Santorum Leaves Florida Swinging …… at Newt Gingrich. See the New Hard Hitting Ad

Bookmark and Share¬†¬† Fresh off of his poor third place showing in Florida, Rick Santorum is trying to take advantage of Newt Gingrich’s big 15% second place loss to Mitt Romney in the Sunshine State by reclaiming the title of¬†“conservative alternative” to Mitt Romney, the big winner in Tuesday’s primary contest ¬†[see the ad below this post].

The ad is a very powerful¬†condemnation of Gingrich which¬†catches you off¬†guard with¬†opening arguments that would have you think the ad is comparing Santorum¬†to his three Republican rivals, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and¬†Ron Paul.¬† It claims that the three politicians in question support legislative¬†policies which are conservative¬†anathema; Cap-and-Trade, amnesty, and the government bailouts.¬† It would be bad enough for Santorum’s¬†Republican rivals to have to wear all three of those issues around their necks, but the surprise comes when it is revealed that three politicians in question are not Romney, Paul, and Gingrich but rather President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Newt Gingrich.

The surprise comparison is twice as debilitating for Gingrich because while you might expect Mitt Romney to be accused of being too liberal, this ad avoids Romney and shockingly puts Newt Gingrich in an entirely differently league, one that puts him directly in the room with iconic liberals  Obama and Pelosi.

The ad happens to be¬†one of the most effective of this campaign cycle to date.¬† It is produced¬†well and is quite creative.¬† It also presents Santorum’s¬†case against Newt in a way that avoids being overly outlandish and¬†to the point of being too hard to believe.

Yet while the ad is quite good, it is also indicative of the unfortunate position that Rick Santorum¬†finds himself in.¬† This ad pits him against Newt Gingrich, not frontrunner Mitt Romney, and it signals the fact that¬†Santorum¬†knows he is still competing in a primary within the primary………. the conservative primary within the Republican primary.¬† It demonstrates that Rick Santorum is in a desperate¬†fight to¬†just get in to the race against Mitt Romney.

The good news for Santorum¬†is that it is quite possible that conservatives¬†have not yet ensconced¬†themselves in Newt’s camp and Rick could still possibly win over¬†a majority of¬†them.¬†One most notable conservative to recently go to Santorum’s side¬†¬†is Michele Malkin, a talking head with a considerably large conservative following.¬† But at the same time it is a little late in this race for Santorum¬†to hope his horse places or shows when¬†the only ticket he can cash in on is the one to win.

But hope springs eternal and this ad is has a spin on it that forces me to give Rick Santorum a lot of credit, even though I believe it will help Mitt Romney than it will help Santorum.

Florida Makes History Again. Now What?

Bookmark and Share   As is the norm for Florida, the Sunshine State has again made electoral history.  For the first time, the Republican winner of the South Carolina primary, lost the Florida primary.  What it means in the long term is uncertain, but what it means in the short term is quite apparent.  Nationally, Republicans have no real clear favorite for President yet.

Still, ¬†Mitt Romney’s win was significant and he deserve credit for¬†orchestrating it.¬† He spent $17 million to do it, but he did it and in the end, especially with 50 delegates now in his column, that is all that matters.¬† However, while Romney once again becomes the frontrunner for the nomination, you will have to forgive me¬†if¬†do¬†not declare this race over yet.

With little more than 5% of the delegates allocated so far, there is no denying that the race is not over yet, but it was made even more obvious to me after hearing Romney deliver his victory speech, and after Gingrich and Santorum gave their concession speeches.

In his speech, Mitt Romney rose to the occasion¬†and sounded enthusiastic, but humble, and most of all, he sounded presidential.¬† He delivered a speech that allowed people to truly begin to get comfortable with the idea of him being the candidate who can take the fight to President Barack Obama and beat him.¬† He didn’t seal the deal, but his Florida victory speech helped make people more willing¬†to accept the now almost inevitability of his being nominated for president.¬† And now back in the frontrunner position, Romney offered not only a brief glimpse of the potential that exists¬†in his carrying the Republican banner, ¬†he even took some steps to put the ugliness of the intraparty battle for the nomination behind him by eloquently¬†making the point that¬†“a competitive primary does not divide us, it prepares us.”

