Is Herman Cain Handling the Story About False Sexual Harassment Accusations Properly?

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Ever since Politico broke a story about two women who accused Herman Cain of sexual harassment back in the 90’s when Cain was President of the National Restaurant Association, both he and his campaign have responded to the story sloppily.  Spokesmen for the campaign initially refused to answer whether or not Cain was ever accused of such misconduct.  The next day, after his spokesmen shut their mouths and allowed Cain to address questions about the issue, he responded that he was once in fact falsely accused, but an internal investigation proved the accusation  to be baseless.  As for a second accusation of the same misconduct, Cain initially did not acknowledge a second charge.  And when Cain was asked about any settlement made with an accuser, he stated that he did not know of any settlement and that if any members of his board at the National Restaurant Association did reach any settlement, he hopes they did  not pay much because there was nothing to the charges.

Then during a second day of questioning on the issue, Cain indicated that he could not remember anything about the settlements.  That answer is a far cry from claiming that he did not know of any deal that was made with the women who accused him.

Between what seems to be a case of Cain slowly changing his story and a media which continues to look into the matter and find more women who claim they once accused Cain of sexual harassment, this story, is not yet fading.  And for that, Herman Cain is to blame.

Cain knew that the Politico story was eventually going to break.  He knew about it for ten days prior to the posting of the story on  Yet he and his campaign were still caught off guard and they began to formulate a response to the news of the charges, only after they were made public and started spreading like wildfire.  It is bad enough that the campaign began to deal with the story too late, but by all reasonable judgements, they handled it inefficiently as well.  Prior to the publication of the Politico piece, Herman Cain should have come forward with a very public use of the victim card.

What Cain should have done, was create a storyline that presented him as the man they are all afraid of and whom they are preparing to take down anyway they can.  He should have made it clear that the liberal media was trying to dig up false accusations that were made against him a decade and a half ago, and then go in to details which presented the truth, the facts which are that the accusations were investigated and found to be untrue.  Cain needed to also state that there were settlements made, and explain the reality of such arrangements as common resolutions in such matters.  First impressions are lasting impressions and if Cain created the first impression about harassment-gate, he may have limited the damage from the fallout.

Cain would have taken the wind out of Politico’s sails, and the issue would have been a three day story that died on its own and allowed Cain to stay on his message, instead of defending himself against anonymous sources that discussed anonymous accusers.  Unfortunately, he is trying to play the victim card too late, though.  Now as a third accuser of sexual harassment surfaces, Cain’s latest attempt to claim that Rick Perry is behind this story, now looks like an obvious defensive reaction.   In order for the victim card to have worked, Cain  needed to play before the story broke, not after.

Herman Cain would have fared far better by handling the issue that way, than he is faring now as the story drips out in dribs and drabs and creates the impression that where there is smoke, there truly is fire.

Some may say that it doesn’t matter how Cain handled the situation because the liberal media and establishment Republicans are out to get him.  They try to equate it to political lynching of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas back in the 90’s.  While I am a good conservative who gladly jumps on the vast leftwing conspiracy bandwagon, I personally do not see that as the case here.

While Part of Herman Cain’s appeal is his lack of a political background, Herman Cain and his supporters should not believe that they are immune from politics.  They should also not try to think for one minute that they do not have to get their hands dirty by playing politics.  When you jump in to the pool, you better be prepared to swim.  The same goes for politics.  You gotta be in it to win it.    This is politics and if there was a sign that Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul or even any Democrat candidate was accused of sexual harassment, they would have received the same treatment.  I will admit that Cain being a conservative does make the scrutiny he faces from a liberal media or little worse for him than if the story revolved around a Democrat.  However, that is still no excuse for Cain.  Is the liberal double standard a surprise to Cain?  Is it a surprise to any Republican candidate?  I think not.  Cain should know by now that a as a black conservative, his defense strategies must be twice as good as a liberal’s defensive political strategy.

As it is at the moment, the walls are crumbling around Herman Cain.  His campaign has been inept at damage control, Cain himself is showing obvious signs of frustration with questions about the story and that begins to signal an inability to deal with the pressures of politics and the story continues to produce new pages.  And those new pages are not the media’s fault.  It is Cain’s fault.  Had he handled this right and revealed the full story initially, there would be no more news to report about the ugly episode.

Right now, all I am seeing from Cain is proof that as President, he would not be able to survive the rigors and realities of the politics that he would be forced to deal with.   And I would hazard to guess that others are beginning to realize this too.

What do you think?

Answer the the White House 2012 here.

Do you think Herman Cain handled the revelation of past sexual harassment accusations effectively and satisfactorily enough to put an end to the story?

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White House 2012 Weekly Poll: Who will win this week’s CPAC Straw Poll?

Bookmark and ShareThis week, White House 2012 is preparing to cover the 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference. That being the case, we thought we would try to find out just how in tune our readers are with the base of the Republican Party. In an attempt to do so, we have initiated a poll that asks our readers to tell us who they believe will be the winner of the closely watched CPAC Straw Poll.

So we ask you to click here to vote, or follow the link provided at the beginning of this post.

Remember, this poll is not asking who you want to win the poll. It is asking who you think the winner of the CPAC Starw Poll will be. CPAC is scheduled to announce their poll results at 5:15 PM on Saturday, February 15th.Our poll will close the evening before, atmidnight. So take the White House 2012 poll and tell us……. “Of the elected officials speaking at this weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference, who do you expect to be the winner of the CPAC Straw Poll?”

For a complete schedule of events and speakers at this years CPAC convention visit here

The event has become a rite of passage for Republicans who are trying to make their way down the path to the White House and is seen as an agenda setting gathering of the G.O.P.s political base.

