Romney’s Flag Day Tribute: Raising the Flag

Bookmark and Share To mark the occasion of Flag Day, the Romney campaign has issued a poignant video tribute entitle “Raising the Flag”.

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How Romney’s First Hundred Days Will Reverse the Damage of the Last Three and a Half Years

Bookmark and Share  The Romney campaign has released a new infographic that details how his first hundred days as President would begin to reverse the regressive policies of the Obama Administration.

From repealing and replacing Obamacare to slashing burdensome federal red tape, a Romney Presidency will be anything but more of the same.  The first 100 days of a Romney Presidency will be the first 100 days toward getting America back on track and reversing the damages of the last three and a half years.  Mitt Romney has the plans to turn our country around and the experience to get the job done.

Click here to view a printable version.

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The Romney campaign recetnly went a step further and with the help of House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, articulated how on day one, President Romney will reverse Obama’s job-killing policies.

As argued by Conressman Ryan, Mitt Romney will start repealing the red tape that’s choking off jobs and hindering our recovery. He will start repealing Obamacare, which is putting so much uncertainty in businesses. He’ll begin the process of lowering tax rates by closing special interest loopholes, which help small businesses with certainty so they can create jobs.

He’ll announce a 5% spending cut on government agency budgets to begin the process of deficit reduction, and he will approve the Keystone pipeline which we know will create lots of jobs and help make us a whole lot less dependent on foreign oil.
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Rob Portman Reported to Be Mitt Romney’s Pick for Vice President

 Bookmark and SharePJ Media reports that  a consensus among inside GOP political operatives exists which concludes that Mitt Romney will pick Rob Portman as his vice presidential running mate.  The report however  based on the hearsay of anonymous sources, including what is described as a prominent GOP Super PAC insider who wants to remains anonymous.

According to PJ Media upon asking this unnamed Super PAC leader about their thoughts on Portman as a potential vice presidential nominee, an email reply from them stated the following;

He could bring Ohio!!! And he is very experienced and he won’t spend $100,000 on clothes in two months!  The goal this cycle is “safe, not sorry. But win Ohio!”

Now I do not question the credibility of PJ Media, I do question the intent of this unnamed insider who feels the need to, out of nowhere, come out and take a foul, unjustified, and totally senseless shot at Sarah Palin for circumstances that were not of her own doing and which she rectified.

I also question whether or not this so-called consensus among G.O.P. operatives about Portman being Romney’s pick has anything to do with knowing what only a select few under Romney’s Senior Advisor Beth Myers, know and are discussing amongst themselves?

Myers served as chief of staff during Romney’s term as Massachusetts governor and managed his 2008 presidential campaign.  She is now overseeing  Romney’s vice presidential selection process and is undergoing a vetting process that involves only a select few Romney confidants who discuss aspects of the vetting process among only themselves.  And any discussions of the process among this small group of trusted advisors, is done only on a need to know basis.  Which is why there have not yet been any leaks which have led to the upping or lowering of the odds for of being picked among any of the known potential nominees.  The Romney team is probably one of the most talented and professional political or for that matter, non-political organizations there has ever been.  It is a consequence of Romney’s own managerial expertise and Midas Touch.  Say what you want about Mitt but he knows how to run  things and get a job done.  And so the only way that a leak about who has picked for Vice President would come about is if it was intentional.  And this “consensus” based declaration about Rob Portman was not sanctioned by Team Romney.

Furthermore, I doubt that the leader of a Super PAC, even a pro-Romney Super Pac, would be privy to such insider information.  In addition to it being questionably illegal or at the very least,  unethical for such communications between the Romney campaign and any Super PAC, it would not benefit Team Romney to exercise the type of loose lips that would give away a secret as big as this one.

So while I do not wish to call in to question the credibility of the claim that Rob Portman is going to be Romney’s running mate in November, I must do exactly that.

Portman could very well be the individual Romney picks but only a select few know how truly likely that is and they are not talking.