But in his facing the fact that he came in second place to Romney with at least 15% less of the vote than Romney, Newt Gingrich offered a speech which oozed of defiance and held a true thirst for not just beating Barack Obama, but for bringing about the type of reforms that Americans want, but as of late, have not often come to see in either Republicans or Democrats.  He also provided some of the best reasons for his candidacy to date.

While limiting his negative attacks to calling Romney a Massachusetts moderate, Newt introduced what was seemingly a very heartfelt, personal contract with the American people, a spin on the now famous 1994 Contract With America that he spearheaded and guided through Congress.

Newt’s personal¬† contract consists of two parts.¬† The first part is conditional and it requires that the people elect¬†conservatives to Congress.¬† If they do that, Newt promises that before he takes office, he will request¬†that on January 3rd, 2013, the new Congress stays in session and immediately repeals Obamacare, Dodd-Franks, and Sarbanes¬†Oxley, three bills that are being viewed¬†as among ¬†the most¬† detrimental¬†legislative initiatives effecting our economy.¬† Gingrich vows that if the American people elect¬†strong conservative¬†majorities to Congress, those three measures can be¬†repealed by Congress and on the day of his inauguration, he will sign the legislation to rid us of those massive government burdens.¬† The problem there is¬†that unless it is veto proof majority, President Obama will have the opportunity¬†to veto it before Gingrich has the opportunity¬†to sign it.¬† So Newt might want to hold back on his request for january 3rd vote on those issues.

The rest of Newt’s personal contract is a promise to promptly enact a series of constitutional executive orders that will consist of immediately abolishing the existence of¬†all White House czars,¬†an ¬†immediate order to commence¬†construction of the Keystone Pipeline project, an executive order opening the American embassy in Jerusalem¬†and essentially acknowledging that divided city as Israel’s¬†capital, another executive order which would reinstate the Reagan policy that did not allow¬†¬†federal¬†money to fund any abortions, anywhere in the world, and last but not least, he promised to enact an order that repeals any and all of the anti-religious acts enacted¬†by the Obama Administration in what Newt described as the President’s war on religion.

Newt’s speech was far from a concession speech, but what it did do was offer voters some good reasons for why Newt should not give up.¬† With a room full of supporters waving signs that reminded voters that there are 46 more states which have yet to vote, Newt demonstrated that he still has what it takes to continue contesting this election.

The other speech of note came from third place finisher Senator Rick Santorum.

Even though Santorum placed a very distant third with only 13% of the vote in Florida, his speech actually provided a good rationale for his own continued participation in this race.

Knowing full well that he was not going to have a strong showing in Florida, Santorum¬†elected to make his primary night remarks from Nevada, where he is campaigning in advance of that state’s¬†Caucus which takes place this Saturday.

Taking advantage of the very rarely traveled high road in their¬†primary contest, Santorum exploited the bitter battle between Romney and Gingrich by looking like the adult in the room who had his eye on the real prize…….defeating President Obama.

He stated that he was not going to criticize the personal and public successes achieved by both Gingrich and Romney as they have done to one another.  Instead he declared that republicans deserve better, and that he was going to focus on the issues important to the American people.  However, Santorum did argue that Newt failed at taking the momentum he had coming out South Carolina and converting it in to establishing himself as the conservative alternative to Mitt Romney.  According to Santorum, Newt proved to make himself the issue and the American people do not need a President who is the issue, but rather a President who can address the issues and solve the problems surrounding them.

