From the Reagan Library, Marco Rubio Delivers a Powerful Speech on the Role of Government in our Lives

Bookmark and Share   On Tuesday, Florida Senator Marco Rubio was the featured speaker at the Reagan Library.   His topic of discussion was the role of government in our lives.

The speech was both factual and inspirational.  It also demonstrated why Marco Rubio is considered to be one of the brightest stars of the G.O.P..  I am of the opinion that he is a future President.  In fact many have wished for Rubio to run for the office of President now, in the 2012 election.  But the young Senator has made clear that he is not even considering that as a possibility. When pressed on the issue, Rubio practically blushes with a sense of shyness over the idea.

At one point, he was asked what he would do if his mother told him to accept the vice presidential nomination.  With boyish charm, Rubio looked down and laughed and then quickly shot back “are there any other questions you have there?”  He then said that he wouldn’t want to be the Vice President for anyone who would want to live for 8 years in the White House. 

As for Rubio’s speech itself, it was a frank discussion of conservative Republican  ideological beliefs that essentially dictates that it is the people who control their own destinies, not the government.   Yet Rubio also declared:

“We have the opportunity to within our lifetime to actually craft a proper role for government in our nation that will alow us to come closer than any Americans have ever come, to our collective vision of a nation where both prosperity and compassion, exist side by side.”

Other memorable points Rubio made included his argument that;

“Poverty does not create our social problems. Our social problems create our poverty”

He further argued that  to achieve that, there were certain principles that we had to embrace which were absolutely true.  One being ;

The free enterprise system does not create poverty. The free enterprise system does not leave anyone behind. People are poor and people are left behind because they do not have access to the free enterprise system.  Because something in their lives or in their community, has denied them access to the free enterprise system.”

Rubio also declared that ;

“the cause of  conservatism is not to leave people behind. Conservatism is about empowering the people.”

In its entirety, the speech was a perfectly clear explanation of the ideological differences which put liberals and conservatives on diverging paths and it went to the heart of what makes many of us Republicans. And a such, it is a speech for both liberals and conservatives to hear.  For the left, Marco Rubio presents a compelling case for limited government while allowing them to understand why the right sees it that way.  For conservatives the speech is worth hearing because it will reinforce their sense of committment to the cause.

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See Marco Rubio’s Speech at the Reagan Library Live

See Marco Rubio’s live streaming webcast from the Reagan Library.

The topic of  of discussion is the role that should pay in our lives.

Clickthe image below to see it live :

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