Defense Department Makes the Case for John Bolton’s Presidential Campaign for Him

Bookmark and Share Former Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton threatens a run for President based upon what he calls the need to call attention to the many national security risks that he feels are going unaddressed and not receiving enough public scrutiny. Now it would seem that the stars are aligning just right for him to make his case.

After Secretary of Defense Gates recently announced that he was getting ahead of the budget ax that would undoubtedly come after the Department of Defense, John Bolton tweets the following on Twitter:

“At a time of war and growing security threats abroad, Sec. Gates’ proposed defense cuts would make U.S. less secure and able to defend itself

For his part, Secretary Gates made clear that he believes our nations out of control debt poses its own security threat to the United States and therefore it is incumbent on all to do more with less, including D.O.D.. Gates adds that our debt is putting at risk America’s influence throughout the world. Part of Gates’ strategy is to head off even deeper cuts ordered by Congress by showing them that D.O.D. is doing all it can to insure that it is not spending money wastefully. But some see the move as being more politically motivated than motivated by our actual national security needs. John Bolton is among them.

Whether Gate’s slashing his own Department’s budget is good military strategy or not, expect the recent self inflicted, proposed Defense Department budget cuts to kick Boltons tentative thoughts about a run for President in to high gear. And ifAmb. Bolton does enter the race, even briefly, expect his entry to generate some healthy debate on foreign affairs, Americas role in the world and the threats that face our nation.

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