All three speeches were actually quite good and they all provided a solid foundation and legitimate reasons¬†for this nomination contest to remain¬†competitive.¬† The problem is that Santorum¬†and Gingrich will still have to find the resources it takes to convince voters that it really isn’t over.¬† If Newt can finally stick to the themes he struck in his speech in Florida, themes based on his being the anti-establishment candidate and a true conservative leader capable of achieving very real and very bold reforms, he can¬†survive long enough¬†to see another victory, but it may not happen for another month or more and the longer he goes without a victory, the harder it will¬†be for him to achieve one.

Right now, the only thing we can be¬†certain of is that Mitt Romney is the one in the catbird seat¬†tonight.¬† The real problem I see here though is that Romney is still the candidate¬†which¬†for numerous¬†reasons, many Republicans seem to be settling for.¬†¬†Such uninspired support makes it quite possible for someone like Newt to turn things around by actually inspiring people and causing voters say, you know what?¬† I don’t have to settle for Mitt.¬†We can do better.”

Until Mitt Romney is willing to stop playing it safe, and proves that he too can be¬†a bold leader, he will remain vulnerable to being overshadowed by the boldness of Newt Gingrich’s vision and red meat agenda.¬† For Mitt it is now a judgement call and a gamble.¬† Does he continue to play it safe and rely on his giant campaign war chest¬†to suppress the amount of support Gingrich and¬† risk the possibility of¬†Newt turning things around again?¬† Or¬†¬†does he step out of his safety¬†zone and make an¬†attempt to¬†prove that he is more than just a wealthy Republican establishment candidate?

My experience with Romney leads me to believe that he will continue to play it safe with the expectation that Newt will be do just the opposite and a loss it all by taking one too many risks.

On a final note, yes I know that I did not mention Ron Paul and that I did not include his concession speech.  And no it is not because I am afraid that if I give him any ink, people will flock to his side and elect him President.  The reason I did not include Ron Paul is because he has yet to become a significant factor in this election and because he said absolutely nothing new in his speech following his single digit, last place showing in Florida.

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Gingrich Campaign Makes Desperate Calls to Jewish Florida Senior Citizens

Bookmark and Share¬†¬† In what has got¬†to be¬†one of the most desperate attempts to target a message to a critical voting bloc an election, Newt¬†Gingrich’s campaign approved a robocall that went out to Florida’s large Jewish vote.

The call went specifically to elderly Jewish senior citizens which is a smart move, Senior citizens are the most reliable voters in the nation and they show up to polls in percentages than larger all other demographics.

However, the Gingrich call was an uttrerly¬†shameful pitch to Jewish senior citizens that essentially chose to exploit the Holocaust and make a comparison that suggests even the Nazi’s didn’t force Jews to eat non-kosher food, but Mitt Romney did.

The allegation is based¬†on a measure which Romney vetoed as the Governor of Massachusetts but the truth is the bill never actually prevented kosher food from being served to Jewish residents in various facilities, and Romney’s veto did not cut any funding for kosher food services have but merely vetoed additional¬†funds. The ultimate¬†decision¬†not¬†serve kosher food certain nursing homes was actually made by individual¬†nursing homes which did have a substantial¬†enough Jewish population in their facilities.

As a supporter of Newt, even I must admit that this robocall was in extremely poor taste and in many ways, even offensive.

The Holocaust is too significant a tragedy in world history to exploit and trivialize by introducing it in to shallow politics with distortions, lies, and such sheer maliciousness.

After South Carolina, I was confident that Newt needed to go after the Jewish vote in Florida.¬† One reason was because he has an incredible record on Israel that could have greatly appealed to the Jewish community.¬† But I never meant for him to go after the Jewish vote by angering senior citizens over the Holocaust and comparing Mitt Romney to Nazi’s.

