View Marco Rubio’s CPAC 2012 Speech in its Entirety

Bookmark and Share   As one of the opening speakers at the 2012 CPAC event, Florida Senator Marco Rubio demonstrated why he is the future of the G.O.P. and the nation.  He offered a speech that marked with a wonderful mix of  humor, sharp criticism and hard facts that highlighted the differences between the left and right and the exceptionalism of our nation which stems from the conservative ideology that founded it.

One of the best lines comes when Rubio related¬†to the crowd in telling of how as a freshman in the Senate, he was¬†initially floored by being in the presence of¬†so many respected, prominent, national leaders and at times could not believe he¬†was there,¬†in the presence of all of these powerful people.¬† He then recalled how six months later he couldn’t help but wonder how those same people ever got there.

Rubio’s speech was hard-hitting¬†and accurate¬†and he delivered it so fluidly and naturally that one could not help but tell that they were listening to a future President of our nation.

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Video of Rick Perry’s 2012 CPAC Speech

Bookmark and Share¬† Texas Governor Rick Perry offered the over three conservatives gathered in D.C. at CPAC¬†a very fiery speech that focussed on what America will be if¬†we continue down the path that President Obama is taking us.¬† He did so in large part with an emphasis on¬†one of the issues nearest and dearest to the Lone Star State Governor…..the Tenth Amendment.

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Click Here to Join White House 2012 at CPAC Via Our Official Livestream of the Conference

Bookmark and Share    Today is CPAC and as an official CPAC Blog, White House 2012 is proud to have our own David  Cowan reporting to us from CPAC.

We are also proud to provide you with a White House 2012 livestream of the event provided to us by CPAC.  To join this gala conservative extravaganza live, simply click on the live feed at the following link

Click here for a schedule of events and to find out when your favorite leader will be speaking.

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The CPAC 2012 Blogger of the Year Award: Who Should Receive It?

¬†Bookmark and Share¬†¬† It’s that time of year again.¬† It’s the time when activist¬†conservative Americans make an annual pilgrimage to Washington, D.C. for what has¬†become a political ritual of sorts.¬† It’s the American Conservative Union’s annual Conservative¬†Political Action Conference.¬† And at this event the CPAC Blogger of the Year Award is given to a practicing blogger for their distinguished service to the Conservative Movement throughout their career.

Each year, this¬†now prestigious honor is presented to a conservative member of the online universe who has advanced conservative principles, provoked thought and influenced countless opinion leaders, peers and fellow conservatives.¬† Past recipients have included Ace of Spades, Steve Gilbert, Ed Morrissey and Javier Manjarres of The Shark Tank.¬† This year, there is no shortage of deserving contenders but for me, there exists one blogger who deserves the honor more than most.¬† It is Maggie Thornton of the blog, Maggie’s Notebook.

Maggie’s Notebook is a wonderfully entertaining mix of social and political news that has a way of sourcing everything back to the conservative principles that lie at the heart of CPAC.

The CPAC¬†event itself is comprised of¬† some of the conservative movement’s most influential¬†thinkers, leaders, and opinion shapers,¬† each of which offer, workshops, presentations, and speeches that inspire truly dedicated conservatives in a way that reinforces their faith in their ideology and renews their committment to advancing its cause.¬† The event is one part battle cry, one part planning, and another part patriotism.¬†¬†It involves a call to arms of sorts.¬†¬†¬†Here, right leaning activists are united¬†with the Constitution in their head and a sledgehammer in their heart and the thinking behind the Constitution inspires them to take a passionate swing of that sledgehammer in an attempt to dismantle aspects of the behemoth federal bureaucracy that have exceeded their constitutional authority and in many cases have authority that is not even allowed by the Constitution of the United States.

As is the case with all things political, not everyone always agrees on exactly what is the right course of action on every issue. However,  as speech after speech is made and issue after issue is discussed, the light shed upon the political ideologies behind the policies of our government, reinforces the belief of those gathered together, that any conservative roadmap to prosperity for our nation and its people, does not involve any left turns.

