White House 2012′s Morning Memo: Tuesday’s Election News Briefing for 11/15/11

Bookmark and Share   While you were asleep, the political world kept turning and tried to cast its perpetual spin on reality.  So set the record straight with White House 2012’s Morning Memo as we bring you  Gloria Cain’s interview, Polls that have Newt soaring and Americans doubting Cain, as well as stories about the end of Rick Perry’s campaign, strange emails from the First Lady, the stage being set for the Supreme Courts hearing on Obamacare, the shaping of the 2016 presidential election, notes about the Abuser in Chief, and much more. 

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Trunkline 2012: Thursday’s News from the Race for the White House – 9/29/11

Bookmark and Share    Today the campaign trail takes us to an invitation to Morgan Freeman from the TEA Party, to the reality of President Obama’s numbers and looks into who is benefiting from Rick Perry’s drop in the polls, Michele Bachmann’s sermon at Liberty University, Romney’s lead in Florida, a statement from the Party chairmen of disgruntled Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina Republicans, and some opinions on why Romney will win the nomination and how Perry can win the nomination.

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Current Standing of Potential GOP Presidential Contenders in New Hampshire

Bookmark and Share Writing for WMUR’s Political Scoop in New Hampshire, James Pindell assembles what he calls “The List“. It ranks the standing of potential Republican candidates if the New Hampshire Primary were to be held today. Factors that Pindell used to rank the potential field included name recognition, number of visits to the state, local polling, and quality of local supporters.

As is the case with White House 2012’s list of potential Republican contenders, Pindell’s list a long one containing 30 names. White House 2012 looks at 35, most of which are not likely to run but do have a fan base that wish would. Pindell’s list includes a few names WH2012 doesn’t. That includes John McCain (please don’t let him even think about it), Joe Lieberman, Mike Bloomberg, former Senator Judd Gregg, freshman New Hampshire Kelly Ayotte, Glenn Beck, Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, and Texas Senator John Cornyn.

Pindell acknowledges the unlikelihood of some of these names actually running but is carefully trying to reflect the current preference of New Hampshire primary voters, not national sentiments.

The list is an interesting one and his concise descriptions as to why each one holds their position on his list, are insightful.

Topping his inventory of the field is none other than Mitt Romney. Pindell explains that “everything is in place for him to begin N.H. as a front-runner”. But he does suggest that he is not a very strong frontrunner by pointing out that Romney has everything in place “except a working excuse to his own health care law.”

Coming in at number two is Rudy Giuliani followed by John McCain, Judd Gregg, Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, Scott Brown , Tim Pawlenty and former Utah Governor and current ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman.

In the back of the pack is Glenn Beck-27, Former Sec. of St. Condoleeza Rice-28, NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg-29, and at 30 is Speaker of the House John Boehner.

James Pindell runs WMUR Political Scoop.com, a site that cobers the New Hampshire political scene in and on which Pindell provides an analysis of important stories for political insiders. He was hired by Hearst Television’s WMUR in Manchester, NH, to launch the subscriber-based WMURPoliticalScoop.com in September 2010.

Pindell was previously the publisher of NHPoliticalReport.com a website he launched in June 2009 dedicated to covering local politics. He has also worked for The Boston Globe.

The Washington Post called him the “Insider’s Insider” for his coverage of New Hampshire politics.

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