John Bolton Keeps U.S. Interests and Security in the Forefront of Debate

Bookmark and Share As the Middle East undergoes the upheavals of region wide citizen uprisings, Ambassador John Bolton is finding legitimacy for the premise of his threatened presidential run….the security of our nation and its interests.In regards to the most recent hotspot in the Middle East , Libya, Bolton tells Fox News that the Obama Administration is making nothing but symbolic steps that are not having a real impact on the situation on the ground.

He suggests that the United States recognize the provisional government that the opposition to Moamar Gadhafi is trying to establish. This, according to Bolton, in addition to strengthening the hand of the opposition government, it will help keep oil profits out of the hands of the Gadhafi regime.

Ambassador Bolton is toying with the idea of running for the Republican presidential nomination. The inspiration behind such a run would be based on what he calls a lack of attention being paid to the many threats to our national security.

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