Marsha Barbour Reluctant About Haley’s Running For President

Bookmark and Share While making ones own mind up about running President is an enormously burdensome decision, it only becomes increasinglly tougher for a person who is in an committed relationship and whose spouse must also be a part of the decision. If ones spouse is not open to the idea of a run for President, it is nealry impossible for their partner to embark on such a venture.

Such is the case with Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour.

In an interview with WLOX in Mississippi, Governor Barbour’s wife Marsha says that the prospect of her husband running for President “horrifies” her.

Mississippi’s First Lady understands the invasive, and greuling path that the road to the White House and foir these reasons, she is justifiably reluctant and she makes it cleare that if Halley is not passionate about it, theres no reason for him to run.

Marsha’s good friend, the Fisrt Lady of Indiana has had similiar sentiments about the prospects of her husband, Governor Mitch Daniels ruinning for President. The Daniels and the barbours are close friends who go back to the Reagan days and have often vacationed together.

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Haley Barbour Reschedules His First Campaign Swing in New Hampshire

Bookmark and Share After scuttling his first schedule swing through New Hampshire because of difficulty with budget negotiations in his state, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour has rescheduled his New Hampshire trip for April 13th and 14th.

In this clip from New Hampshires WMUR News Barbour discusses the importance of such importance campaigning especially among Granite State voters.

As noted in this clip, Governor Barbour is expected to make a decision on a run for President by the end of this month.

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Haley Barbour…….Coast to Coast

Bookmark and Share If Haley Barbour isnt running for President, someone ought to tell him because he obviously doesnt know that. The Mississippi Governor happens to be allover the map, going to places that even some of the other major presidential contenders are not traveling to.

This past weekend, Barbour addressed Republicans at the California Republican State Convention. After the 2010 elections which saw a Republican Wave that stopped short of the West Coast, Californias G.O.P. is depressed and divided. Yet its 172 delegates to the Republican National Convention is the largest of any state and they will certainly carry a lot of weight when the winner of that states Republican presidential primary gets a hold of them. Yet aside from John Bolton who is at most, a possible second tier candidate, Haley Barbour was the only other potential candidate to take advantage of the opportunity to address California Republicans.

In his remarks, Barbour slammed Mitt Romney for Obama-care, declared that the ticket to winning the presidency will be insuring that Republicans focus on the economy, and he tried to encourage California Republicans to believe that they can get their message out in elections to come.

Tomorrow Barbour will be heading to Nevada where he will meet with the Silver States Republican Governor, Brian Sandoval (a very likely name in the G.O.P. veepstakes), and other Party and elected officials. Nevada is an important early state. It will hold the fourth nominating contests, and its caucus will be much more important than it has in the past when its results were nonbinding. This time around they are binding and apparently, Haley Barbour thinks he may be able to compete and force Mitt Romney to spend in the state. Romney won Nevada last time around.

But Barbour isnt stopping there. Having already made several trips to the early and important primary states of South Carolina and Florida, the Mississippi Governor will be heading to Iowa by weeks end and in April, when he is slated to make a decision about a run for President official, he willmake his first tripto the all important first in the nation primary state of New Hampshire.

As for Florida, in addition to his heavy working of the phones among key state legislative leaders, Barbour has now snatched up Sally Bradshaw, a top 2008 Romney supporter who is an experienced veteran of Florida politics and top notch strategists. This would mark the second defection from Romneys 2008 campaign, to the 2012 candidacy of one of his potential opponents. Little more than a month ago a veteran Republican activist in New Hampshire, left the Romney camp for former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum.

