight gets focussed on one of them, they can’t stand up to the scrutiny.

Colmes then claimed that Rick Santorum is the most recent example and added that when people find out that he took home his dead baby and played with it for two hours, they will find that Santorum is too weird for their liking. [ See the actual interview below this post.]

Colmes actual words were;

“Once they get a hold of the crazy things he’s said and done like taking his two-hour old baby who died right after childbirth home and played with it for a couple of hours so his other children would know that the child was real.”

The reference was to the Santorum families painful loss when Rick and his wife Karen were told by their doctor that an ultrasound revealed their unborn baby Gabriel had a fatal defect and was going to die.

But Gabriel was born alive;

Santorum once reflected on the personal, family tragedy by saying;

“For two hours he lived a life that knew only love.”

The same Fox News segment that hosted Colmes during his ugly remarks, also had National Review writer Rich Lowry on and after Colmes made the outrageous statement, Lowry took Colmes to task and stated;

“That’s a cheap shot, Alan. To say it’s crazy, something that’s that personal and hurtful as losing a child and to mock it like that is beyond the pale and beneath you. I even think some of the dastardly characters we have in the main stream media are not going to go as low as you just have Alan.”

Colmes defended his statement during the rest of the interview and stuck to his guns claiming that his remarks were perfectly legitimate commentary.  But by late 8:00 pm, Colmes liberal brain finally caught up with his mouth and he phoned the Santorum’s to make a formal apology and he tweeted the following:

Rick and Karen Santorum may have accepted the apology and ultimately that is all that really matters.  But I have to tell you that I am unfortunately not so easy to forgive.  It is not impossible for me, especially since I know that I myself am in need of forgiveness when I demonstrate my own lack of judgement.  However I am not going to be able to easily forget the tactic that Alan Colmes tried to get away with here.

It was another fine example of just how truly ugly liberals are willing to get in this election.  It is clear to me that with a President  representing them at the top of the ticket, with a record Democrats can not run on and in many instances will have to run away from, they will have no qualms about resorting to some of the most despicable and disgraceful tactics that we have seen in presidential history.  Their tastelessness will not prevent them from doing anything it takes to win, be it mocking ones faith……something that will be of particular importance if Mormon Mitt Romney wins the nomination, to dead baby jokes, nothing will be off limits to the mainstream liberals like Alan Colmes who represent today’s Democratic Party.

Ultimately, if Rick and Karen Santrorum can forgive Alan Colmes for his unbelievably outrageous comments, than we all can.  But like the symbol of our Party, we don’t ever have to forget.

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