Huckabee; Hawking Books or Crowing About His Run for President?

Bookmark and Share “Here’s the reality: I think he can be beat,” “I frankly think that I would be in a very good position to do it,”.

That was the response given by former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee regarding Presidednt Obama when Sean Hannity interviewed the Governor regarding the 2012 presidential election, When asked what changed Huckabees mind from six months when he was reluctant to discuss a candidacy, to now, Huckabee replied;

Well, I think there are a couple of things. The poll numbers certainly have been favorable, Huckabee said. I’ve been leading in polls nationally, as well as in a number of key states, but another thing is, you know, I finished this book, I looked at it and I say: You know, these ideas could help change this country.

Over the past two days, when it comes to running for the Republican presidential nomination, Huckabee has suddenly been using his Twitter account to post tweets that sound like a cock crowing. On the 21st he tweeted:

Deadline approaching: Book your reservation on my Alaska Freedom Cruise in June. Space is limited.

The on the 22nd he sent out two tweets. The first one again dealt with his book, reading;

My new book A Simple Government is available today. Learn more by clicking this link:

The second one came later in the day and it plainly declared he is seriously considering a run;

@GovMikeHuckabee to @cbsnews: “I very well may” run for President

Now on the 23rd he posted a tweet that touted his words the words he used when responding to Sean Hannity and stated he could beat the President;

Newsmax: Huckabee: I Can Beat Obama

As you can see, all this coincides with his book tour and the possibility of a run for President could very well just be well time PR aimed at spiking sales of his new book. The fact that Huckabee tied his book into his possible run for President was not exactly understated when he stated , you know, I finished this book, I looked at it and I say: You know, these ideas could help change this country. Thats a pretty good line to inspire interest in buying the book to see what all those great ideas are.

Of course Huckabee does not lie when he speaks of all the polls that have well positioned. However as he told Sean Hannity;

It is the process of getting to that nomination that is tough [and] the Republicans might save him, he said. By that I mean that the Republicans in the House might make enough what I would call sensible votes and actually prevent him from doing some bizarre things like Obamacare, and could put him back in the game.

Huck is right on both accounts.

President Obama is now in check with a new Republican House majority. That will effectively neuter his extremist initiatives. But the former Governor is also quite correct about the nomination being tough. If he does enter the race for President, he will have lot more to answer to than just a few questions from radio and television hosts. One of the toughest things he will have to answer to is the clemency that he has given to prisoners who went on to kill police officers. And as a perceived frontrunner, a lot of people will be aiming for him and making things a lot hotter for Huckabee on the campaign trail than under the studio lights he has gotten used to.

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