The Dumb Blond Joke Behind the Democratic National Convention

“Why don’t women wear a watch?

“Because there’s a clock on the stove.”

Tell a joke like that and you can rest assured that the person who told it will not be a winning candidate for dog catcher, no less than President of the United States.  And with good reason.  It suggests that a woman’s place is in the home where she plays a subordinate, supportive role to her husband and family.  In this day and age, women have stepped out of the shadow of such untrue and degrading gender based assumptions.  They were assumptions which women from Joan of Arc, to Florence Nightingale proved wrong in days of yore and whose examples which contemporary women from Golda Mier, to more recently Margaret Thatcher and Condoleezza Rice continue to prove wrong today.  These are all women who defied attempts by others to define them as helpless damsels in distress and stewards of the kitchen.  They are women who didn’t even rely on men to achieve their own greatness.  Thatcher, and Rice did not marry into power.  They are proud self-made women who shattered the sick sexism of society without parlaying their husband’s last names and political careers into their own careers. They are perfect examples of strong women who have proven the shameful stereotypes perpetuated by the tasteless badinage of the aforementioned wisecrack to be utterly false and sublimely ignorant notions.

The recent Republican National Convention went to great and not so subtle, but natural lengths to demonstrate just how false those outdated stereotypes of women are.  They featured women in their natural roles as leaders, self-made leaders who rose to power thanks to their own determination, talent and ingenuity.  From Cathy McMorris Rodgers to Mia Love and Governors Susana Martinez and Nikki Haley, Senator Kelly Ayote , Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and dozens of others, the G.O.P. convention allowed women to be themselves and make the case not just for those of their own gender, but for all Americans.  But as Democrats gather to hold their convention in North Carolina, they are about to use women to exploit the very stereotypes they have fought so hard against.  At their convention, Democrats will depict woman in a way that should make militant liberal feminazis like Gloria Steinem so violently ill that it causes them to burst into spontaneous episodes of painful, involuntary, heaving that produces dangerously powerful projectile vomiting.

Much like the Republican National Convention, women will be front and center at the Democratic National Convention.  Well some women will be.  The most powerful woman in the Obama Administration, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be out of the country and even out of the hemisphere as she embarks upon an apparently critical mission to the string of 15 small islands in the Pacific known as that Cook Islands.  From there the President is sending her to Siberia. Really, he is.

But Clinton’s politically timed exile from the convention to the far reaches of Siberia aside, Democrats are gearing up to feature liberal women like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Democratic National Committee Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz… two people who argue that unless the government finances the interests of women, woman can’t succeed.  Other women they will feature include women’s rights activist Lilly Ledbetter, President of Planned Parenthood Action Fund Cecile Richards, National Abortion Rights Action League Pro-Choice America President Nancy Keenan, and the highly accomplished and well-known Georgetown Law School Graduate Sandra “Who”  Fluke.

All of these women will try to have you believe that Republicans are trying to kill women.  They will try to offer up tear jerking tales that depict women as helpless victims who are at the mercy of the hands of government… the big hands of big government.

Lilly Ledbetter will try to claim that the G.O.P. opposes a woman’s right to equal pay for equal work.  She will highlight the bill named after her which was the first legislation President Obama signed into law.   Ledbetter will claim that while it assured women the right to equal pay, Republicans opposed it.  She will not mention that the bill actually simply extended the amount of time a woman had to sue an employer if they believed they were a victim of pay discrimination.  She will not mention that it does not guarantee women anything ant that the whole Lilly Ledbetter law was merely a symbolic political  attempt to make it look like Democrats were focused on helping women.

Cecile Richards will argue that Republican attempts to ban the tearing off of limbs of infants during late term abortions, or to ban the termination of a life because of its sex are cruel examples of some sort of Republican hatred of women.

Nancy Keenan will argue women want a President who believes that the only way they can make the personal, private medical decisions that are best for them and their families is if the federal government takes charge and makes those decision for them by increasing the size, scope, scope and cost of government.

And in what will perhaps be the most amusing argument of the entire liberal convention, Sandra Fluke, a truly inconsequential personality whose greatest accomplishment is that she graduated from law school without getting pregnant, will try to convince Americans that if the evil and heartless heartless Republican Party and its candidates had their way and stopped Americans from seeing their taxes pay for her birth control, she would be barefoot, pregnant and without a law degree.

Then on Thursday night President Obama will portray himself as a princely knight in shining armor who rushes in to save the stereotypically helpless fair maidens of America.

It’s a message that should have all women truly doubtful of how much respect Democrats have for them.  Their characterization of women as a monolithic bloc of one issue voters who will support the failed liberals policies that we are all suffering under because of the liberal promise to hand out free birth control, is a narrative that should insult all women but especially the left wingers behind such liberal entities as Emily’s List.

Traditionally, liberal women’s rights groups like  Emily’s List and similar organizations have touted the strength of women and celebrated their independence and endless abilities.  But today, Democrat groups like those are hypocritically going out of their way to paint a much different picture of women.  They are portraying women as helpless, lost souls with no self-control or capacity to stand on their own without a federal government that mandates their healthcare treatment and like a good husband, gives the little lady an allowance. In this case, a taxpayer subsidized federal allowance.

Gone from the liberal lexicon are the portrayals of women as leaders who have taken control of their own destiny and led themselves, their families, their towns, cities, states, and nation to a better life.  Gone from the Democratic Party are the days when women had their own voice because according to today’s Democrat Party, government provides them with a stronger voice than their own.

