Mitch Daniels Heads to Ohio to Address Hamilton County Republicans

Bookmark and Share A rising star not only in Ohio but national politics is Ohios newly elected Republican Governor John Kasich. Yet despite his rising star, Indianas outgoing Governor Mitch Daniels will be the keynote speaker in Kasichs backyard, at the Lincoln Reagan Day Dinner of the Hamilton County Republican Committee.

The move is a significant signal in favor of a potential presidential run for Daniels. He is not usually prone to making many out of state appearances so the timing of this speech in a critical, delegate rich battleground state like Ohio, looks a little suspicious. Adding to the suspicion is also the type of event he chose to speak at. Republican County dinners are a dime a dozen andi names as big Daniels. Nt is usually quite difficult to get a name as big Daniels’ to accept an invitation to. Not unless it is a county in New Hampshire or Iowa during presidentialelection season.

But Ohios Hamilton County is in the middle of Cincinnati, a vote rich and donor rich region of one of the most important primary prizes in the nation and Daniels who stated that he wont make a decision on a presidential until the end of the Indiana legislative session in April, is obviously keeping his options and not ceding Ohio to other potential rivals.

Daniels will be a very strong candidate in the Midwest and if he is seriously considering a run for President, it behooves him to do all that he can to keep voters minds open to his candidacy, and not commit themselves to others like Romney who has an impressive and lucrative fundraising base in the Cincinnati area. So keeping the door open to his candidacy in the region where Daniels should be the strongest, is wise strategy. But if you really want a strong sign of what direction Daniels is leaning in when it comes to a bid for the White House, look for any moves he makes in the South.

If Daniels accepts a speaking engagement like this in the South, where he will have some of histoughest competition, then you will know for sure that a run for President is in the stars for Daniels.

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