But when all is said and done, after the speeches have ended, the discussions have been exhausted, the conservative cause has been reinvigorated , and the forces are fired up, there remains a unique battalion of conservative commandos whose job it is to make sure that the words spoken at CPAC continue to echo across the nation.  They are conservatives bloggers.

Bloggers¬†have become an integral part of the political infrastructure that develops and communicates political ideas and trends.¬† These dedicated thinkers help shed light on¬†that which the mainstream media¬†is not willing to publicize because it either is not sensational enough to meet their “if it bleeds it reads standards”, or¬†because it conflicts with their own interests or the interests of the media moguls and barons behind the writers who serve at their discretion.¬† Yet in the close-knit¬†community known as the blogosphere, word travels fast and so when one little known¬†blogger reports on their small town’s policy to¬†pay their schools superintendent a whopping three quarter¬†of million dollar severance pay settlement in addition to a $120,000 salary in annual retirement ¬†benefits, it has a way of rapidly becoming an infuriating example of outrageous liberal excess and wasteful spending that gets held up¬†as evidence everywhere from Keansburg, New Jersey to Bell, California.

Bloggers not only help influence opinions, in many ways they have taken control of the agenda.

Today, being a journalist who makes a living by writing for the major daily papers or television, cable, and radio outlets, means starting the day by checking blogs  for a story or an angle that their mainstream competitors have not already dissected and disseminated with enough repetition to prompt widespread spontaneous public regurgitation of the facts and the myriad of conclusions that can be drawn from it.

Then there is another aspect of control the blogosphere has been able to take credit for.  When the media is unwilling to police itself, the blogosphere is there to it do for them.

Thanks to the blogosphere, when a New York Times reporter named Jayson Blair fabricated stories and sources in order to sensationalize true events, several independent bloggers relentlessly reported about the scandal.  Other bloggers picked up on it and soon an undercurrent of internet information created a firestorm which the mainstream media could not ignore and soon the Jayson Blair incident became a widely recognized scandal that ended with the ousting of New york Times editor-in-chief, Howell Raines.

So bloggers make a big difference.  Collectively, if armed with the facts and with well articulated arguments, responsible bloggers can achieve just about any political change they desire.  If the conservative blogosphere saw fit to make sure that John  Boehner was not reelected to another term as Speaker of the House, you could count on the next President of the United States  having to contend with Speaker Eric Cantor.

Which is why the Blogger of the Year Award is a very important highlight of the CPAC gala and why Maggie Thornton deserves the honor .

While there is a countless number of dedicated conservative bloggers, there are numerous¬†factors that limit the number of individual blogs¬†and bloggers who are truly worthy of being distinguished with this honor.¬† Some of those factors include accuracy, support of the facts, style, and the ability to take real events and articulate them in a way that makes it clear why conservative thinking is superior to that of the left.¬† All of this makes a conservative blog good, and the better the blog, the more readers it attracts.¬† The more readers it attracts, the more widespread the dissemination of¬†the opinions articulated in that blog become.¬† And when it comes to Maggie’s Notebook, the conservative opinion is advanced¬†by leaps and bounds.

In addition to providing links to everything from our founding documents and votes on specific legislation as well as such things Essential Sources, data on the elections for   President/VP 2012,  U.S. Senate 2012, and  US House of Representatives 2012,  along with links relating to Primary and  Caucus Debates, and even a special heading for the growing Fast & Furious scandal, Maggie Thornton provides readers with a myriad of topical tales relating to society and politics, that consistently ties everything back to a presentation of evidence that supports how conservative thinking lifts all boats.

Through her writing, Maggie Thornton consistently illustrates how conservatism is that which represents the fundamentals which make us a constitutional republic and how liberal ideology retards our nation and holds back our people.  And she does so in a way that holds both conservatives and liberals accountable to our founding principles.  She encapsulates an overriding message of liberty that is designed to point out the type of nation that America is meant to be, and the type of nation which it will become if we continue to adopt watered-down Republican conservatism and full-blown liberal-socialism.

