Depicting How Limited Government Equals Unlimited Opportunity Will Mean Victory for the G.O.P. in 2012

Bookmark and Share Those of us who are united by the political, ideological and patriotic desires to repeal and replace the current presidential Administration, can easily relate to the mindset which has us kicking around the strategies that can be developed and implemented in 2012 in order to win. We see the themes to strike upon, the issues to hit, the best electoral college strategies to pursueand a whole array ofworkable paths to take to the White House in 2012. Recently I even read the thoughts of one author that goes by the pseudonym Blowhard in a piece he penned for what is called The 2012 Presidential Election, a website that deals with who will win the presidential election. The post was entitled Limited Government = Unlimited Opportunity and in it “Blowhard” creatively describes two commercials that would win the election for the Republican presidential nominee

While I have my own ideas and intend on relating them in future posts, I felt that Blowhard’s innovative concepts were well worth passing on to you. so please visit The 2012 Presidential Election site and read this piece.

And for my own part, insofar as kickingaround strategies, here is an early prediction of where the election map may be in November of 2012. Of course this is quite premature, based upon history, polling and a greatdeal of educated guessing, right now I see 6 undecided states which the election could hinge on. of those undecided 61 electoral votes, Republican would need only 5 to reach the necessary 270 to win the presidency. This leaves the G.O.P. with 5 different ways to reach their goal but Democrats with only oneway to keep the White House.

Of course, I must admit that in reality, jus as is the case with all current polls that try to forecast the electoral future, this must be considered fantasy, but one that could very possibly become reality.

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