Morning Memo: Election News from the Campaign Trail for April 22nd, 2011

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Republican Election News: A Morning News Roundup for Thursday, April 21, 2011

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Experienced & trusted GOP consultant Mike Murphy offers an excellent & amusing analysis of the Republican presidential contenders

Newt At Ease in New Hampshire

The Republican presidential candidate’s credit score competition

Tim Pawlenty does tough interview for Nevada voters

Can an electable Conservative still get elected

Mitch Daniels OKs teacher’s collective bargaining limits

China’s Vice President praises Jon Huntsman

Herman Cain emerges in local presidential straw poll

Iowa Caucus: Who is Roy Moore and can he win

New Hampshire poll has Romney ahead of Obama

Republican Action Alert: Send your letter calling for the resignation of University of Iowa Prof. Ellen Lewin

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White House 2012 Action Alert: Demand the Resignation of University of Iowa Prof. Ellen Lewin

Bookmark and ShareAfter Professor Ellen Lewin sent an email reply to University of Iowa College Republicans that read “F*%! YOU, REPUBLICANS”, (read more about ithere) , White House 2012 has been compelled to embark upon a letter writing campaign calling for Professor Lewin to step down from her position as an educator within any of our institutions of higher education.

Prof. Lewin’s words are not a matter of free speech. Lewin has the right and even the responsibility to stand up for her opinions, but as an educator, the language used and irresponsible actions taken by her when sending an email that cursed out Republicans, has proven herself unable to exercise free speech in a manner appropriate for a person in her position. Furthermore; asRepublicans, we are well aware of the fact that such ademand would be made if the situation was reversed and it was a conservative who chose to voice their opinion in similar fashion.

Let’s face it, if either side is sincere in their belief that political discourse needs to be civil and thatthe heated rhetoric must be turned dow, than they should be on board with insuring that Ellen Lewin’s conduct is not tolerated in any way, shape or form.

So we ask that you cut and paste the following message and email to:

And CC it to University of Iowa President Sally Mason at:

We also urge you to call the University of Iowa at 319-335-3500 and register your disapproval of their continuing any employment of Professor Lewin.


Professor Lewin;

As a Republican I believe in tolerance but I also believe that innappropriate conduct can not be tolerated. For instance I can respect and accept your difference of opinion and I will defend it while still disagreeing with it. But I cannot defend or tolerate a response to my beliefs that is addressed by telling me to go f%$* myself. I also cannot tolerate or accept having someone who is as intolerant and disrespectful as you, teaching future generations of Americans.

Educators are people who deserve out respect, you however do not deserve suchrespect. You have exceeded the boundaries of acceptable conduct and deserve the disdain of the colleagues you embarrassed with your remarks to the students they teach, and the ire of the students themselves.

As a professor at a prestigious University that is in a state that will usher in our most important exercise in democracy, the presidential election, your vulgar remarks have hung a cloud over the level of discourse that will exist in the critical first in the nation, Iowa Caucuses. And for that, all Americans should have a say in your conduct. All of us have been effected by the example that you set in your email to University of Iowa students who disagree with your political ideology.

Furthermore; the liberal establishment should join not only in denouncing your actions they should join with me and thousands of Americans who believe that the only appropriate resolution to this sorry event is your resignation. Liberals supposedly take pride in their tolerance and diversity of opinion, yet your conduct is antithetical to such beliefs. Your conduct helped to prove the hypocrisy of liberal thinking and set back the cause of the left.

If you are truly sorry for your unethical, inappropriate, and vulgar conduct, you will resign immediately. And if you do not, Americans of every political persuasion should call upon the University of Iowa to dismiss you henceforth.

Quite Adamantly;


Name & Address

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Trunkline 2012 Evening Election News Roundup: Treats and Tweets From the Campaign Trail

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