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Realigning the American Political Psyche Estblished by the Liberal Paradigm

Bookmark and Share   I have spent a lot of time listening to Democrats and President Obama in particular, preach about fairness and making people pay their fair share.  I have listened to an endless stream of liberals position themselves as federal cherubs who are trying to be little government sponsored guardian angels who just want to make sure that everyone is treated equally and that everyone gets what they deserve.    Sometimes I swear I am listening to Tinkerbell talking to Peter freaking Pan, or listening to Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, tell me that if I click the heels of my ruby red slippers together, I will suddenly find a magical rainbow that will lead me to a government provided pot of gold.

What bothers me the most is not that these liberal leprechaun would try to convince people that their American version of socialism would make everything better,  but that there are actually Americans who are really dumb enough to believe them.

But it is evidence of the fact that since the days of FDR, Democrats have come to believe not in strong economic policies for America, but rather in the kind of politics that can keep them in power by offering voters a choice between the truth of reality represented by the self determination which Republicans believe in, and the government fantasy version of reality that the left promotes.  It is the kind of politics that is rooted in dependency and it is comprised of a formula which seeks to make people believe that things can be easier if they keep Democrats in power because Democrats will give the people a litany of wonderful things by declaring them rights.

They will give you government provided health care, education, food, salaries, and services, and all these gifts will make our lives easier, and better.

It is a vicious cycle which all began by exploiting dependency,  a negative which Democrats now try to perpetuate.  For Democrats, their formula for electoral success relies mainly upon making more people, more dependent on government goodies so that come Election Day, the voters will embrace rather than bite the liberals hands that the people have literally come to expect to feed them.

Pursuit of this political formula for electoral success has unfortunately had a big impact on many Americans.  Without realizing it, many Americans have been brainwashed and come to embrace the liberal mindset which has successfully change the dynamics of American thinking.

Today, thanks to the left, the American constitutional paradigm which was a citizenry that granted limited powers to a federal government, has been forgotten and replaced with the thinking that starts from the premiss which has us now question how much power the government can give the people.  It is really all quite insane.

Today we take taxes for granted so much that the debate is not how much the government should take.  It is how much of what we earn  can we keep.  In this day an age we are grateful when a leader like Chris Christie comes along and proposes an across the board state income of 10%.  Thanks to liberal propaganda and decades of liberal training, we actually believe that politicians are doing us a favor by lowering our taxes.  But the truth is, that it is no favor!  It is the only decent thing to do!  Yet we have all fallen victim to a liberal agenda which has forced us to think backwards.  Whether we realize it or not, liberal thinking has shifted our mindset and so today we thank a politician for allowing us to keep more of our own money, when what we should actually be doing is reprimanding them for not giving us back more of our own money.

It’s time for people to wake up and realize that in America, the people do not exist because of government, government exists because of the people.¬† Americans need to realize that we should not be¬†grateful¬†for how much the government lets us keep,¬†it is the government that should be¬†grateful¬†for what we the people are willing to give to it.¬†¬† Until we all realize that,¬†¬†we will all remain slaves to our government, and nothing more than the real servants to those who are suppose to be the government servants………the elected officials who we thank for allowing us to keep more of our money, and appreciate for giving us the permit and permission s to build a deck on our own private property or to go fishing or camping.

I recently listened to the elf-like liberal Congressman from Ohio, Dennis Kucinich.

Dennis was discussing¬†President Obama’s State of the Union¬†address and he told the¬†listening audience that he believed “the rich should pay more”.¬†¬†Other liberals phrase it differently.¬† President Obama likes to say that “the rich should¬†be forced to pay their fair share”.¬† But what I need to know is what is fair and beyond that, who the hell has the right to tell us what is fair?¬† Is Dennis Kucinich the Fairness Fairy?

Fairness is arbitrary¬†and our Constitution did not address fairness.¬† And as far as I known there is no twenty eighth¬†amendment of¬†the Constitution which defines fairness and articulates how government is suppose to¬†legislate fairness.¬†¬† But the Constitution of the United States does address government’s place in our lives and in doing so, it clearly states that we are granted our rights from our creator.¬†¬†¬†And just to make this clear, I need to tell you that the federal government did not create you or I.¬† Barack Obama can not take credit for me.¬† Nor can he legally take my rights away, even though several of his policies already have.

