Mike Pence Assesses the Republican Presidential Field

Bookmark and Share Congressman Mike Pence of Indiana was one of those perceived early contenders for the Republican presidential nomination who chose not to run for President and to instead contemplate a run for Governor of the Hoosier State.

Pence is considered a Jack Kemp-like figure. He is a socially conservative, deficit hawk and as one of the few solid members of the House of Representatives who is both a fiscal and social conservative, to be considered as a serious potential presidential candidate. So when Mike Pence opted out of the presidential race, he left a significant portion of the Republican base searching for a candidate, especially movement conservatives. So it is great interest that people would like to know who may endorse for the Republican presidential nomination.

In an interview on Forbes Mallory Factor, Congressman did not endorse anyone but he did state that there were a number of great conservatives running or considering to run and that his hope is to see the field winnowed out and then endorse a candidate who will “embrace a strong defense, limited government, traditional moral values without apology.”

Pence was then asked to give his opinions on everyone from Herman Cain to Donald Trump. Below are some of the assessments he offered. For all of Pence’s critiques of the candidates and potential candidates, see the video link following this post.

Romney; “Mitt Romney is an enormously talented. He served as a Governor, has practical experience, successful in business and I think has a great deal of quality and character that ought to attract the attention of the American people.”

Tim Pawlenty; “I think Tim Pawlenty again, like Mitt Romney, has been a successful governor. He’s got a Midwestern demeanor that I find appealing, he could be conservative but not confrontationally, and I am impressed by his commitment to moral values in his personal life and in his public positions.”

Ron Paul; “a powerful and strident voice for limited government and I have great respect for him.”

Haley Barbour; “Haley Barbour has demonstrated great leadership as a Governor, as a Party leader. He’s an unapologetic conservative and an enormously affable and impressive man.”

Rick Santorum; “Rick Santorum is an accomplished former legislator who strong commitment to family values certainly makes him an important voice in the debate.”

Mitch Daniels; “I think Mitch Daniels is the best Governor in America. He took a moribund state government in Indiana and in six short years, and transformed us into a state that has a Triple A bond rating, one of the few states in America that has a surplus. He did that by making hard choices. And I think that wherever life leads Mitch Daniels, if public service is a part of that, the people will be well served.”

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