Speculation about who the Romney’s running mate will be is the last big question that remains in the race, aside from who will ultimately win.  And the suspense is just killing most political junkies, myself included.  However it must be understood that any public discussion about who Romney will pick is simply conjecture on the part of conducting the discussion.  In the case of the latest scuttlebutt concerning Rob Portman, it would seem to be based mainly on his ability to deliver Ohio for Romney in November.  But it has been my sense that Portman is not necessarily established well enough to be counted on for that purpose.  That sense of mine was only verified when a recent Quinnipiac Poll concluded the following;

The presidential race in Ohio remains too close to call as President Barack Obama gets 45 percent to 44 percent for Republican Mitt Romney, with a 45 – 45 percent dead heat if the GOP adds home-state Sen. Rob Portman as Romney’s running mate.

That poll was taken just two weeks ago but it is safe to say that those numbers have not changed much since then and it led Politico to report a story entitled “Poll: Rob Portman no GOP boost in Ohio”

As indicated in an abbreviated White House 2012 Vice Presidential Contender page prepared for for Bob Portman back in April, historically, the vice presidential nominee only affects the presidential election results in their home state by no more than four percent.  If that were to hold true here, according to the closeness of the race in Ohio so far, Portman could actually put Romney over the top.  But the polls do not yet bear that out and  even if they did, we are long way from Election Day and the Obama campaign will not give up Ohio easily.  As such,  in my opinion, the Obama campaign’s ruthlessness and billion dollar campaign war chest will simply inundate every media source with an endless array of stories focussed on destroying the record and reputation of Bob Portman.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe Portman is exceptionally qualified and although he is not my first choice to be the next in line for the presidency, I can easily support him.  His record of fiscal responsibility is far superior to most political leaders out there and he is extremely competent in other areas of concern too.  But Portman’s ties to the G.W. Bush Administration will be exploited by the Obama team in a way that will take on a life of its own and the lies about him will have a way of becoming true in the subconscious of an ad weary electorate.

Such was the case in 2008 with Sarah Palin.

In a documentary entitled Media Malpractice, one is taken on a step-by-step walk through of election history that documented what I call the palinization of Sarah Palin.  It was a process that showed how the left inundated our world with an endless array of salacious stories about Sarah Palin.  Every day some new liberal inspired charges or unseemly story was leaked and for days, each one captured the headlines.    As the documentary then shows at the very end, when asked what was true and what false during the campaign, voters got each answer wrong.

For instance, when asked which person running on either of the major presidential tickets pretended that their daughter’s son was their own, all those questioned answered Sarah Palin.

However, in that same documentary when asked which candidate on either of the major presidential tickets had to drop out of a previous race for President because they were caught plagiarizing the speeches of a British Labor Party leader, voters again answered Sarah Palin.

In both cases the answers to those question were wrong.  As most of us know, Sarah Palin did not pretend that her daughter’s child was her own and as for the candidate who dropped out of a previous race for President in disgrace because of plagiarism, the answer of course is not Sarah Palin.  It’s Joe Biden.

But politics is perception and the Obama campaign successfully created false impressions about the Republican ticket which casual voters believed to be true.

This can of course be done to any candidate, and with Team Obama it will be done.  It will be done to Mitt Romney and whomever he nominates for Vice President.  The problem is that given how pivotal Ohio may be “if” this election is as close as many think it will be, the Obama campaign will invest so much time and money into Ohio and into destroying Portman that in the end, even Ohioans will be embarrassed to support Portman on a presidential ticket.  I say this not because Portman will not be able to defend himself.  He will.  I state this simply because Portman is not yet the kind of established figure in Ohio who I believe can withstand the type of relentless assault upon him that the Obama strategists will engage in.

Bob Portman has not yet established the type of bond with Ohioans that is necessary to overcome the type of treacherous rewrite of history that will be done regarding his record.  Ohio voters are not yet so familiar with and loyal to Portman that they embrace him as one of their own in a way that they did other Ohio politicians such as the legendary Robert Taft or even more recently, John Glenn.  Those were leaders so loved by Ohioans that if they were put through the type of character assassination attempt that Portman will experience, it would backfire.  But that is not the case with Rob Portman.  At least not yet.

So I would not bet the farm on Rob Portman.