Another thing he should not be able to do is tell me how much I can earn, what I must do with my money, and who I must share it with.

Yet that is what the left has essentially lived for since the days of FDR.

They have lived for the opportunity to make me as good as the next guy by making sure that if the next guy is doing well, the government can redistribute his wealth to me.  Is that a definition of fairness?  Is it fair for me to profit from the work, ingenuity, work ethic, and committment of someone else?

These are the questions that President Obama and his Party have brought to the forefront in this election, more than any election we have seen in generations.

And while the economy is and should be¬†one of the most important issues of the 2012 cycle, what America needs to really do is look at the dynamics behind the economy.¬† Then they must decide if we want to fully invest ourselves in to reconstructing our national foundation in to one that is the world’s¬†preeminent government sponsored welfare state, a state which is the key element to the survival of each individual¬†American.¬† Or do we want to strengthen¬†the founding principles which were designed¬†to get government and the federal bureaucracy out of the way¬†so that we can practice the rights that we were endowed with by our creator and be free to dream well beyond the limits of the government bureaucracy?

That is the framework that this election must waged in. It is the question which the Republican nominee for President needs to condense every interpretation of each of their policies down to.

In 2012, the G.O.P. needs to remind people that dependency is not the American way and that our government was never meant to be the largest source of jobs in America.  In fact the purpose of our government is not to create jobs, it was designed to make sure that American people could create jobs.

People must be made to once again learn how things really work in America.

They must be¬†retrained to understand that government created jobs do not generate profits that sustain the costs of the salaries paid to each¬†government employee.¬† They need to understand that an employee of the EPA does not do¬†create wealth, they¬†consume wealth.¬† The American people must be¬†made to once again realize that when the government¬†creates a job, the salary for that job comes¬†not from any federal profit… comes from the¬†taxpayers, and in order to keep raising the money required to pay that government salary, the government will need to continue taking taxpayers money.

However, in the free market, profits create salaries and the more profits there are, the more salaries there are.

But there is even more to it than that basic fact.

Voters need to be made aware of the fact¬† that according to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, civilian workers employed through the federal government¬†have¬† an average wage of $81,258.¬† Yet at the same time, the average wage of the nation’s approximate 101 million private-sector workers¬† is $50,462.

This means that taxpayers, the people who are making money through jobs that generate profits, are paying federal workers 25% more than they make.  Meanwhile, President Barack Obama is increasing federal spending through so-called economic stimulus dollars, that is creating an even larger federal workforce, one that for a while was outpacing private sector job growth.  And that is a formula for further disaster.

Paying federal salaries, and more of them, that are higher than the salaries which provide the taxes that pay for those federal pay checks, is  a formula that leads to paying out more than we take in.  And that is just on government jobs.  It has nothing to do with the other more traditional forms of federal deficit spending based on entitlements and federal dependency programs.

All of this presents the next Republican presidential nominee a with a multifaceted challenge.

They must not just provide solutions and frame them in a way that wins people over, they must also educate people.  The next Republican presidential nominee must educate people on how America is suppose to work and they must teach them the reasons why the socialist model of contemporary liberal-progressivism does not work and how it is a system designed to keep the powerbrokers in power by making them the people we are dependent for our own survival.

In 2012 we make people understand that government is not a supernatural entity which can wave a magic wand over a problem and solve it without accountability and without there being future repercussions as Peter finally has to Paul.

Once people can be made to realize that, I mean really realize that, half the battle will be won.

Once that is achieved we then need to confront Democrats and tell them that if they want change the purpose of government, they, like President, should come right out and admit it.