This year, speakers include:

Andrew Breitbart, Ann Coulter, Wayne LaPierre, David Horowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, Phyllis Schlaffly, Congressmen Paul Ryan, Connie Mack,and Allen West, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, Colorado Senator Mike Lee and Florida Governor Rick Scott.

But in addition to those speakers, the following list ofpotential Republican presidential candidates will also be addressing the lively crowd:

  • THURSDAY, February 10:
    10:00 AM: Michele Bachmann
    1:00 PM: Newt Gingrich book signing.
    2:00 PM: Rick Santorum
    4:30 PM: Paul Ryan
    6:15 PM: A reception co-sponsored by SarahPAC.
  • FRIDAY, February 11:
    10:30 AM: Mitt Romney
    1:30 PM: John Thune
    3:00 PM: Tim Pawlenty
    3:30 PM: Ron Paul
    4:00 PM: Rick Perry
    4:30 PM: Herman Cain
    7:30 PM: Mitch Daniels
  • SATURDAY, February 12
    9:30 AM: Haley Barbour

But remember, before the CPAC votes are counted, be sure to show just how astute and in touch White House 2012 voters are. Cast you ballot in our poll first.

What Do Republicans Find Most Important in Choosing A Presidential Nominee?

White House 2012 Poll Results

Bookmark and ShareIn its first weekly poll, White House 2012 asked Republicans what the most important quality or ability they are looking for in the Republican presidential nominee is?

Respondents were given a list of 14 issue relatedqualities or abilities to choose from. Of all them, an overwhelming majority of 39% declared that they want the next Republicans to be a fiscal conservative. Following far behind with 14% was the desire for the Republican nominee to be first and foremost, a strict constitutionalist.

Tying for third place with 6% each, was a mix of priorities that ranged from positions on specific issues and general ideology, to placing a priority on characteristics that specifically addressed electability. Two choices, foreign affairs experience and being a political outsider received no votes at all.

See complete results below:

Based upon the demographic which follow this blog and participated in the poll, this loosely controlled survey strongly hints that most Republicans understand that America needs to get its financial house in order and they want a leader who will focus on that issue and have a plan to control taxing and spending that is based on sound economic principles and fiscal restraint. By finding the phrase fiscal conservative to be the most desired aspect of a candidate and their campaign, it is safe to say that at this point in time, G.O.P. voters view the economy and our national debt as a top priority and the most integral part of the Republican nominees campaign.

Furthermore, the numbers interestingly suggest that fiscal responsibility is an issue which so many Republicans agree to be the immediate priority, that it even dwarfs the usual priorities that the Republican base wants to see their nominee devote much of their attention to advance, such as abortion and even their activism on social issues in general such as gay marriage, school prayer and other related specific issues. This does not mean that the G.O.P. will suddenly ignore those issues but it does insinuate that people like Mitch Daniels could play quite well within the Party electorate.

Daniels is a leading fiscal conservative both by record and intention.But he received a great deal of criticism for suggesting that Republicans call a truce on social issues. This quickly drew the ire of social conservatives. Yet Mitch Daniels simply implied that the priority must be on the economy, jobs and spending. This poll agrees with that sentiment. But at the same time, as Governor of Indiana, Mitch Daniels has a solid record on social issues and the right-to-life. In fact he probably has one of the strongest pro-life records of most Governors. So while his record should please social conservatives, Daniels remarks are in sync with what most Republicans think are the top priorities.

Other important interpretations of this poll include the noticeably low percentage of the Party which consider a nominees expertise and prioritization on national security and in foreign affairs should be. Nearly ten years after 9/11, national security has been dwarfed by a desire to focus on other issues. This would confirm the opinion of former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton who threatens to run for President in order to elevate the issue of national security to the forefront of the discussion. Bolton maintains that we are at risk from outside forces far more than most believe and that the Obama Administration is not properly dealing with those threats.

But while Bolton may be right, at the moment it is clear from this poll, that running on the issue of national security would not win him the nomination at this time.

At 6%, even the hot button issue of illegal immigration and border security take a distant back seat to the emphasis that Republicans want to see on fiscal conservatism and a focus on strictly adhering to the U.S. Constitution. Republicans who took the survey lump illegal immigration and border security in third place with opposition to abortion, being a proven leader, having business experience, their ability to work with Democrats and the electability issue of being able to attract independent voters to their campaign.

That last one is another important note.It is interesting tosee the apparent desire of Republicans to be more concerned with beating President Obama with someone who they believes can properly deal with the issue most important to them, rather than just beating him for the sake of winning. In this poll, Republicans put little importance on the appeal of a candidate in regards to winning over independent voters or being considered an articulate orator as President Obama was considered. This is however, a question Republicans must concern themselves with at some point. Will they risk nominating a dull and uninspiringcandidate who they agree with on their most important issues but lacks but lacks the political aestheticstooutperformPresident Obama?

While a focus on fiscal responsibility receives more than twice the support than thatof a focus on strict constitutionalism, bothareas are the only ones to receive double-digitsupport. That too is an important result relative to these poll answers. Together fiscal responsibility and a focus on constitutional adherence, constitute 53% of the total vote……..more than half. Part of their combined massive combined plurality is largely due to the influence of the TEA Party movement.

These two issues are at the core of the TEA Partys being. They are the issues that strongly influenced the historic midterm election results that gave Republicans some of their biggest majorities in history. If the results of this first White House 2012 are accurate, right now, the influence of the TEA Party movement remains strong within the G.O.P..

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