New Obama Ad Sells “BS Remover”

Bookmark and Share   As we move closer to the Republican primaries and caucuses, voters will begin to get inundated with political advertisements. Some ads will be ominous and stress the somber tone of our economy.  Some ads will be upbeat and try to create an air of optimism about the candidate they are promoting. Other advertisements will try to make a positive point about the candidate they are for through the creative use of humor. But few ads will probably be as amusing as this gem that White House 2012 stumbled upon.

To set the tone for it, let me take you back to the last time you were driving your car. Remember that fool who cut you off 0r was going 35 mph on a stretch of road with a 65 mph speed limit?. Do you remember when you noticed that Obama-Biden ‘08 bumper sticker they had stuck to their car? Well if you think like me, you probably said to yourself, “well that explains why they drive like a jackass.” You might even recall how you felt the urge to say something like “thanks a lot for giving us Obama, you fool”, to the driver of that car.

Well this ad will make you realize that you’re not alone. But the creator of this YouTube video took that thinking to the next level with the “BS Remover”.

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