When he was running for President in 2008, then Senator Obama declared that he wanted to “fundamentally change America”.¬†¬†But few took him at his word.¬† And those that did, didn’t think he really¬†meant he wanted to fundamentally change the constitutional responsibilities of government.¬† But now it is quite obvious that that is exactly what he meant.

In 2012 we must challenge Democrats to be truthful to the American people and force them to come before voters and admit that they want the federal government to have more control over our lives.  We must challenge them to be honest and admit that they do not like the fact that some people can be financially wealthier than others.  We must make the left come before the American electorate and let them know the America that liberals envision, is one in which everyone is made equal by lowering the overall quality of life rather than providing the type of environment which creates more opportunities for people to improve their quality of life.

We know for certain¬†that class warfare is the name of the liberal game in 2012.¬† It’s nothing new.¬† But what Republicans must do now is reeducate the American people and make them realize why it is class warfare.¬† And we must then ask the American people to decide once for all, if they believe dependency on the federal bureaucracy is the best foundation for them to build their lives upon and for our nation to grow on, or is the independence behind our reason for being the more solid choice for the future of our nation and its people.

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Newt’s No Strategy Stragey Is Playing Right In To His Rivals Hands

Bookmark and Share¬†¬† As I have said over and over again, I am fully prepared¬†to enthusiastically¬†get behind Mitt Romney as our nominee, but when given the choice between Mitt’s meager tweaking of policies that steer things slightly more to the right of the liberal establishment, and Newt’s bold solutions that rewrite¬†and reform policies, I am supporting Newt.¬† I believe that in this election, Republicans are at a crossroads.¬† We either commit ourselves to being like Democrats and¬†affirm ourselves¬†as being defenders of the status quo¬†or we establish ourselves as the Party of reform.

In a race between Newt and Mitt, for me the issue is not so much which man is more conservative but which man is more representative of the status quo¬†and the establishment and which one is more representative of¬†reform and the anti-establishment sentiments that gave birth to a whole movement that was based¬†in part on¬†a an extraordinary anti-establishment sentiment.¬† Of the two, given that criteria, Newt wins hands down.¬† Which is why I have become so utterly disappointed in¬† Newt Gingrich’s campaign.

While¬†I understand how much pride Newt takes in running an untradition¬†campaign that does not focus on fundraising and consultant rich decision making¬†that forces one to produce poll driven policy positions, I am incredibly frustrated by Newt’s unwillingness to accept the fact that any effective campaign requires a degree of proper planning and strategizing.¬† It does not necessarily¬†have to be¬†traditional planning and strategizing but it has to be¬†at least a semi coordinated effort that covers some of the most basic aspects of the purpose behind any campaign.¬† One such purpose is that of delivering a message.

What is Newt’s message?

Well he has had quite¬†a few and most all¬†of them have been good.¬† But when asked that question, voters should not have to decide what a candidate’s message is.¬† They should¬†clearly know one carefully crafted message that is clear and immediately resonates.¬† Unfortunately, ¬†Newt’s message has not been clear.¬† For that to happen, Gingrich needs to strike a theme or a string of theme’s that easily tie together to form one message.¬† A smart campaign will¬†use themes that creates a message which not only advance the candidate’s cause, but also takes the sting out of their rivals attacks.¬† In Newt’s case a perfect string of theme’s that create just the right message for him would consist of his being¬†a reform minded,¬†anti-establishment, leader.

Let’s look at each of these areas individually:


As Speaker of the House, Newt established himself as a true leader and America is yearning for one that can take them in the right direction.  Do they want the type of leader who can create a Contract With America that led America in to a Republican revolution that changed the way Congress does business and led to some of the most conservative reforms in generations while working with Democrats?  Or do they want the type of leadership that worked with Democrats to  create such things as RomneyCare and ObamaCare?

That is a theme not only works for Newt, it works against Mitt Romney?


Here again, one can turn one of Romney’s weaknesses in to a Gingrich strength.