As for myself, I have used White House 2012 as the platform for a series called The Herd.  It explores a herd of 25 names which I believe are being or should be considered for Vice President by Mitt Romney.  Each day, in alphabetical order, one of those names is discussed.   We are currently up to the “M’s”.

In each of those profiles, I present a case for why each person is being or should be considered and address the pros and cons of their potential presence on the Republican presidential ticket.  In creating this series, I have established my own assumptions as well as my own preferences.  But deep down I know that in trying to predict who Mitt Romney will actually nominate, no matter how much I try to put myself in his position and try think to like, I know that I am not Mitt Romney and that even after studying Romney’s personal history and management style, no matter how in tune I may think I am with his thought process, I know that only Mitt Romney knows who he will choose and at the moment I do not even think Mitt Romney yet knows who that will be.

But stay tuned because once The Herd has posted the profile of each of those names that we believe are in contention, I will offer my best guest as to whom Romney might pick, as well as the name of the person I believe he should pick and who this conservative wants to see him pick.Bookmark and Share

“Obama is Giving Taxpayer Money to Big Donors”. New Romney Ad Strikes a Nerve.

 Bookmark and Share  Today Mitt Romney’s campaign released an ad that strikes a blow at President Obama’s record that should hurt.

The ad entitled “Not Even Half” [see a White House 2012 video presentation of the ad below this post] is one of the first truly hard hitting ads by Romney to use undeniably tangible evidence of the corrupt and inept wat our President has been handling the economy.  Gone from  this ad are any abstract messages that merely address voters with rhetorical attacks on that which could be considered subjective and is open to varying degrees of disagreement.  In this ad, the cold, hard facts are presented.  Cold, hard facts that tell a story of a President who has set a billion  dollar fundraising goal for his reelection campaign and in doing so has rewarded at least hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer’s dollars to big businesses that have donated money to his campaign.

In the real world one is not permitted to give money that doesn’t belong to them to their friends.  But in the world of Obamanomics and liberal politics, using taxpayer’s money to invest in the failing businesses of friends  is a logical and legitimate practice.  In the real world, if a business made a deal that cost its stockholders hundreds of millions or billions of dollars, liberals would be calling for hearings, investigations, stricter regulations, and as in the case of Morgan Stanley CEO, Jamie Dimon whose recent  $2 billion loss due to a complex hedging  strategy involving hard-to-value  instruments and embedded riskS that eluded him, compelled liberals to call for his resignation.

However, similar  practices by the President go unaddressed and are even ignored.

The new Romney ad cites solid examples of the Administration’s shady and incompetent economic decisions such as the call to issue $3 billion in taxpayer backed loan guarantees to First Solar, a company that is now cutting jobs and seeing its stock at an all time low.  Then there’s Ecotality which received $126 million dollars in taxpayer’s money, only to lose $45 million and now find itself under investigation for financial impropriety.  Another example is Sunpower, a company that received $1 billion in taxpayer backed loan guarantees from the Obama Administration last year and this year, has lost half a billion dollars and is laying off workers.

There are more examples cited in the ad and many more are not included,  but each of them on their own would be enough for the left to crucify Mitt Romney for if they were carried under his Administration.  And if they found out that those who received preferential treatment from the Romney Administration, also donated to the Romney campaign, the din from their cries for impeachment of Mitt Romney would be deafening.

To compound the situation, is the fact that President Obama tries to claim that these transgressions were all a part of his good work to turn the economy around.  The Obama Administration calls these transactions “investments” that are all a part of successful efforts to turn the economy around.

As this ad suggests…….how’s that been working for ya so far?

Is investing the hard earned money of struggling taxpayers in the pockets of failing businesses that are firing more workers than they are hiring a good business decision?  An even better is question is should the federal government be picking winners and losers and placing those bets with the taxpayer’s money?   And is it right that President Obama’s big business donors to his campaign are the ones who his Administration funnels the taxpayer’s money too?

Bernie Madoff couldn’t have, shouldn’t have, and didn’t  get away with misappropriating funds.  So why are we allowing President Obama to?

