Surprise Announcement by Anthony Weiner Threatens President Obama’s Reelection Chances

Bookmark and Share    In a surprise announcement, defiant sexting addict and Brooklyn liberal, Rep. Anthony Weiner,  announced that not only does he have the law on his side, he declared he has the Attorney General on his side.  And with that, he announced he will not be seeking reelection to his congressional seat in 2012, but instead will be running for President with Attorney General Eric Holder as his running mate. 
Weiner declared that with over 100,000 intimate online supporters already in place, he will run a grass root, internet based, campaign that will raise among other things, money.  The embattled Congressman has not yet determined if he will challenge President Obama for the Democratic  nomination.  Weiner’s campaign manager, Jenny Tailia indicated to several sources that such a move  is contingent upon whether or not Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whom Weiner’s wife Huma works for, decides to challenge the President for the nomination.

Weiner waves the banner of his new LGBT (Let's Get Busy Tonight) political Party

However, the Congressman assured supporters that the Weiner-Holder ticket will have a place on the ballot under the recently formed  LGBT Party (Let’s Get Busy Tonight Party). 
According to LGBT Party Chairman Richard Shooter, the Party was  aroused by the thought of  a Weiner-Holder ticket several weeks ago when it became  apparent that in his words “A Weiner -Holder ticket has the balls to put it all out there and lay it on the line”.  The LGBT’s Executive Director, Devoida Taste, stated “Never before have LGBT Party members been quite so excited by the prospects of a ticket that represents their interests as much as a Weiner-Holder presidential ticket does”
Attorney General Eric Holder was unavailable for comment but his newly appointed campaign spokesman, Tess Tosterone, released a statement that indicated the Attorney General is pumped up and ready to go.  However in his statement, he pointed out that while there is already a great deal of desire for a Weiner-Holder campaign, this will be a long election process and as such he reminded supporters that the way to win this race is by building momentum slowly, and insuring that they have the stamina to keep it up and not peak too early. 
Reaction to the entry of   a Weiner-Holder  ticket into the election was mixed. Many voters in Weiner’s congressional district do not believe that Weiner has the ability to  penetrate voters with a message that is virile enough to make them vote for him over President Obama.  But Weiner’s handlers believe that the President’s failed stimulus package which has done little more than maintain a  flaccid economy, could give Weiner a hand and allow him to rise to the occasion. 
Weiner ended his rally-like campaign kickoff announcement by declaring ;
“Times are tough and I know it. No matter how you look at it, it is hard. But I can promise you this, to paraphrase Herbert Hoover, Weiner -Holder will make sure that there is meat in every mouth and a bun in every oven”
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