Do we we¬†want the type of Gingrich reforms which led to the greatest reform of the last 30 years…..welfare reform, or do they want the type of Romney reforms which created Romney and Obama style government-centric healthcare?

This theme is probably the most fertile for Gingrich.

It allows him to remind people that when Newt became Speaker, he reformed the House and made many changes that forced its members to live by the same rules they create for others.  The scandal which saw members of Congress involved The House banking scandal when it was revealed that the United States House of Representatives allowed members to overdraw their House checking accounts without any penalties, prompted Newt to enforce rules that made it harder for legislators to live above the law.

But there is much more to point to when it comes to¬†Gingrich’s proven record of reform.¬† Some of the most dramatic include:

All of these major changes offer Newt a wealth of issues to introduce in  to the election and provide all the evidence people need to establish just how reform driven he is and each one of them strike chords among the electorate that are just as important and topical today as they were yesterday and will be tomorrow.

The Anti-Establishment Candidate;

In this anti-establishment, TEA movement environment, the status quo is out and the defenders of the status quo are the enemy.  People do not trust the establishment of either Party.  They believe that each Party has betrayed the ideologies they represent and have forgotten that the people are in charge in government and not the government which is in charge of the people. At this point in time, it seems that the people are having to answer to government, far more than government does to the people.

Meanwhile scores of establishment Governors, Senators, Congressman are coming out and endorsing Mitt Romney.¬† They are making it clear that the Mitt Romney is the establishment candidate………the defender of the status quo.¬† Meanwhile those members of the establishment are attacking Newt.¬† From Bob Dole on down, the establishment has soundly rejected Newt and if that is not enough to convince anti-establishment voters that Newt is one of them, than nothing is.

Add to that Newt’s willingness to stray from Party orthodoxy on occasion, and his instinctual desire¬†to question traditional political thinking and approaches to problems and what you have is a candidate who represents anything but the status quo.

Combined together, all three of these qualities could provide¬†Gingrich with the keys to the Republican presidential nomination.¬† In many cases,¬† despite poor messaging by Gingrich’s campaign, they have already been responsible¬†for what success¬†Gingrich has had.¬† But until and unless he can run a campaign that reinforces these themes with clear, consistent messages, the opportunity to exploit them will be lost.¬† And right now, Newt is losing.

In his desire to be unconventional, Newt is unwilling to be scripted.  And while there is a degree of political attractiveness to that, it also makes it impossible for Newt to stay on message and drive it home and the result is sometimes disastrous.

It is what led to his hurting himself¬†a few weeks ago when he offended supporters of capitalism by going to far¬†with an improper¬†assault on Mitt Romney for his work as a venture capitalist.¬†¬†It is also what¬†led to Newt’s most recent blunder, claiming that he could not focus because the audience in the most recent debate¬†was a distraction.

That off-the-cuff remark was so wrong on so many levels that it could very well cost him¬†the winner-take-all, victory in Florida’s Primary.

That statement allowed Mitt Romney to undermine Newt by him seem week and it also allowed Romney to undermine Newt’s greatest strength, his superb debating skills.

Such results are bound to happen when a candidate is unwilling to stay on message and when they fail to settle upon a winning theme that they can build on.

Whatever the result in Florida, if Newt intends to remain in this contest to win, he better get his act together and admit to himself that he needs a competent organization that coordinates his ground game, and does things such as spearhead an aggressive absentee ballot operation in key states, and he must succumb to the fact that if he wants to win, he needs to focus on developing a winning strategy.

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John McCain Wants the Presidential Candidates to Stop All These Silly Debates

Bookmark and Share¬†¬† While defending Mitt Romney, his choice for President, in an interview on NBC’s Meet the Press,¬† failed 2008 Republican presidential nominee John McCain told host David Gregory that he wishes the Republican presidential candidates would stop participating in all the presidential debates that¬†are taking place.

According to McCain, the debates “are driving down our candidates favorable ratings” and are making it harder whoever the nominee is to defeat President Obama in November.

