White House 2012 is Now White House 2016 and We’ve Moved to WhiteHouse16.com

Bookmark and Share   With our wounds licked since the victory of President Obama in November, White House 2012 has moved on and is now looking towards the future with White House 2016.

The new home for the old blog is now WhiteHouse16.com.

There you will find a redesigned website with new features such as a White House 2016 chat service that will enable readers to debate among themselves and the contributors to White House 2016.

While White House 2016 will continue to focus on the evolving race for the White House in 2016, we will also continue to bring you news, commentary, and analysis on the important political issues of the day.

White House 2012 has been covering politics from a conservative perspective now for over two years and great success.  We look forward to continuing our efforts with you, the readers in, the years to come.  So please visit us at and subscribe to us at our new web address;


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Despite Pleas for Him to Run, Jeb Bush Says the Door is Firmly Closed

Bookmark and Share Recently, conservatives looking for a hero have been pushing the name of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush as a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination. From a Senator Jim DeMint to a column in National Review and Michael Reagan at a Reagan Day dinner covered here by White House 2012, many politicos understand that Jeb Bush offers a true conservative agenda and the ability to articulate it in a way that can have broad appeal, even among Hispanic and Latinos, groups which Jeb has been making inroads to as he acknowledges the importance of their vote.

Those conservatives who have actually looked to Jeb Bush in 2012, happen to be pretty open minded. They all realize the obvious problem with the family name connected to Jeb. They understand that the American electorate has become Bush weary. But they also understand that given the chance to address voters, Jeb would have the ability to overcome his family name. They also realize that Jeb is the most truly conservative member of the Bush family. He is an ideas man with a proven record in Florida.

Rich Lowry outlined 8 solid reasons in support of a Jeb Bush presidential candidacy. And it is my belief that Jeb Bush would be a solid candidate and amazing President. But today, after a rush of calls for him to enter the race, Jeb responded to an email sent to him by Politicos Jonathon Martin which asked if the door remained firmly shut on a White House campaign next year. To which Jeb wrote “Yes,”.

While many willprobablylike the fact that Jeb Bush wont run in 2012, the truth is that his failure to enter the race is our loss and the fact that his name makes many view him as damaged goods is a shame. While it is discomforting to create the impression that whenever the G.O.P. needs a leader they turn to a royal family-like member of the Bush clan, putting all the aesthetics aside and just looking at the issues, Jeb Bush is perfect for Republicans to tackle those issues with. But who knows? Jeb is easily able to be considered a frontrunner for the nomination in 2016 or even 2020, when the Bush name is less controversial.

Of course, I predict that if the next President is a Republican, Jeb Bush will be named Secretary of Education and while I would prefer that the department be eliminated, if it isnt, Jeb would be one of the best for that job. Education has been an issue he has worked hard on and continues to successfully reform for the better in the nation.

Meanwhile, with this latest confirmation of Jeb’s 2012 intenton, Whiet House 2012 will take him at his word. Sincehe has been a viablepossible constender to considerin this race, we will not remove him from the site, but we will take note of the fact that he is out of the running.

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