This new Romney ad does a good job of pointing all this out.  And it does so in  a way that voters can easily understand.  It is the type of ad, that helps to keep the focus on the Obama Romney record and it is the type of ad that presents actual examples of the incompetent and unethical actions of the Obama Administration, while also reinforcing the incompetent impression the President has created for himself on the economy.  The best part of this ad is that it will carry a great deal weight among Independent voters who are not willing to ignore the facts and who are willing to consider the possibility that President Obama’s policies are not helping us.

Another benefit of this ad is the solid but subtle strategy to play on one of Mitt’s Romney’s strong points…..the impression that he is a good businessman.

When you consider the decisions that the Obama Administration made concerning investments in failed and failing business, you can’t help but think that a good businessman like Mitt Romney would never make the same obviously dumb decisions that our current President is making.

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A Few of the 23 Million Struggling In the Obama Economy

  Bookmark and ShareWhile President Obama continues to avoid that positive campaign on his record that his campaign handlers have promised and is instead putting out ads that call Mitt Romney “a vampire”, Mitt Romney has put out his web ad.  It does what President Obama doesn’t do —— discuss the Obama record.

Today, in the Obama economy, twenty-three million Americans are out of work, underemployed, or have stopped looking for work. In this video we get a look at the stories behind those statistics.

These are a few of the twenty-three million.


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Republicans Winning The War “For” Women

  Bookmark and Share  Despite all the liberal attempts to convince female voters that Republicans are waging a war on women, a new CBS News/New York Times  polls indicates that at the moment, the Republican standard bearer in November is defeating President Barack Obama in the battle for the female vote.

According to the poll, 46% of registered female voters prefer Romney to Obama while  42% prefer Obama to Romney.  One month ago, the President led Romney with a 49% majority to Romney’s 43%.   That is a drop of 7% for Obama in one month.  The poll seems to show that while Romney is moving in the right direction among women, the President is headed in the wrong direction and losing their support at a rate almost twice as fast as Romney is gaining among them.

Of course one poll showing a drop in support for one candidate and an increase in a slight increase for another does not indicate a trend.  At least not yet.   But the numbers must still frighten the Obama campaign who not long ago, in an attempt to shore up their support among women, coined the phrase “war on women” and accused the Republican Party and those in it and representing of waging that war.  What this poll does is show that such rhetoric is not working and that it might even be backfiring.

Either way, given how sad and bad the Obama record is for Americans of  both sexes, the Obama campaign is left with no options other than the one that seeks to paint those who disagree with the President and his Party as treacherous totalitarians trying to engage in the genocide of women.  How long it might take the left to realize that this type of rhetoric is going overboard and having an effect that is the total opposite of the one they intended, is anyone’s guess.  But at the same time, what else can they do?  Since becoming President the number of unemployed single women under the Obama Adminsitration has grown by has spiked by 14 percent and there are 567,000 fewer women working today than when President Obama took office.  And in what is probably the worst statistic of all that unemployment among women  would be even higher than it already it is if so many had not left the work force since President  Obama took office.

Add to that the fact that under the Obama Administration, regardless of the President’s attempt to put healthcare under the control of government, there are  ironically 2.7 million more women without health insurance today than when President Obama took office.  Then there is the latest data from the Census Bureau  which shows that there were 4.7 million single mother families living in poverty, a number greater than ever before.

With a record like that, is there any wonder why President Obama is doing so poorly among women and is beginning to lose them in large numbers?  His record is so detrimental to women that no one is surprised to find that President Obama and his Party must try to paint those who disagree with his policies as being out to attack women with a war against them.   So despite the new numbers expect Billion Buck Barry to direct his well financed political machine to double down on the the “war against women” theme.  Expect them to purchase air time for two minute commercials that air in battleground states and depict Republicans and Mitt Romney as roving bands of women haters trying to exterminate the female sex from the face of the earth.  And after that, expect most women to realize that President Obama and his Party are not being honest with them and are simply trying to take them for fools in the hope that will believe their rhetoriuc and allow themselves to be used as pawns in a game designed to keep in place the Obama policies that have been holding women back ever since he took office.