For these reasons, I have proudly nominated Maggie Thornton for CPAC¬†Blogger of the Year.¬† Through Maggie’s Notebook, Ms. Thornton epitomizes the best of America as an individual and the best of the blogosphere with her blog.¬† She proves that in America, the power¬†can rest with the people, for here is one woman who armed with knowledge, a keyboard, and a passion for civic responsibility, can make a difference.¬† And Maggie has made a difference.¬†¬† A difference that requires a steady stream of committment to her site that¬†accounts for a steady flow of new, daily content that is timely¬†and topical.¬† Such committment requires sacrifice and dedication and for Maggie it pays off.¬† According to Alexa, the leading provider of free, global web metrics which¬†provides analytics for competitive analysis, benchmarking, market research, or business development,¬† has a three-month global Alexa traffic rank of 160,578 but in the United States is ranked #41,626.¬† That may not seem like much but using White House 2012 as an example of an average blog, the Alexa rating system used for Maggie’s Notebook gives White House 2012 a worldwide ranking of 3,442,023, and a U.S. traffic rank of 394,665.

Ordinarily, those numbers would make me want to close up shop on White House 2012, but our stats are really not that bad when you consider how prolific blogging has become.

According¬†to several internet tracking outlets¬†more tha¬†196 million people “have started a blog” and last year over 368 million people have read blogs.¬† One source¬†cited figures showing¬†that “nine blogs are created¬†every minute and 2.3 content updates are posted¬†every second”.¬†¬† Of course more than a quarter of those blogging ventures go abandoned in a matter of weeks and more¬†than half¬†go dormant within six months.¬† However, they still remain lumped in¬† with thew global and national internet ranking systems as they continue to be¬†stumbled upon in cyberspace.¬†¬†¬† So those statistics provide some solace for me when it comes to White House 2012’s traffic, but it says all the more for success of Maggie’s Notebook.¬† Clearly the ranking of Maggie Thornton’s conservative blog is a great measure of success and evidence that not only is she getting the conservative message out, but people keep coming back for more.

So if you happen to be¬†a certified CPAC¬†blogger at this week’s conference in D.C., do us all a favor and cast your vote for Maggie’s Notebook.¬† Not only is it an outstanding blog, it is a source of inspiration for bloggers everywhere who hope to someday be able to look back and say, “I made a difference through my writing.”.¬† Maggie Thornton certainly has!

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State By State Approval Ratings Spell Disaster For Obama Relection Bid

Bookmark and Share   Gallup recently released their annual state-by-state presidential approval numbers and the results paint several pretty dismal pictures for the President, pictures that reflects the overall dismal economic condition that that the nation is in.
According to the analysis the President received a plurality of approval  from residents of only the District of Columbia and 10 states, while his job approval was below 50% in the remaining forty states.   Furthermore; in a majority of them, his approval was well below 45%.

This analysis is particularly troublesome given that while the President’s job approval rating nationally is below the 50% mark, the President’s reelection rests not within the national opinion as much as it does within the collective electoral college results that arrived at through the opinions reflected in each individual¬†state.¬† And while a Real Clear Politics average¬†of national polls put the Presidents approval rating at 46.5% and his disapproval rating is at 47.9%, what the Gallup state-by-state analysis shows is that the President’s challenge is actually tougher than the national polls indicate.

Gallup points out that President Obama received a 44% job approval rating¬†in his third year¬†in office, which is¬†down from 47% in his second year. If that trend were to continue, Ron Paul could be nominated by the G.O.P. and probably defeat President Obama handily.¬† But reality dictates that Ron Paul will never see the light of day as a Republican presidential nominee, and that President Obama’s numbers are not likely to trend downward¬†as he embarks upon a billion dollar campaign¬†that will seek to¬†rehabilitate his own image¬†while eviscerating the image of his Republican opponent.

However, if the President finds his reelection effort failing to reverse the trend of his existing numbers and change the opinions that voters have of him now, he is doomed.¬†Based upon the current trend, ¬†If the President were to only carry those states in the Gallup poll which he he¬†had a net positive approval rating in 2011,¬†he ¬†would lose the 2012 election¬† with 215 electoral votes,¬†to the Republican nominee’s 323 electoral votes.

