The Next White House Press Secretary, If There is a Second Obama Term

  Bookmark and Share As we hypothesize over just how extreme and out of control a second Obama term might be if given a second chance at four years in the White House, WH12 can’t help but feel that the Administration might be willing to change gears and offer a more honest approach to their political agenda by replacing their current stream of spokespersons with more blunt, straight talking representatives.  For instance, take current White House Press Secretary Jay Carney.

Carney is doing his best with what he has to work with.  But his attempts to help his boss coverup the Administration’s ineptness which led to the death of four Americans at our consulate in Benghazi have been essentially digging a deeper and deeper hole for the President, the State Department, and the entire Obama-Biden reelection effort.  His most recent lies have been an attempt to deny the fact Carney himself refused to call the Benghazi attacks acts of terrorism.  He has also been trying to convince inquiring members of the White House Press Corps that he never claimed the attacks were a response to a stupid video that was made back in July and was still not being spoken about in Libya in September when the attack occurred.

It is a line of lies which has forced people to remind the White House and its Press Secretary that in today’s world there exists something called video and on it one can see and hear exactly what the President and his representatives say or even once said.

Which brings us to the next possible choice for White House Press Secretary if there is second Obama term.

Her name is Collandra  (see video of Collandra at the bottom of this post)No last names here.  It’s more hip and happening… like Madonna, Pink, and other one name wonders like Cher.  This will allow Obama 2.0 to try to get back some of that appeal it lost among younger voters since 2008 when many of those younger Obama fans thought they would at least be able to find some employment if he became President.

Collandra has no previous experience as a government spokesperson, but that matters little to an Obama 2.0 Administration.  Both their current Press Secretary and previous one, Joe Gibbs, had experience and both proved to be bumbling, stumbling failures.  But Collandra has experience with something that both Gibbs and Carney apparently are not familiar with… honesty.  With Collandra as White House Press Secretary, there will be no more Stephanie Cutter-like stupidity and false claims that distract people from the issues.  With Press Secretary Collandra there will be no more need for congressional hearings in to what the White House knew or didn’t know after after a crisis.  No, with Collandra at the helm information will flow freely and honestly without any of the politically correct, diplomatic terms that normally allow the White House to confuse people with meaningless jargon.

As Press Secretary, Collandra’s no hold barred approach to getting the White House’s message out will match the aggressive Obama 2.0 reform agenda that will seek to rid us of such constitutional inconveniences as religious liberty, and personal responsibility.  None of this will be good for the country but neither will any part of a second Obama term be good the country.  And with no opportunity to run for a third consecutive term leaving the President without a need to be held accountable in a third reelection attempt, the President may just decide to at least be honest about the direction he wants to take us in.  If so, as demonstrated in the video below, Collandra is the person for the job.

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Obama-tax Is Law, What Now?

It’s time for a vote. Don’t you think? A vote on Obama-care, sorry, Obama-tax. A recorded vote. A roll call. Let’s hear some good old fashioned Yeas and Nays. It’s time for politicians from both parties to go on the record regarding the Obama-tax. It should happen as soon as they return from recess. Playtime is over, kids, it’s time to answer to the American people. The Republicans will vote. In fact, there’s mumblings they’re scheduling one. I’ll try and confirm that. If so, great. Let’s make sure votes are recorded because we need Democrats on record as to where they stand on this massive tax.

Democrats shouldn’t have a problem with this. After all, they’ve have made it clear over the last three years they want to raise taxes — remember — to get people to pay their fair share. Well, now they can go on record and declare where they stand on Obama-tax. Most likely Democrats will resist this any way possible. But that’s why we pay the Republicans the big bucks. They need to figure out how to make this happen. We want names. Television coverage would be good, too. If we chant, if we rant and if we rave loud enough, there will be a recorded vote.

Consider that some Democrats up for re-election, as you read this, are distancing themselves from Obama’s policies. Some, I think we were up to 14 or so at last count, have bailed on the national convention. Some don’t want Obama any where near them or their state. To these politicians, Obama and all he represents, is toxic. Sort of the old, ‘thanks, but no thanks’. And now we can add Obama-tax as more radioactive fallout. Now is the time.

The Left knows this is a big problem. Already we are back to the word games. On Friday, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said the “fine” is really still just a “penalty.” It’s a penalty or fine when they need it to be — like when talking to the American people. But it’s a tax when they need it to be a tax — like when they argued in front of SCOTUS. San Fran Nan said tax or penalty, heck, it’s Washington-speak. I heard David Axelrod on television, perhaps it was Friday, call it a punishment on free-riders or free-loaders — it’s a punishment on somebody. Ain’t that a peach — Democrats now calling the “needy”, those they supposedly protect, free-riders.

Democrats are the entitlement party, they promote hand-outs and free-rides as a way to buy votes. Suddenly, they’re willing to admit they’re into punishing the peasants? Ax-man, you crazy cat, tell us something we don’t know.

And it’s going to be pricey. That’s a winning bet for sure. Jump back to March, the Congressional Budget Office released an ‘official’ adjustment for the cost of Obama-care over a decade from $940 billion to — ready — $1.76 trillion. And if you bet that the middle class will bear the brunt of Obama-care, you’d have a winner, too. And just as certain is this, no matter what word games Democrats play — they can call it a fee or a penalty or punishment for freeloading — the truth is, the Supreme Court, the law of the land, calls it a tax.

And so now it is time to take action. Contact your representatives at the House and Senate. Phone them, email them, demand a recorded vote on Obama-tax. Someone more creative than I should come up with a catchy slogan the citizens can rally around. Maybe call it Phone Call – Roll Call or Pound the Politicians Day. Even better, we can make it a couple of days. Ring up their phones until their ears hurt. Pound away with emails. Prompt your family and friends and neighbors to do the same. Republican or Democrat, the people are in charge in America. We didn’t consent to Obama-tax. It was jammed down our throats. Let’s create such noise that we read headlines like “The people demand a vote”. Who knows, maybe we can take down Obama-tax in July. And if not, that’s all right, we know who to chase from office come November.

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