White House 2012′s Morning Memo: Tuesday’s Election News Briefing for 11/15/11

Bookmark and Share   While you were asleep, the political world kept turning and tried to cast its perpetual spin on reality.  So set the record straight with White House 2012’s Morning Memo as we bring you  Gloria Cain’s interview, Polls that have Newt soaring and Americans doubting Cain, as well as stories about the end of Rick Perry’s campaign, strange emails from the First Lady, the stage being set for the Supreme Courts hearing on Obamacare, the shaping of the 2016 presidential election, notes about the Abuser in Chief, and much more. 

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White House 2012: See the Entire Gloria Cain Interview

Bookmark and Share   In her first major national interview (see the interviews and the complete transcript below this post),  the wife of Herman Cain, ably defended her husband against allegations of sexual harassment. 

Gloria Cain insisted that her husband  “totally respects women“, and claims that her husband of 43 years would have to have a “split personality” to do the things that Ms. Bialek the only accuser to go public, alleged.  Gloria Cain also stated;

“To hear such graphic allegations and know that that would have been something that was totally disrespectful of her as a woman and I know that’s not the person he is”.

During the nearly 30 minutes of the interview that aired on Fox News and was conducted by Greta Van Susteren, Gloria Cain came across as genuine, sincere and in many ways, like her husband, warm, friendly, and personable and her interview was a refreshing change of pace from the performances often given by the wives of politicians.  While Gloria Cain was articulate, she lacked the polish that can often produce an air of artificial and scripted emotion.

The interview is well worth viewing. During the course of discussion, she discusses the accusations and then even discusses the courtship between her and husband in a way that was quite endearing.

 While I believe Gloria Cain was effective, I have to say that once again the Cain campaign proved to lack the ability to handle the politics which they have jumped in to.  Given Gloria’s Cain’s effectiveness, one must ask why it took the Cain campaign so long to get her out there?  Last week, White House 2012 noted that if ever there was a time when a wife needed to show her support for husband it was then.   Yet as more and more allegations kept on unfolding, and as Herman Cain stumbled in his handling of them, the story gained momentum.  That momentum could have been stymied had Gloria Cain been allowed to defend her husband at the peak of the scandal.  Now more than two weeks in to the story, just as it seemed to be slightly fading, the Cain camp revived it.  Still itis  probably safe to say that Gloria Cain’s appearance was better late than never.

All things considered, Mrs. Cain’s interview was a positive event for her husband’s campaign and seeing and hearing more of her could only help him.  But Gloria made it clear that that is not her.  She is a much more private person than her husband and does not seek or like the limelight.  That being the case, I believe Gloria Cain deserves our respecting her wishes.

You can Watch the video here  or by clicking the images below.

A complete transcript of the interview can be found here

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Mrs. Cain on Harassment Allegations: ‘This Isn’t Herman’

The Courtship of Mrs. Cain

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com

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