A White House 2012 breakdown of the Gallup study demonstrates how daunting a challenge lies ahead for President Obama.

Based upon his current state-by-state approval ratings, if we give President Obama each state where his rating is at 50% or above, he would lose the election by winning 159 electoral college votes from D.C., California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Vermont.  The Republican nominee would receive 379 electoral votes, 109 more than needed.

But White House 2012 tried to be a bit more realistic and decided to breakdown these numbers down by giving President Obama the benefit of the doubt by assuming he can turn his numbers around in all those states where his approval was as low as 45%.

That was not only generous, it was also responsible for a fairly more accurate picture of things.

Regardless of the numbers, there are some states that will not likely vote Republican regardless of how bad¬†a job President Obama is doing or who the Republican presidential nominee is.¬†¬†States like Washington and Oregon on the West¬†Coast will probably remain dark blue and the president¬†may easily turn around¬†his downward trending approval ratings among the liberal sympathisers of those states.¬†That accounts for 19 more electoral votes.¬† Then you can easily see the President take Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan in the Midwest.¬† That’s 36 more electoral votes.¬†Then because his numbers are barely above 45% in Iowa, let’s say he can pull off some magic there, a state which he won in 2008.¬† That’s¬†6 more. Then on the East Coast, you’ll find Maine, and Rhode Island remaining true blue.¬† That’s another¬†8 electoral votes.¬† And throw in Pennsylvania too if for no other than reason than the Southeast portion¬†of the state may¬†still be strongly under the President’s spell.¬†¬†That’s 20 more for a total shift of 89 electoral votes which gives President Obama 248 to the G.O.P.’s 290, a figure that still gives the win to the Republican nominee with¬†20 more electoral votes than needed.

With 29 electoral votes, this would make Florida the key to the President’s winning reelection.¬† Without it he needs Ohio with 18 electoral votes and at least one of the following other states; Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, or North Carolina.

Those four states are not goof for him right now, but he has better numbers in  them than he does in other states like New Hampshire or Arizona.

But even these state’s will be hard for Obama.¬† Currently his job approval is 40.4% in Colorado, 41.7% in New Mexico,¬†41.3% in¬† Nevada, and 43.7% in North Carolina.¬† Meanwhile his approval numbers in Florida and Ohio are at 43.6% and 42.1% respectively.

While turning these numbers around will not be¬†impossible in the course of the lifetime that politically speaking, exists between now and November, doing so will be quite¬†a dramatic achievement.¬† One that may require¬†not just a well run campaign on the President’s part, but also a badly managed campaign on the part of whoever his Republican opponent is.

On a sidenote, I can not figure¬†out for the life of me how the President’s job approval rating went up in a place like Wyoming.¬† It went up slightly in Connecticut and Maine, but those two states are known for the lunacy of their liberalism and in many cases their socialism.¬† But Wyoming?

As for the final outcome, no one can honestly say they know how the election will end.  But based upon a bit of instinct, the issues that will play out during the campaign, and the existing numbers, I offer my own following projections.

 It should be noted that if this scenario does come to fruition, there is the potential for an Electoral College crisis, for it offers the possibility of a tie in the Electoral College:

However I do not suspect that such a tie will occur because of the battleground states that I believe this will come down to, I foresee Republicans winning Pennsylvania, Colorado, and New Mexico.

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Florida Makes History Again. Now What?

Bookmark and Share   As is the norm for Florida, the Sunshine State has again made electoral history.  For the first time, the Republican winner of the South Carolina primary, lost the Florida primary.  What it means in the long term is uncertain, but what it means in the short term is quite apparent.  Nationally, Republicans have no real clear favorite for President yet.

Still, ¬†Mitt Romney’s win was significant and he deserve credit for¬†orchestrating it.¬† He spent $17 million to do it, but he did it and in the end, especially with 50 delegates now in his column, that is all that matters.¬† However, while Romney once again becomes the frontrunner for the nomination, you will have to forgive me¬†if¬†do¬†not declare this race over yet.