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Michigan Signals Real Trouble for Romney and the Possibility of a Long, Drawn Out Nomination Contest

Bookmark and Share    While polls do not reflect anything definitive, they do often provide a general sense of the people at the time they taken.  That being said, times change and in the next three weeks, much will.  But for now there are sure signs that Mitt Romney needs to finally begin campaigning for the Republican presidential nomination before he continues to pretend he is running for President in the general election.

The recent sustained rise to the front of the pack by former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich seems to be more than just the previous flavors of the month syndrome that we have seen, and even if it is, if you were going to pick a month to be the favorite flavor in, this is it.  It is the month leading in to the first primaries and caucuses and if you have the wind at your back going in to them, there is a darn good chance you will have a stronger wind in your sails coming out of them.  So in that sense Newt Gingrich is well positioned and if he can win in Iowa, the Live Free or Die State of New Hampshire becomes a do or die proposition for Mitt Romney.

On the other hand, if Mitt Romney wins Iowa, particularly by a good 5 or more percent, there is a good chance that he will wrap up the nomination early.

But polls indicate that at this point in time, that scenario is quite unlikely.  

Mitt’s numbers are down compared to Newt Gingrich who is currently besting him in Iowa, South Carolina, and Florida, and catching up on him in New Hampshire.  This all spells deep trouble for Romney.  As outlined in a previous White House 2012 post, if Mitt fails to lock up the nomination early, he may be in for a long battle that could go in to April or beyond.  The best and most troubling evidence of that for Mitt exists in  recent poll numbers out of Michigan.

Several polls now show Newt Gingrich beating Romney in the Great Lakes State, a relatively delegate rich state that Romney is a native son of, and whose name is greatly respected because of George Romney, Michigan’s former, popular three term governor and Mitt’s father.  In 2008, Romney handily defeated John McCain in Michigan and by all accounts,  he should be handily beating all his 2012 opponents in Michigan.  But such is not the case.  A recent Strategic National poll produced the following results:

  • Newt Gingrich 30.75%
  • Mitt Romney 28.74%
  • Ron Paul 7.47%
  • Michele Bachmann 6.32%
  • Jon Huntsman 4.02%
  • Rick Santorum 3.16%
  • Rick Perry 2.59%
  • Undecided 16.95

Those numbers may be close but it is what is behind them that is most important.

Almost a year ago in January, of this year, Newt Gingrich polled 10.2% in the same poll, while Mitt Romney garnered 24.4% of the support.  In less than 11 months, Newt has seen his numbers go up by more almost 21 percent. Whereas Mitt Romney has seen a rise of only 4.34 percent.  That shows that Newt is the candidate with the greatest momentum in Michigan and to whom the undecided vote is breaking for.  And for Romney, the Michigan numbers simply confirm what we already know……he has a ceiling of support that levels off in the high 20’s. 

All of this is bad news for Mitt and it makes it more imperative for him to now to try to win in Iowa.

If Romney can pull off a victory in Iowa, it will go a long way in taking away any momentum that his challengers may have.  And if Romney can’t win in Iowa, he must do everything he can to make sure that Newt Gingrich doesn’t win it either.  The last thing Mitt can afford is to allow Newt to increase the force of his existing momentum and begin consolidating undecided voters behind him in numbers to great for Mitt to keep pace with.  If that happens, Newt can effectively derail Romney in either New Hampshire, South Carolina, or Florida .  So if Romney can’t win in Iowa, he better hope that either Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann or Rick Santorum do. 

For Mitt, short of winning Iowa for himself, the ideal winner would be Rick Santorum. 

A come from behind win in Iowa by Santorum, will help to insure that the social conservatives remains divided in the primaries immediately following Iowa.  That kind of continued division would dilute the social conservative vote just enough to make it possible for Romney’s upper 20 percent threshold to be a winning majority.

All of this makes this Thursday’s Fox News debate in Sioux City, Iowa all the more important.  In that debate Romney can ill afford another $10,000 bet and at the same time, he has to hope that Newt is off his game and that Rick Santorum pulls off his strongest performance yet.   

The next debate will be held at the Sioux City  Convention Center on Thursday, December 15thfrom 9:00-11:00 PM/ET.  It will be sponsored by Fox News in conjunction with the Iowa Republican Party.