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Haley Barbour Moves Toward a Presidential Run with the Hiring of a Communication Directior

Jim Dyke

Bookmark and Share In an unavoidable signal of a likely presidential campaign being on the horizon for Haley Barbour his political action committee Haleys PAC, has hired a communication director of distinction. Jim Dyke is a resident of the all important primary state of South Carolina and has served as the communication director of the Republican National Committee during the 2004 election cycle. He also serves on the board of Karl The Architect Roves American Crossroads, non-profit political organization dedicated to informing the electorate and electing Republicans who represent individual liberty, limited government, free enterprise and a strong national defense. Dyke is also the president of his own communications firm JDA Frontline

According to Henry Barbour, the treasurer of Haleys PAC; “Haley is delighted to have someone as talented as Jim Dyke joining his team to help us manage the increased national media interest and demand in the governor,” He adds, “Jim’s knowledge and experience will prove invaluable to Haley in the coming few months.”

The move and its timing demonstrates Governor Barbours desire to kick Haleys PAC in to high gear presumably for the purpose of promoting his own eventual presidential candidacy. For Barbour fans, this is good news. For his potential rivals, not so much though.

Barbours candidacy combined with his fund raising prowess, his deep organizational connections within the GOP on the state and national levels, and his relationship with numerous governors whom he helped get elected during his time as Chairman of the Republican Governors Association, will lock up many of the organizational and financial resources that rivals would like to tap in to.

Now, with the hiring of Jim Dyke, Barbour is beginning to suck up some of the talent that his fellow competitors for the Republican presidential nomination will need.

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Haley Barbour Seeks Endorsements Before He Announces His Presidential Bid

Bookmark and Share White House 2012 has confirmed that Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour continues to work the phones in an attempt to gauge and consolidate support for a run for President. According to several sources in South Carolina and Florida the Governor has recently been calling senior state legislators and asking for their endorsement.

For many months now, unlike potential opponents such as Tim Pawlenty and Rick Santorum, has been running a relatively stealth campaign which just beneath the radar has been quietly courting the Party establishment. The strategy is a wise one for Barbour. His greatest early strength lies within the Party establishment apparatus. As a highly successful former RNC and Republican Governors Association Chairman Barbour has been a powerful part and force in building that apparatus who is owed many favors and whose political influence and connections are of great value to office holders who intend on seeking reelection to current offices or election to higher office.

Barbour has done much to exploit his insider experience especially in early primary and caucus states like South Carolina and delegate rich states like Florida. Last year when the Florida G.O.P. lost a keynote speaker for their G.O.P. state dinner because their Republican Governor Charlie Crist bolted and became an Independent as posted here in White House 2012, Barbour undoubtedly used his clout as the then Chairman of the Republican Governors Association, and he was quickly imported from Mississippi to replace Crist as the main speaker to address Florida Republicans.

Barbours early strategy seems to be relying on a big bang strategy that would have him strong or winning in 2 of the 4 early Primary and caucus states South Carolina and Florida, one of the largest delegations that any state sends to the national convention. If Barbour can position himself well in these states, this will catapult him in to a solid top tier position that will doom the candidacies of others while giving him enough of the national spotlight and enough breath, to take his campaign in to the next few rounds. Part of this strategy relies on consolidating the Republican organizational support that local legislators could swing behind Barbour during the contests in their states. Organization is half the battle in primary and caucus operations and these legislators that Barbour has been callling have strong local Republican organizations.

But in working the phones Barbour has not just been trying to pin down some endorsements.

Where he has been unable to get a solid commitment, he has successfully persuaded those who are on the fence, not to endorse or give financial donations to other candidates too early. Barbour has suggested to these people that if he runs, he will win and they dont want their eggs in the wrong basket.

In the end, there is no doubt that Barbour is prepared to run for President. The only questions that exist are whether or not Barbour is encouraged by the consolidation of support that his phone work has gotten him to make a run official and, if he has enough of the establishment behind him, will Barbour be able to appeal to critical Republican voting blocs well enough to make the organizational support effective?

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Haley Barbour Reverses Course on “General-Gate” Plate Issue

Bookmark and ShareAs previously addressed in a post here, Governor Haley Barbour was not looking very presidential when he reportedly supported a proposal for Mississippi license that commemorated Confederate war generals. Among those would have been Bedford Forrest a native of Tennessee, who orchestrated the massacre of blacks at Fort Pillow in Tennessee, was a known slave trader, and connected to the early origins of the Klu Klux Klan.

