Republicans Want New Jersey Governor Christie to be Their Candidate for President

Bookmark and ShareA new Zogby poll has New Jersey Governor Chris Im Not Running Christie leading a potential field of Republican presidential contenders. This particular poll was conducted online, but it does demonstrate a certain degree of high name recognition and popularity for the rare conservative Northeat Republican.

Themost surprising tidbit to come out of the poll was that Christie was the only Republican to prove in the poll that he could go all the way and actuallybeat President Obama in a hypothetical match up. The lead was a mere 2%. with President Obama taking 40%, but it was enough to prove that Christie currently has one of the best shots at beating the President. Problem is, Christie has definitively stated that he will not be a candidate for President in 2012 and this poll apparently hasnt changed his mind. Nevertheless, if this snapshot of voter sentiments is accurate, Christie could prove to be a valuable asset for the lucky candidate that he does endorse in the Republican presidential contest.

Christie was already in high demand during the 2010 midterm elections when he campaigned for G.O.P. gubernatorial candidates.

After one year in office, the popularity of New Jerseys Governor is most likely due to three things. First, his blunt style and say it as it is attitude has been refreshing. He has held no punches, and been unafraid of touching political third rails. The other two factors that account for Christies popularity are his well known attempts to cut the state budget and close a near $11 billion gap and most responsible for his popularity is his combative approach to unions and attempts to get entitlements under control.

Christies request for meager concessions from unions, particularly the New Jersey Education Association, have led to a great deal of heated debate and even led one union leader to publicly wish for Christies death.

For sure, Christies popularity does not come from liberal quarters but his business not as usual leadership, has earned him high marks from conservatives and the ever important Independent vote. How long he can continue drawing such strong support from these groups is still unknown but for now, if he does keep to his word and foregoes his own run for President, he could have a big role in helping to determine who the next Republican nominee is.

As for the rest of the potential G.O.P. field, the Zogby poll showed that while Christie walked away with 27percentformer Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney took 17 percent, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin had 16 percent, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee stood at 14 percent, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels received 5 percent, and former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty and incumbent South Dakota Senator John Thune polled 2 percent each and 18 percent were unsure.

The biggest loser in this poll was President Obama. With only 40% supporting him, his number indicate that he has a long way to go if he wants to have a shot at a successful relection bid.

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Chris Christie In Iowa Now, But How About In the White House Later?

Bookmark and ShareAuthor: Art Gallagher  Originally posted for More Monmouth Musings,

‚ÄúTo be president of the United States, you have to want it more than anything else in the world, and I don‚Äôt.‚ÄĚ

~ Governor Chris Christie in Iowa yesterday

Is that true? 

Did Ronald Reagan want to be president more than anything else in the world?   Did Eisenhower or Truman?  Did Lincoln want it more than anything?

Clinton did. Nixon did. The Roosevelts sure seemed to want it badly.

Did George W. Bush want it more than Al Gore did? 

Is burning ambition the determining factor of who becomes president?    In good times it probably is.  In times of crisis, the presidency is not an ambition.  It becomes a duty.  A sacrifice for a transformative leader.

I believe Governor Christie when he says he will not be a candidate for president in 2012.   I don’t think he would leave his work in New Jersey half done.  I think he really believes in the work that he his doing now, especially in regard to education, is a higher calling.   By transforming state government and education, and setting an example for other states to follow,  he can make a more powerful impact on the quality life in our nation than many presidents have.

Chris Christie could probably win the 2012 Republican nomination for president.  He could probably win the office.  If his ambitions were personal, he would probably do it.

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Submitted by Art Gallagher

Art will be joining White House 2012 as a regularly contributing author in November

 Art Gallagher of Monmouth Musings 



Art Gallagher is a New Jersey political writer, pundit and Republican leader who blogs at More Monmouth Musings, an online publication geared towards Monmouth County, New Jersey politics, but which often expands its scope to touch upon politics throughout the state. 

A graduate of Georgetown University with a BA in Economics, in 1988 Art founded his own business, Gallco Enterprises, a vehicle and equipment leasing company and a used vehicle dealership which he currently serves as the President of. 

Art has also served as President of the Northern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce and the Chairman of the Atlantic Highlands Republican Committee in New Jersey and has served as an advisor to many Jersey political figures and their campaigns.  

Mr. Gallagher’s political expertise and intuition, combined with his dedicated service to the Republican cause makes him a most welcome addition to White House 2012 and we are honored and pleased to have him join us this November. 

Chris Christie and Haley Barbour. Perfect Together

Chris Christie, the current governor of the st...

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Bookmark and Share Chris Christie is a name that most Americans have not yet gotten familiar with. Haley Barbour is also a name that they have not yet come to know well. But both men happen to be shaping the future far more than anyone realizes.

For eight years, Chris Christie was the U.S. Attorney for New Jersey. He was appointed by President George W. Bush. In that job, Christie’s prosecutions produced a 100% record of convictions and that record had a chilling effect on the lucrative business of political corruption which has become an industry in New Jersey. Now in office as Governor for only eight months, Christie has made significant changes in state politics. He has taken on the unions, property taxes and a state budget deficit of over $11 billion dollars, and he has done so in a way that has shocked the nation. He has actually cut the budgets of state

For his part, Haley Barbour rose from state level civic service to the Oval office of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush where he influenced policy. Then in the 90’s he became Chairman of the Republican National Committee and helped orchestrate the 1994 Republican Revolution that allowed the G.O.P. to take back both houses of Congress for the first time in four decades. Now Haley Barbour is Governor of Mississippi where has rebuilt every aspect of life in the state from its education system to economic development and successfully steered the state through some of its toughest times and worst natural disasters.departments and agencies, across the board, proposed limiting the rate of property tax increases with a state constitutional amendment and told unions to pay up or shut up.

In addition to that, Haley Barbour is nowalso serving as the chairman of the Republican Governors Association and in that position he is making the RGA the most powerful campaign entityin the 2010 midterm election cycle.

Barbour has used his experience to raise tens of millions of dollars to insure that Republicans elect a majority of Republican Governors in 2010. His substantial fundraising totals have also been combined with a keen strategic mind that has assured that the money raised has maximum impact on races throughout the nation.

Together, Christie and Barbour are both shaping the future of America in ways that few have.

While Barbour is successfully insuring the election of Republicans governors with a strategic and financial plan that is astounding many, Chris Christie is demonstrating to political leaders that you can take on the establishment and that you can deal with the third railsof politics. He is showing people that Americans do not have to be held hostage to unions and that the do not have remain be victimto out of control tax and spend governments.

Together Barbour and Christie are quietly shaping the future and few realize it.

While Christie is setting an example in fiscal restraint and economic durability, Barbour is developing the foundation from whichRepublicanscan draw the district lines that representatives throughout the nation will be elected from. That will help influence the successful elections of Republicans for the next decade.

While Christie is setting trends, Barbour is helping make sure that those trends are enduring ones that can be practiced by a decade of races that elect Republicans who follow the leadership and ideology that both he and Christie have exercised  in their respective states of Mississippi and New Jersey.

Below you will find a video that is the culmination of the symbiotic relationship that exists between Barbour and Christie is.

The video is part of Barbour’s Remember November campaign, a strategic theme that Barbour is implementing in the Republican Governors Association campaign to elect more Republican Governors. The video uses Chris Christie’s November, 2009 election as a reminder of just how electing the right Republicans to the right jobs can help lift the shroud of economic depression that so many states see and put them back on the road to economic recovery.

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