The whole liberal inspired election strategy that claims Republicans are waging a war on women is akin to the telling of a bad joke about blonds.  Their claim that women are helpless without government in control of their lives and the lives of their families, is as offensive as the President standing before the nation and quipping;

“How do you make a blonde laugh on Monday?”
“Tell her a joke on Friday?”

It is a mocking and odious approach that does not address the real problems facing women; it simply operates under the false premise that women are gullible enough to believe they need someone to provide for them.   And it is ultimately based on the real question that President Obama has been asking advisors…  “How do I get women to vote for me and fellow Democrats on Election Day?”

For Democrats the answer to that question is “lie to them and hope that they don’t realize the truth till at least the day after the election.”

And the truth they hope that women will be too slow to understand in time for Election Day is that under President Obama, women have lost much of the parity in society that they have fought for over the past four decades.  Under President Obama women have had to endure their highest rate of unemployment in over 17 years as they account for 92.3% of the jobs lost since he took office, an accomplishment that distinguishes President Obama’s record on women’s participation in the labor force as the worst ever.

These are not points you will hear Democrats talking about at their quadrennial celebration of liberalism.  In fact at the Democrat’s convention there will be few if any direct and turthful references to things the President has actually done “for” women.  The overwhelming result of his record on women is one which has done more to them than for them.  But with the women’s vote in several key swing states being critical to Obama’s reelection, Democrats will continue to exploit women as helpless and reliant citizens married to the trough of government and they will continue to pray that their attempt to make women believe that Mitt Romney is The Boston Strangler and that Paul Ryan is Jack the Ripper takes hold.

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Emily’s Little List Sets Woman Back Decades

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These days no matter what Sarah Palin does, the left just refuses to give her credit.  Take the leftwing femi-Nazi movement.

For them it is great to be a strong, independent woman with an opinion, so long as that opinion is in sync with theirs. But demonstrate that you can break away from their groupthink mentality and stereotypes and right away, you’re ostracized and demonized.

When David Letterman went beyond Sarah Palin and crudely made a joke about a baseball player molesting her daughter in the dugout, not a single feminist group said a word. In fact they all laughed. Yet when in 1984 when then Vice President George Herbert Walker Bush was overheard saying to someone that  “we kicked a little butt last night” in reference to his Vice Presidential debate with Geraldine Ferraro, women’s groups were practically throwing their burning bras at the Vice President for his remark. For days there was nothing else heard about accept for what the femi-Nazi’s were calling the Vice President’s sexist remarks.

And when a group of liberal women come out with a list of other liberal women candidates that they want to endorse and support with financial contributions, that is noble and righteous. But when Sarah Palin wants to do the same thing for conservatives and conservative women, that is something to be “rejected”.

This typically hypocritical conduct of the left and their feminist wing, reached a new height when Emily’s List, a group of liberal women who endorse other liberal women, decided to attack Sarah Palin for her endorsements of conservative women.

According to Emily’s List;

“We call upon women — and men! — to let their voices be heard and to reject Palin’s reactionary candidates and backward-looking agenda. We’re asking Democrats, Independents, and moderate Republicans who have no home — to join us in our new campaign, Sarah Doesn’t Speak for Me.”

Instead of using their resources to support their fellow liberal feminists, the group invested their time and money into even creating a website for their new anti-Palin campaign. According to Jes McIntosh of EMILY’s List, the new campaign and website called “Sarah Doesn’t Speak For Me” was created because;

“We wanted to respond to Sarah Palin and her candidates’ assertions that they were speaking for all women with a community of women who are speaking for themselves,”

On the site you will find one of the most asinine and embarrassingly vindictive videos imaginable.  It is complete with tired old liberal cliché, after cliché, and in my opinion sets the feminist movement back twenty years by essentially producing what looks like a “cat fight” that plays right into the hands of those who try to project women as being stereotypically “catty”.

I thought the woman’s movement and Emily’s List was suppose to portray women in a positive light, not in the stereotypical light that the feminist movement tries to counter so much?

And insofar as the claim that Sarah doesn’t speak for women,….. ahem,…… excuse me,  but does Emily’s little list actually believe that Barbara Boxer, whom they endorse with pride, represents the views of most women? Most women that I know, do not support abortion being used as a form of birth control or believe that abortions should be so readily available and that their underage daughters should be able to have as many of them as they want and performed by any disreputable doctor or their assistant.

Most women that I know don’t control their purse strings with endless federal spending binges that approve spending money on anything that their friends propose.

What this new Emily’s List campaign is actually trying to say is that conservative women should have no say on the issues of the day and that is a message that I believe is contrary to the feminist cause. It is also a shameful one. But all in all, I for one do not mind this latest campaign. While Sarah is out their raising money for candidates in the midterm elections who reflect conservative views of personal and fiscal responsibility, Emily’s List is dumping their time, money and resources into campaigning against Sarah Palin who is not running for anything in 2010.

The situation begs the question, which women are smarter? The women of Emily’s List who are fixated with smearing a conservative woman for her success and strength or Sarah Palin who is using her strength to elect conservatives of both genders?

All in all, this new campaign against Sarah Palin is a good thing. While the women of emily’s list continue to portray themselves as political victims in society, there anti-Palin campaign helps point out just how hypocritical the left and the feminist movement are.  This  only helps to portray Sarah as a strong woman, who thinks for herself and does more for advancing the causes she and candidates that she believes in , than does an entire group of catty, stereotypical women who are so threatened by a difference of opinion that they would throw one of their own under the bus and set their own feminist movement back a few decades.

Way to go Emily’s List or should I say……way to go Sarah!!!!

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