Gingrich Takes the Number One Spot in Iowa Ranking

Bookmark and Share Craig Robinson of the Iowa Republican has issued his update of the staus of the emerging Republican presidential field in Iowa. His assesment offers many surprises but his detailed reasons behind why he places each potential candidate where he does,has you understand thathis seemingly unconventional logic is actually based on veryconventional thinking which should allow you tonot to be so surprised his conclusions. In other words, his rationale for where each candidate stands, makes a lot of sense.

Holding the number one spot on Robinson’s ranking is Newt Gingrich. Robinson notes that Newt has spent over a decade in Iowa. He has rallied Iowa Republicans before , during and after elections and addressed them when there is no election. He explains for example that when the Iowa State Fair rolls around, Newt doesn’t just come and by for a few photo ops, he spends the day talking listening and talking to the people and telling stories.

According to Robinson;

“Newt Gingrich is as formidable of a caucus candidate as Iowans have ever seen. The combination of being a storyteller, historian, political operative, and excellent speaker make him the clear frontrunner in Iowa.”

Upsetting current perceptions is Robinson’s established opinion that at this time, Michele Bachmann comes in at number two in the first in the nation caucus state. To a degree, Robinson admits that himself but we writes;

“Unlike the other candidates on this list, Bachmann will appeal to both social conservatives and tea party activists. If she runs, its easy to see her doing really well in Iowa.”

Robinson concludes;

“Bachmann may be an unconventional candidate, but she is the only candidate who doesnt have any major obstacles between herself and a caucus victory. If she runs, she will be a frontrunner in Iowa by the time the caucuses near.”

The complete list can be found below and I urge you to read Craig Robinson’s deep analysis of each candidate and why they stand where he’s see them.Just click on each name to read his assessments. You won’t regret reading each one.

Two notable points regardingRobinson’s placement of the potential candidates. One;Mitt Romney is in fourth place and lacking the kind of momentum to get much higher and Robinson raises a point that I also blogged about here on White House 2012. Romney really can’t afford to ignore or Iowa. And two; Huckabee and Palin appear nowhere on his list and I doubt either one of them were 11th or 12th and he only discussed the top ten. It would like Craig Robinson sees the writing on the wall and tells him neither of the two are running. Hence Michele Bachmann’s high standing.

  1. Newt Gingrich
  2. Michele Bachmann
  3. Tim Pawlenty
  4. Mitt Romney
  5. Rick Santorum
  6. Ron Paul
  7. Haley Barbour
  8. Mitch Daniels
  9. John Thune
  10. Herman Cain
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Palin Headlines Iowa State GOP Annual Dinner

Sarah Palin in Savannah, Georgia, Dec 1, 2008 ...

Sarah Palin

Bookmark and Share  Sarah Palin will be headlining the Iowa Republican Party’s largest annual fundraiser.

As the state that launches the presidential nominating process, Palin’s designation as the keynote speaker is making heads turn and adding to the speculation that she is going to make a run for the Republican nomination in 2012.

However, from the perspective of the Iowa State GOP, the decision to have Palin as their speaker is less a political sign of support and more a sign of smart fundraising.

The annual state GOP dinner, otherwise known as its Lincoln Day Dinner, is one of the prime fundraising events for state republican organizations. But such affairs offer little to attract people to pay the price tag that comes with the ticket. In this case a $100 dollars. Certainly, the rubber chicken platters are not enough of a draw alone. So having a dynamic and popular speaker is usually the big draw. And Iowa struck oil when it secured Palin as their speaker.

Wherever there exists more than a handful of conservative Americans, Palin is popular. Even some moderates have begun to take a liking to her anti-Washington message. So having her headline this Iowa fundraiser helps to insure that this event is a success, success in two ways. First, it will indeed sell many tickets and raise a substantial amount of money. Second, Palin’s speech is sure to inspire the Iowa conservative as they embark upon the closing weeks of the midterm elections in a state that is defending a U.S. Senate seat, and trying to elect a Republican Governor. As the chairman of the state Party put it, “I know Iowa Republicans will be energized and motivated by Governor Palin to stand up and fight for these principles all the way to Election Day and beyond,”.

So I for one would not put much weight in this speaking engagement being a sign that Palin is running on 2012. The arrangement certainly won’t hurt if she does but it doesn’t make it a sure thing. If Palin was close to making a decision about 2012, she would have been to the Iowa State Affair and she sure would have been in the state far more than her one time in December when she attended her own book signing in the Hawkeye State.

No matter what though, when you consider the fact that Palin is so  popular  that just about every Republican organization would want to use her to attract money intheir war chests with,  signals that if Palin wants to run, in Iowa she will be the one beat.

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