Herman Cain Claims that African-American Voting Habits are a Result of Brainwashing

Bookmark and Share In a recent interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer [see interview below this post], Herman Cain offers an honest personal assessment of the voting habits of African-Americans and by claiming that many African-Americans have been brainwashed.  In the same interview, he provides an opinion of the two men who Cain now shares frontrunner status with …………………. Mitt Romney and Rick Perry.

In the first question thrown at Cain by Wolf Blitzer, the CNN political host asked Cain why the G.O.P. is poison to so many African-Americans.  Never one to mince words, Cain told Blitzer that such a view is held by many fellow African-Americans because they “have been brainwashed into not being open minded and not even considering a conservative point of view”.

Cain goes on to explain that he has had experienced this first hand.  Reacting to the claim, Wolf Blitzer pretended to be shocked and gave Cain an opportunity to walk his statement back after telling Cain that “brainwashed” is a strong word to use in reference to fellow members of the black community.  Yet Herman Cain held firm and reinforced his charge by stating that as many as 2/3 of the blacks are brainwashed.  But Cain did say that the good news was that 1/3 to 1/2 of them are beginning to think for themselves and to think that all African-Americans will simply keep voting for Democrats is untrue.   He added that he is convinced that he would able to garner as much as a third of the black vote and not because he is black, but because of his policies and their belief in his ability to fix the economy.

While true, Cain’s words are sure to get some flack from the African-American community.  Many have already aired their disdain for Cain’s remarks.  This reaction came from AngryBlackLady.com:

“Ho boy.  Yeah, see…some free political campaign advice there, Herman.  When you’re trying to convince a voting bloc to back you, it’s best not to insult them as “brain-washed” and “not open minded”.  In fact, I believe that’s the chief complaint I hear from the Tea Party about how liberals supposedly feel about them.  Given this evidence, I’m going to say that particular complaint is projection, plain and simple.”

Committed socialist and racist anti-TEA movement leader Maxine Waters had this to say about Cain’s opinion;

“Not only are we not brainwashed, we know how to act in our own best interest.  That`s why most of us are Democrats.  Who in their right mind, African-American, would belong to a Party that is as mean-spirited as we see coming out of the Republican Party.

They don`t care about poor people.  They don`t care even about working class people.  They don`t care about senior citizens.”

She added;

“And blacks are not going to vote for him either — not simply because he`s disrespected us so in these statements about us being brainwashed but because, again, we act in our own best interest.  We know what is best for us.  We all have to fight very hard to make sure that we get the most that we can get in terms of good public policy for everybody and for African-Americans.”

What Mrs. Waters left out was that through the application of the close-minded liberal policies of her and her Party, the African-American community is suffering the most. Under the Obama Administration and Mrs. Waters’ leadership in Congress, in addition to a disproportionate amount of African-Americans living at or below the poverty level, the overall poverty level in the nation has risen to its highest levels in decades.  And when it comes to unemployment in America, in the month of September, Mrs. Waters’ policies have helped to achieve a disparity between Caucasian and African-American unemployment rates that is more than 50% higher for blacks than whites.

The unemployment rate for blacks surged to 16.7% in August, its highest rate since 1984, the Labor Department reported Friday.

Congresswoman Waters also neglects to mention that the when she discusses “fighting very hard to make sure that we get the most that
we can get in terms of good public policy for everybody and for African-Americans” what she is actually saying is that good public policy is more expensive government spending programs that perpetuate a culture of dependency.

And therein lies the Democrat Party’s problem.

Government can no longer afford to be run like a charity with endless financial resources. Charities can’t even pretend to have endless financial resources.  Government can no longer afford to maintain expensive charitable legislative policies that are designed to keep minorities voting for Democrats by making them dependent on Democrat sponsored taxpayer handouts.

This is something that many minorities are waking up to.  And while they may not necessarily be flocking to the G.O.P., they are beginning to understand that liberal Democrats are probably acting more in their own interests than an in the interests of the African-American Community.

