Trunkline 2012: Tuesday Tidbits From The Republican Presidential Race – 9/27/11

  • New rules could mean a long, dramatic battle for the GOP presidential nominee
  • Analysis: Democrats hit reset on health care
  • White House Stands Behind New Job-Killing Air Rules That Will Kill Thousands of Texans & the Economy – Media Stands Silent
  • New poll has Chris Christie’s approval back up In New Jersey
  • See Chris Christie’s speech at the Reagan Library in a live webcast
  • Perry faces immigration hurdles in Iowa
  • Immigration issue could slow Perry in South Carolina
  • Republican presidential primary and caucus schedule on the verge of taking shape
  • Zogby Poll has a new front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination
  • Ed Rollins on Kilmeade and Friends [see video below] : Hear his take on Perry, Bachman, Romney,  Herman Cain’s straw poll victory,  and why Chris Christie should not think about running for President…………….

Romney Attacks Obamacare and Defends Romney-care in New Hampshire

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Those were the words spoken by former Massachusetts Republican Governor Mitt Romney at the Carroll County Republican Committees annual Lincoln Day dinner in New Hampshire. The event was the first appearance of Governor Romney in New Hampshire so far this year and he used it to discuss the need to repeal and replace President Obama in 2012.

Romneys words in regards to Obamacare, the Democrat healthcare reform bill that placed healthcare under the control of the federal bureaucracy, were crucial ones. The healthcare plan that he enacted when he was Governor of the Bay State, is largely viewed as a model for, and precursor of Obamacare. As such Romneys Massachusetts healthcare plan has become Mitts largest hurdle to winning the Republican presidential nomination and the presidency itself. The issue is so dominant a problem that it has literally become synonymous with his name. Which is why Romney tries not to dance around the issue. Instead he addresses it head on and tries to turn it around by making it into a states rights issue that is more to his advantage.

Romney explained;

Our experiment wasnt perfect some things worked, some didnt and some things Id change,

He continued by stating;

One thing I would never do is to usurp the constitutional power of states with a one-size-fits-all federal takeover.

Romney added;

The federal government isnt the answer for running health care any more than its the answer for running Amtrak or the post office.

Romneys words are not as much spin as they true. Romney never proposed Romney-care for the nation and he is not a newcomer to the advocacy of states rights. But the fact that as Governor, he created a government program that mandated everyone to participate in it to one extent or another does not make his claim quite as palatable as it should be among an electorate that is revved up in their opposition to big government. Nevertheless, Mitt Romney is left with little more to do than argue that while he thought big government worked for Massachusetts, he doesnt think it works for the nation.

In another line of attack against the President, Romney steered the discussion to areas where his greatest strengths liethe economy.

According to the former Governor;

“It’s going to take more than new rhetoric to put Americans back to work. It’s going to take a new president of the United States,”

In describing what he often calls Obamas Misery Index, Romney made clear that he believes President Obama has learned nothing about the economy despite campaigning in New Hampshire and seeing row after row of empty textile mill buildings.

Early polls in New Hampshire have Romney leading all his possible Republican rivals and many also have him beating President Obama in the state. President Obama won New Hampshire in 2008.

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White House 2012 Video Flasback: More Liberty Through Less Government

Bookmark and Share After a scintillating weekend of CPACspeeches which all largely shared the same themes, of more liberty through less government, a stronger economy through fiscal responsibility, and amore secure nation through a committed defense of freedom, White House 2012pulls out of its vault, a speech by the man who reinvigorated theenthusiasm for these themes within the modern conservative cause ………. Ronald Reagan.

The following video was first put together by POLITICS 24/7, the parent site of White House 2012,nearly two years ago. However; the words contained in it are as important today as they were then, and they were as pertinent then as they wereover 50years ago when Ronald Reagan first uttered them.

In this video, Ronald Reagantalks about the risks presented to our nationback in 50’s, and even before that. It was a riskwhichdecades later was arguably the tippingpoint which gave rise to the TEA Party movement and a renewed interest in liberty, free markets and constitutionally limited government. I am referringto Obamacare.In the 50’s and 60’s of course, it was not called Obamacare. Ronald Reagan called it”socialized medicine”.

When listening to this speech, I can’t help but think how appropriate it would have been at a Conservative Political Action Conference way back when……….ifit had existed.

Soas White House 2012 deals with the election of a future president, and now thatthe book has been closed onCPAC’s2011 gathering, I thoughtit appropriate to give you a speech by aPresidnt thatCPAChonored throughout its three days, and who gave some of the most appropriate speeches that anyone couldhave given at such a gathering.

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