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New Romney Ad Claims “Obama Isn’t Working”. But Will That Be Enough to Work for Romney?

Bookmark and Share   While the Republican presidential race remains in a state of flux that is largely due to the possibly entry of two possibly very  potent political forces, Sarah Palin and Rick Perry, the posturing for who gets the inside track position for the start of the race continues.  For Mitt Romney’s part the latest maneuver in his jockeying for position is a new ad entitled “Obama Isn’t Working: Chicago”. (see ad below)

Ignoring his rivals for the nomination, Romney focusses in on the general election battle and fires a shot directly at President Obama’s Achilles heal…..the economy.

The well done ad is in the mode of the contemporary. fast paced, quick cut imagery that has come to mark our attention deficit riddled society.  And it attempts to keep pace with the dramatic production value that Tim Pawenty demonstrated in many of his hardly seen and still unsuccessful ads including this one called “Courage To Stand“. 

The theme of attack that Romney’s ad takes is hardly original and it need not be.  The economy is the number one issue and so far it looks like it will remain the number one issue.  But what it comes down to is which Republican presidential candidate will be able to most effectively go after President Obama on the economy and nail him to the wall with it.  Romney is clearly trying to position himself as the one who can best exploit the issue and use it against the President.  

The economy is probably the only issue that Romney really has in his arsenal. With RomneyCare weighing him down in the Republican nomination contest, he needs to focus in on his successful reputation and  perceived entrepreneurial and managerial expertise as persuades Republicans to believe that on the one issue which will be most important in the general election, the economy, he is the most reliable and solid candidate.  In many ways Romney is the most solid candidate. 

Of the current field, he is undeniably the most sound candidate.  He is not seen as bland as Tim Pawlenty.  He is not seen as quirky or extreme as Michele Bachmann is portrayed to be or as inexperienced as Herman Cain and as liberal as Jon Huntsman or as damaged as Gingrich, as far behind as Santorum or as unrealistic as Gary Johnson and Ron Paul.    So it is only logical for Romney to try to cut through everything else and try to prove that he can effectively beat the President on the issue that this election will probably be won or lost on. 

Still though, before Romney gets to the general election,  he will have to somehow explain away the lingering doubts that the Republican base has about his ideological purity.  Afterall, it is the Republican base that will ultimately nominate President Obama’s opponent.  Until Mitt can successfully proves that he is a true conservative, people like Michele Bachmann will be able to give him a real run for his money. 

One might think that if John  McCain was able to win the Republican nomination in 2008, anyone can.  If so, they would be wrong. 

In 2008, rightly or wrongly, people were not yet pushed  so far by liberal extremes and politics-as-usual, that they were finallybeacame civic minded enough to become politically active and create a movement…………….the Taxed Enough Already or as it is commonly refered to, the TEA movement.   Had there been a TEA movement in 2008, we may not have seen either Barack Obama or John McCain nominated.  But today there is a TEA movement.  It is not a Party.  It is not even an ideology.  It is a force which has many saying enough is enough, the system is broken and business-as-usual just doesn’t cut  it anymore.  These people do not want to accept the lesser of two evils and many of them would rather lose with someone whom they know will be uncompromising on issues such as taxes, spending, and the Constitution, than win with someone who risks delivering more of the same. 

That could change.  President Obama’s presidency could continue to spiral out of control the same way that Jimmy Carter’s presidency did.  I was one of those who predicted that Barack Obama would be a repeat of Jimmy Carter.  If this scenario does continue to play out, people will simply go ABO………….Anyone But Obama.  But before we get to that point, the G.O.P. must select the “anybody” that they hope would be the recipient of the anti-Obama vote.  And as it currently stands, the Republican base is not willing to nominate another John McCain.  Right now, they don’t want just “anybody”, they want someone who they believe is capable of standing against the politics and policies that have delivered us to where we are today.  And if Mitt Romney wants to be that person, he will soon have to focus more on the primaries than the general election.  If he doesn’t, he might have to consider accepting the number two spot on a Palin or Perry presidential ticket.

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