Mixed Signals Sent By Mitch Daniels

Bookmark and Share During a recent meeting with the editorial board of the Indianapolis Star Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels made it clear that he really is seriously considering a run for President. In questions fielded by the papers editorial board, Daniels gave answers that at times sounded like he was leaning towards a run.

Daniels made it clear that if he were to run he would base his campaign on what he calls the “red menace” of federal debt. Daniels is also quick to point out that if he does decide to run it would be because in regards to our debt, the country has put itself in a very difficult place.”

But while Governor Daniels made clear that the prospect of a run for the Republican presidential nomination was on the table, he also stated that insofar as the potential GOP presidential field goes, “I like all these folks, and odds are I will likely end up supporting one of them.”

The Indianapolis Star believes that even though Daniels claims that it is likely he will endorse someone else for President, the Governor seemingly does not indicate that there is anyone in the running who can effectively tackle the red menace that he believes we must resolve sooner rather than later. If that is the case, then Daniels surely will run. The question is, if the Indy Star is right, will Daniels continue to think that way? If not, those who are in the running will be hounding him to death for his endorsement of them. And after that, many will be placing him on their short list of possible running mates.

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Mitch Daniels Admits a Late Start Could Hurt Him

Bookmark and Share If Mitch Daniels is running for President, he will not be making such an annoucement anytime soon and he made that quite clear during an interview with Indiana’s WISH-TV host Jim Shella. In it, the Indiana Governor holds firm on a committment he made in an earlier on another station in which hepromised not to make a decision about the presidency until the next legislative session end in April.

Daniels believes that his responsibiloity to Governm during that time is critical to his serving the people of Indiana properly. But he added

“In fairness to people from all over the place many of whom I’ve only read about before who like this idea [of Daniels running for president], I owe them some kind of an answer,”

But if the answer regarfding a run for Presidnet is in the affirmative, April may put him in the game a little late. And that is exactlythe situationthatanchor Jim Shellaput beforeGovernor Daniels

SHELLA: [There’s] been a lot of reporting by national media this year about folks who are interested in having you run for President.

You have said over and over again that you won’t say anything about that until after the legislative session in 2011. I understand that.

My question today is: By not deciding, are you, in fact, deciding?

DANIELS: Maybe. It’s a great question.

You mean, ‘shouldn’t you be getting started, and heading to Iowa, and doing whatever it is people do?’

SHELLA: Exactly.

DANIELS: Yeah, maybe. If so, so. My duty is here. My heart is here. I’m incredibly excited about the chance for us to do more really good things for Indiana in the next four months, and that’s coming first.

So if it’s too late then, it’s too late.

Interestingly though, as observed in the video below, Daniels does take the opportunity to, in quite a most humble manner, point out that he is amazed at just how many people are urging him to run for President.

One thing is for sure. Despite any denials to the contrary, Daniels most certainly is considering a run for president. If he wasn’t, he would have taken a page from Chris Christie and officially declared that he was not running.

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