The statement begs the question, is John McCain losing his mind, or has he already lost it?

McCain’s objection to the presidential candidates having as many as 19 debates in the last 8 months is both dumb and a quintessential example of establishment thinking.¬† Only a true established member of the political class would take issue with politicians having to discuss the issues and defend their records and policies in front of an audience comprised of¬†the American electorate.¬† The political elite¬†may not like being held accountable in a forum that is not scripted so tightly that it allows for a one way conversation of the candidate telling the voters what they think the voters want to hear, but voters do appreciate having the opportunity to see their potential President have to think on their feet.

Furthermore; even if John McCain is correct in his assertion that all the debates are responsible for driving down the favorability numbers of the G.O.P. candidates, then so be it.  If it is true that the more the candidates seeking the Republican presidential nomination talk, the more they less people like them, then we do not deserve to win the presidency in November.  If we as a Party can not find a true leader based upon the realistic expectation that they can effectively articulate our cause and the solutions to our problems, than we deserve to lose.

But what it comes down to is that John McCain can’t actually believe his own words.¬† He can’t really be suggesting that debates are a bad thing.

What¬†McCain is really suggesting is that Newt Gingrich survived this campaign and surged in it because of he¬†outperformed the man that¬†McCain is supporting……Mitt Romney.¬† And it is clear to McCain that had there not been 19 debates, Mitt would not have been dominated¬†by Newt on 19 different occasions.¬†¬†¬† So here is Senator McCain actually calling for fewer debates because they are not helping his hand picked choice for President win voters over.

What it comes down to is this.

McCain’s call for the debates to stop is offensive and counterproductive.¬† It is typical establishment, inside-the-beltway, thinking that is designed to shelter the political class from those whom they seek to govern and it is quite arrogant and antithetical to democratic process.¬† It is the type of thinking that could only come out the mouth of a from a person who has spent over thirty years in the bubble that is Washington.¬† They are certainly not the words or thoughts of a so-called “Maverick”.

I will concede that it is quite unfortunate that Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich have resorted to attacking one another with distortions that are absolutely over the top.  I feel it is a shame that Newt Gingrich saw fit to travel down the same low road that Mitt Romney and the establishment led us down and that Mitt Romney finds it impossible to build himself up without first tearing down everyone else down.  However I will not go so far as to say that the answer is to stop the debates and limit the discussion to sanitized forums which do not allow candidates to raise and debate legitimate issues before the American people.

To his credit, Mitt Romney has not taken the same position¬†as his establishment surrogate, Senator John McCain.¬† So while I will not hold McCain’s ignorant and offensive comments against him, but as someone who can easily support Romney if he is the nominee, I would like to suggest to him that he stop trying to embrace the political establishment so tightly.¬† Instead of using the Dole’s, McCain’s, and Tom DeLay’s of the political world as a ladder to which he can climb to power with, Mitt Romney should be running away from the establishment and building himself up as a candidate of independent, conservative thought, who brings to the table something that the establishment doesn’t……real life and business experience.

Whether Mitt realizes it or not, the establishment support he is receiving is not helping him among the voters he needs most.  The anti-establishment voters who are far removed from the political class and who are disdainful of Beltway politics.  Another thing that Mitt should realize is that the more the political establishment attacks Newt Gingrich, the more the anti-establishment coalesces around Gingrich.

In other words, Mitt Romney should tell surrogates like McCain to shut the hell up.

While he might think that the public pitches that Washington insiders are making on Romney’s behalf are helping him in places like Florida, he should realize that every time the establishment wins, the voters rally behind the anti-establishment candidates.¬† So even if Romney does wins Florida, if he does so through a strategy that employs tactics designed at¬†assassinating the character of Newt Gingrich through the political class, then the voting class will lash out against him somewhere else, primarily in Minnesota, Missouri, and Arizona, which hold their nominating contests in late february and early March.

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