Morning Memo: Election News from the Campaign Trail for April 22nd, 2011

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John McCain Declares His Candidacy for President. Says “The Third Time’s The Charm”

Bookmark and Share In a hastily prepared press conference in his home state of Arizona, Senator John McCain declared the third times the charm and announced that he is again running for President.

With his wife Cindy, and daughter Meghan at his side the Senator chose to make his surprise announcement at the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument, the nations first archeological reserve which preserves the discovery of an ancient Sonoran desert peoples farming community. According to the Senator,like the ruins of Casa Grande, I am still standing and like the ancient desert people who tilled the soil of these lands, I will not be forgotten

After comparing himself to an ancient relic, Senator McCain explained that historys importance lies in its ability to teach us how not to repeat the mistakes of our past. History has taught me much and recent history has taught us all that the hope and change once offered by current President actually proved to be indecision and chaos. said McCain.

In his twenty minute announcement, the five term Senator explained that all the perspective names in the Republican presidential field have to him, proven to lack his experience and lack the ability to prevent the GOP from moving too far to the right. According to McCain the people of America have seen that extremism does not work. They have seen that the extreme liberalism of President Obama does not work and they know that the extremism of the radical right wont work. And so today I come forward as the independent maverick who can unite all factions from the TEA Party, to Rockefeller Republicans and all those between the two

McCain declared that over the coming week, he will be naming his campaign chairman, pollster, and manager, but he was ready to name his daughter Meghan as McCain 2012s communication director. Meghan has demonstrated the type of backbone that allows her to stand up to Republicans and Democrats alike. Through her blog, Meghan has proven herself to be the type of independent thinker that my campaign and candidacy represents and it is with the type of pride that only a father can understand, that I name Meghan my Communications Director.

Following the press conference Meghan McCain released a statement that can be viewed here.

It is not yet known how the unanticipated entrance of John McCain will effect the evolving Republican Presidential field. When told of the McCain decision a spokesman for the still undeclared campaign of Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney said Really?. John McCain? Really?

When asked how the decision will effect the 2012 election, Professor James Google McIntosh, Chairman of Princeton Universitys Woodrow Wilson School of Politics referred reporters to the Universitys psychology department, saying this decision is a matter better addressed by professionals who can better address the more important issues behind the McCain decision.

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