Romney Takes To The Skies As His Ground Game Takes Shape

Bookmark and Share On Thursday, the signs and murmurs of a potential presidential campaign spun in a frenzy of reports pertaining to former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

Early in the day came reports that were unconfirmed by the Romney camp, that the former Governor hired Rich Beeson, a former political director at the Republican National Committee, as his political director and Neil Newhouse of Public Opinion Strategies, as his pollster.

Later in the day came the news that Romney stepped down from his position on the board of directors of the Marriott hotel chains, a move which he made in the past, prior to his previous run for President and before that, his race for Governor of Massachusetts.

By the end of the day Politico was reporting that Romney aides were telling Republican supporters that the Governor would be announcing his candidacy in April. Romneys spokesman, Eric Fehrnstrom stated that he did not know where Politico was getting that from but he also confirmed that Mitt believes he started his last campaign for President too early. In 2007, he made his announcement on the 3rd of January.

April is becoming the popular time for many contenders to publicly state their presidential intentions. Mitch Daniels, Tim Pawlenty and several others have offered similar Spring timeframes.

The late starting strategy is probably an attempt by Romney to insure that does not peak too early in state likes Iowa, a Caucus state that Romney was surging in until the closing days when the newness of name Mike Huckabee snuck up and surpassed Romney in the day of the caucuses. In the meantime, while Romneys ground game shapes up, he has taken to the air and is spending time talking to world leaders. He recently completed a visit with King Abdullah II in Amman and is now in Tel Aviv.

Apparently the one thing that is too early is building up those foreign relations credentials.

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