Moore and the Ten Commandments Enter the Republican Presidential Race

Bookmark and Share Roy Moore, the State Supreme Court Justice who raised hell over attempts to remove from the Alabama Supreme Court building, a monument that he commissioned to honor the ten commandments, has announced that he will be establishing a Republican presidential exploratory committee.

Back in 2003, Moore made national headlines when he rejected a Federal appeals ruling which ordered him to remove the ten commandment monument from the Supreme Court building. Defiant to the end, Moore was ultimately removed from his position on the Alabama State Supreme Court.

Moores entry into the Republican presidential contest will mark the participation of the seventh Southerner in the potential Republican Presidential field and the ninth or tenth potential candidate who will directly compete for the social conservative and evangelical base within the G.O.P..

Moore is however expected to get less of the evangelical vote than many of his other rivals. While the former Chief Justice of the Alabama State Supreme Court certainly has appeal among the religious right, especially in Alabama and the rest of the deep South, Moore has here to now shown little broad appeal outside of the courtroom and in elected legislative politics. In 2006 he ran against Alabama Republican governor Bob Riley for the GOP gubernatorial nomination and lost by a margin of 34%. Two years before that, Moore considered running for presidential nomination of the Constitution Party but at the last minute, decided against it.

Roy Moore’s candidacy, if he goes through with officially launching one, is going to be most likely short-lived. His fundraising abilities are meager at best and his social conservatives credentials, while quite strong, will be greatly diluted by the likes of numerous others with better fundraising capabilities, broader national appeal, and much more extensive organizational networks. Where Moore is likely to be most effective is in the area of his endorsement. That could be of critical importance to any one of the better known, better financed candidates.

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