With little more than 5% of the delegates allocated so far, there is no denying that the race is not over yet, but it was made even more obvious to me after hearing Romney deliver his victory speech, and after Gingrich and Santorum gave their concession speeches.

In his speech, Mitt Romney rose to the occasion¬†and sounded enthusiastic, but humble, and most of all, he sounded presidential.¬† He delivered a speech that allowed people to truly begin to get comfortable with the idea of him being the candidate who can take the fight to President Barack Obama and beat him.¬† He didn’t seal the deal, but his Florida victory speech helped make people more willing¬†to accept the now almost inevitability of his being nominated for president.¬† And now back in the frontrunner position, Romney offered not only a brief glimpse of the potential that exists¬†in his carrying the Republican banner, ¬†he even took some steps to put the ugliness of the intraparty battle for the nomination behind him by eloquently¬†making the point that¬†“a competitive primary does not divide us, it prepares us.”

But in his facing the fact that he came in second place to Romney with at least 15% less of the vote than Romney, Newt Gingrich offered a speech which oozed of defiance and held a true thirst for not just beating Barack Obama, but for bringing about the type of reforms that Americans want, but as of late, have not often come to see in either Republicans or Democrats.  He also provided some of the best reasons for his candidacy to date.

While limiting his negative attacks to calling Romney a Massachusetts moderate, Newt introduced what was seemingly a very heartfelt, personal contract with the American people, a spin on the now famous 1994 Contract With America that he spearheaded and guided through Congress.

Newt’s personal¬† contract consists of two parts.¬† The first part is conditional and it requires that the people elect¬†conservatives to Congress.¬† If they do that, Newt promises that before he takes office, he will request¬†that on January 3rd, 2013, the new Congress stays in session and immediately repeals Obamacare, Dodd-Franks, and Sarbanes¬†Oxley, three bills that are being viewed¬†as among ¬†the most¬† detrimental¬†legislative initiatives effecting our economy.¬† Gingrich vows that if the American people elect¬†strong conservative¬†majorities to Congress, those three measures can be¬†repealed by Congress and on the day of his inauguration, he will sign the legislation to rid us of those massive government burdens.¬† The problem there is¬†that unless it is veto proof majority, President Obama will have the opportunity¬†to veto it before Gingrich has the opportunity¬†to sign it.¬† So Newt might want to hold back on his request for january 3rd vote on those issues.

The rest of Newt’s personal contract is a promise to promptly enact a series of constitutional executive orders that will consist of immediately abolishing the existence of¬†all White House czars,¬†an ¬†immediate order to commence¬†construction of the Keystone Pipeline project, an executive order opening the American embassy in Jerusalem¬†and essentially acknowledging that divided city as Israel’s¬†capital, another executive order which would reinstate the Reagan policy that did not allow¬†¬†federal¬†money to fund any abortions, anywhere in the world, and last but not least, he promised to enact an order that repeals any and all of the anti-religious acts enacted¬†by the Obama Administration in what Newt described as the President’s war on religion.

Newt’s speech was far from a concession speech, but what it did do was offer voters some good reasons for why Newt should not give up.¬† With a room full of supporters waving signs that reminded voters that there are 46 more states which have yet to vote, Newt demonstrated that he still has what it takes to continue contesting this election.

The other speech of note came from third place finisher Senator Rick Santorum.

Even though Santorum placed a very distant third with only 13% of the vote in Florida, his speech actually provided a good rationale for his own continued participation in this race.

Knowing full well that he was not going to have a strong showing in Florida, Santorum¬†elected to make his primary night remarks from Nevada, where he is campaigning in advance of that state’s¬†Caucus which takes place this Saturday.

Taking advantage of the very rarely traveled high road in their¬†primary contest, Santorum exploited the bitter battle between Romney and Gingrich by looking like the adult in the room who had his eye on the real prize…….defeating President Obama.