As for Herman Cain, there are many people of all colors who through his candidacy, are beginning to understand that big government is not a prerequisite for success.  In Herman Cain, they see a self-made man, who has not allowed himself to use racism as an excuse or reason to believe that the government owes him anything.  People see that Herman Cain is a man who said he will control his destiny and did so.  In Herman Cain, many voters are seeing a man who can create an America that will get government under control and allow the people to control their own destiny’s too.  That has become a novel concept these days, but the obvious failures of government due to big government liberal policies, has people of all colors understanding that they should probably stopt trying to rely on a bankrupt government andstart trying to rely more on their own ingenuity and abilities.

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President Obama Needs To Denounce Maxine Waters and Her Remarks

Bookmark and Share   “I believe we can be better,” “Those who died here, those who saved lives here – they help me believe. We may not be able to stop all evil in the world, but I know that how we treat one another is entirely up to us.”

These were the words spoken by President Obama after Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords and several others were critically wounded and several more were killed in a senseless shooting outside of an Arizona supermarket back in January of this year.

Seven months later and here is Congresswoman Maxine Waters stating that as far as she is concerned “the TEA Pary can go straight to hell …and…..and I will help them get there”.

As the President put it during his January 13th memorial speech, how we treat one is entirely up to us and now it is clear how members of President Obama’s Party intend to treat others. Maxine Waters’ public remarks were irresponsinble, provocattive, and divisiveness. It totally contradicted any of the many recent calls for more civil discourse in politics and totally destroyed any good will attempts to have the differing ideologies work closer together. And President Obama knows it.

During his memorial speech he stated;.

“But at a time when our discourse has become so sharply polarized – at a time when we are far too eager to lay the blame for all that ails the world at the feet of those who think differently than we do – it’s important for us to pause for a moment and make sure that we are talking with each other in a way that heals, not a way that wounds.”

Well what Maxine Waters said left wounds. As Commander-in Chief will he be bold enough to attempt to heal those wounds by at the very least denouncing Congresswoman Waters and her remarks? Or will President Obama use his vacation as a hideout from the press and hope that once his full ten days away in Martha’s Vineyard is over, the Waters brouhaha blows over? Responsible leadership requires that President Obama take a few minutes off the golf course to publicly address Maxine Waters’ damning of Americans to hell. I am sure that if a similar statement was made by a member of the Republican Party, the President and his minions would be sharpening the political guillotine and Democtrat members of Congress would be calling for their resignation. The President would even be reiterating the words he spoke in Arizona and trying to turn the episode in to a campaign issue that attempted to describe Republicans as heartless, evil, and cold-blooded. But things are different if a liberal acts so irresponsibly.

After President Obama delivered his remarks at the memorial for the victims of the Tucson shooting, I credited the President for rising to the occasion an playing the right non-partisan part that was required from the leader of our nation during such a traumatic incident. It was my opinion that the President did an excellent job and I believe that if we Republicans are to be taken seriously when we criticize the President, we must be able to demonstrate that we are at least fair and honest and can give the President credit when and if were due. That speech was one of really only two high points of his half term in office so far.

However, failing to remind the people of his words and failing to denounce Maxine Waters’ remarks and hold them up as a perfect example of unacceptable conduct by an elected official, will turn that high point of his presidency into a low point. If President Obama does not make an example of Maxine Waters by admitting that she crossed a line too far, than he will betraying all the good he spoke of when he paid tribute to those who laid dead and injured as the result of violent, senseless, and irresponsible conduct.

President Obama, if you do not step up and lead at least the elected officials within your own political Party by setting in motion a walking back of Maxine Waters’ words, than the discourse that will surely fester and grow in its wake will not only consume your presidency, it will consume the political debate and take this nation down a road so divisive that compromise will become as far if not farther out of reach than peace in the Middle East.

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