At the time we suggested that if Haley Barbour was running for President, his support of this proposal was a sign that he was being ill-advised. When the NAACP approached the Governor objecting this proposal, he initially told them that he does not go around objecting to people.

Now Governor Barbour has reversed course and told the Associated Press;

The bureaucracy denied it, the legislature won’t pass it and if the legislature passes it, it won’t become law because I won’t sign it.”

It is early enough in the game to eventually write this incident off as a forgotten brouhaha but the problem is becoming that will there be too many brouhahas over the issue of race for them to be collectively written off and not play a role in a potential campaign. By my account this is the Governor’s third recent strike on racial sensitivities. He’s not out but he is on the roped but on this issues, right now he’s on the ropes.

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Can the Confederacy Beat Haley Barbour’s Chances of Winning the White House

Bookmark and Share A piece in the Hattiesburg American Daily News in Mississippi writes; “If Gov. Haley Barbour is truly considering running for president in 2012, we think he’s getting some really bad advice.”

They go on to credit him with battles with the state legislature to keep the state budget out of the red, his leadership during Katrina and even go as far as calling him one of the smartest political tacticians we have ever come across.

They go on to conclude that that is what makes his handling of the super-sensitive proposal of a car tag that recognizes Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest so surprising and disappointing.

The Sons of the Confederate Veterans have proposed that in honor of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, the state of Mississippi produce a series of license plates that pay homage to Southern generals. Among those Generals is Nathan Bedford Forrest. Brigadier General Forrest was an uneducated but intelligent manwho became an untrained but naturally superior military tactician who is said to have been praised by allies and enemies alike and with whom both Generals Grant and Sherman feared. But Forrest had his faults, fauts that after having entered the Confederate Army as a Private, after rising to the rank of Brigadier General, he left the Confederate Army as a Private. And from purelyhuman decencyand political points of view, Forrest was disputably an early founder of the Klu Klux Klan.

During the Civil War Forrest was the alleged architect of the slaughter of black prisoners at Fort Pillow, in Tennessee. After the Civil War Forrest apparently lent his name to a group of Democrats that became known as the Klu Klux Klan. But Forrest apparently did not agree with the groups activities and had ordered it disbanded. That order was however disobeyed. But even though Forrest parted ways with the Klan, as a former slave trader who fought for slavery in the Civil War, Forrest could never be held up as a civil rights leader, nor will he be receiving any posthumous awards from the NAACP.

Yet Governor Haley Barbour has neglected to step in and stop his state from issuing a license plates that honor Brig. Gen. Forrest. That may be a good thing among the Sons of the Confederate Veterans but it probably wont go over so well when you are running against the son of a black man who is the President of the United States or when your fellow Republican opponents for the presidential nomination are trying to create doubt about your judgment.

Politically this issue is a lose-lose one for Barbour. If he rejects the request, he can easily be viewed as catering to political correctness. But refusing to take step ands stop the commemorative plate from going through, he is viewed as incentive and possible even as possessing racist tendencies, a charge which he has not nullified with some recent off-the-cuff remarks he has made.

In the final analysis, even though I am not one to normally agree with the lamestream media, I must agree here with the Hattiesburg American News. A better advised Haley Barbour would have found a way around the request for at least this specific commemorative plate. One way may have been for the governor to limit it to Generals from the state of Mississippi. Nathan Bedford Forrest was born, raised and died in Tennessee.

For the record, I do not believe that Governor Barbour is a racist or has racist tendencies.Hisrecord can prove that he is not. Furthermore, as President, Haley Barbour would probably do much regarding race relations in America to overcompensate for charges to the contrary. But the problem is, he is not President yet, and to get there, little things like this must be doused quickly because the political winds of a presidential campaign have a way of whipping a small flame into a large wildfire.

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