White House 2012 Keeps Growing. Now We’re International!

Bookmark and Share White House 2012 is proud to announce the addition of J.J. Collins to its team of analysts and writers.

 J.J. Collins is a business consultant, writer, author and political blogger who specializes in American politics.  He is  native of Dublin, Ireland and currently resides in London, England where he is working on his next book about the American President’s.

A conservative minded person in his politics, he openly admires and believes in American style democracy and the need for a strong America to lead the world. Central to this belief, is the need for a strong American economy, military and leadership. Collins believes 2012 is the most important presidential election in generation’s with the balance of world power and future American economic prosperity at stake and  believes a strong GOP candidate is the only solution in winning back the White House in 2012.

The addition of J.J. to the White House 2012 team, will offer readers an extraordinarily unique and expert perspective on the race to occupy the Oval Office.  What makes his viewpoint particularly unique is the context in which it comes to us.  J.J. Collins’ offers  opinion is based not simply on our own national perspective but rather a global perspective.  His appreciation for what is suppose to be a key element of Republican ideology….. a strong America……. lies at the heart of Republican foreign policy.  And while there are some here at home who wish to penalize the United States for its role on the world stage and others who wish to apologized for that role, J.J. Collins reminds us that the Republican belief that the United States must be strong both economically and militarily  so that it can play a lead role in world events, is not just a Republican misconception, but actually for many at home and abroad, a harsh reality.

It is a truly a pleasure for me to welcome J.J. to White House 2012 and it is with great pride that I introduce him to the White House 2012 audience.  You can take a look at some of his work which has already been available to us by clicking here.
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