He stated that he was not going to criticize the personal and public successes achieved by both Gingrich and Romney as they have done to one another.  Instead he declared that republicans deserve better, and that he was going to focus on the issues important to the American people.  However, Santorum did argue that Newt failed at taking the momentum he had coming out South Carolina and converting it in to establishing himself as the conservative alternative to Mitt Romney.  According to Santorum, Newt proved to make himself the issue and the American people do not need a President who is the issue, but rather a President who can address the issues and solve the problems surrounding them.

All three speeches were actually quite good and they all provided a solid foundation and legitimate reasons¬†for this nomination contest to remain¬†competitive.¬† The problem is that Santorum¬†and Gingrich will still have to find the resources it takes to convince voters that it really isn’t over.¬† If Newt can finally stick to the themes he struck in his speech in Florida, themes based on his being the anti-establishment candidate and a true conservative leader capable of achieving very real and very bold reforms, he can¬†survive long enough¬†to see another victory, but it may not happen for another month or more and the longer he goes without a victory, the harder it will¬†be for him to achieve one.

Right now, the only thing we can be¬†certain of is that Mitt Romney is the one in the catbird seat¬†tonight.¬† The real problem I see here though is that Romney is still the candidate¬†which¬†for numerous¬†reasons, many Republicans seem to be settling for.¬†¬†Such uninspired support makes it quite possible for someone like Newt to turn things around by actually inspiring people and causing voters say, you know what?¬† I don’t have to settle for Mitt.¬†We can do better.”

Until Mitt Romney is willing to stop playing it safe, and proves that he too can be¬†a bold leader, he will remain vulnerable to being overshadowed by the boldness of Newt Gingrich’s vision and red meat agenda.¬† For Mitt it is now a judgement call and a gamble.¬† Does he continue to play it safe and rely on his giant campaign war chest¬†to suppress the amount of support Gingrich and¬† risk the possibility of¬†Newt turning things around again?¬† Or¬†¬†does he step out of his safety¬†zone and make an¬†attempt to¬†prove that he is more than just a wealthy Republican establishment candidate?

My experience with Romney leads me to believe that he will continue to play it safe with the expectation that Newt will be do just the opposite and a loss it all by taking one too many risks.

On a final note, yes I know that I did not mention Ron Paul and that I did not include his concession speech.  And no it is not because I am afraid that if I give him any ink, people will flock to his side and elect him President.  The reason I did not include Ron Paul is because he has yet to become a significant factor in this election and because he said absolutely nothing new in his speech following his single digit, last place showing in Florida.

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Gingrich Campaign Makes Desperate Calls to Jewish Florida Senior Citizens

Bookmark and Share¬†¬† In what has got¬†to be¬†one of the most desperate attempts to target a message to a critical voting bloc an election, Newt¬†Gingrich’s campaign approved a robocall that went out to Florida’s large Jewish vote.

The call went specifically to elderly Jewish senior citizens which is a smart move, Senior citizens are the most reliable voters in the nation and they show up to polls in percentages than larger all other demographics.

However, the Gingrich call was an uttrerly¬†shameful pitch to Jewish senior citizens that essentially chose to exploit the Holocaust and make a comparison that suggests even the Nazi’s didn’t force Jews to eat non-kosher food, but Mitt Romney did.

The allegation is based¬†on a measure which Romney vetoed as the Governor of Massachusetts but the truth is the bill never actually prevented kosher food from being served to Jewish residents in various facilities, and Romney’s veto did not cut any funding for kosher food services have but merely vetoed additional¬†funds. The ultimate¬†decision¬†not¬†serve kosher food certain nursing homes was actually made by individual¬†nursing homes which did have a substantial¬†enough Jewish population in their facilities.

As a supporter of Newt, even I must admit that this robocall was in extremely poor taste and in many ways, even offensive.

The Holocaust is too significant a tragedy in world history to exploit and trivialize by introducing it in to shallow politics with distortions, lies, and such sheer maliciousness.

After South Carolina, I was confident that Newt needed to go after the Jewish vote in Florida.¬† One reason was because he has an incredible record on Israel that could have greatly appealed to the Jewish community.¬† But I never meant for him to go after the Jewish vote by angering senior citizens over the Holocaust and comparing Mitt Romney to Nazi’s.

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