Generic Romney Video Proves That Mitt Can Talk, But That’s About It

Bookmark and Share    Four days after making his campaign for President official, Mitt Romney has emailed supported a new video. 

It is 1 and half minute feel good video, which uses quotes from his announcement speech in Stratham, New Hampshire, in an attempt attempts to convey Romney’s passion for the belief in the American dream.

In truth, the video is quite generic and innocuous, and does little to persuade anyone to vote for him.  It  can only be considered a tool to use to offer a favorable first impression of Romney to anyone who has never heard of him before.  While it certainly shows that Romney can speak, it does little more than that.

Below is the actual email and video sent by the Romney campaign



Dear Friend,

We wanted to give you the opportunity to be one of the first to see our latest campaign video “In America:  Anything Is Possible.”   As Americans, even though we all come from very different walks of life, our belief in America is centered on the same core principles. We hope you enjoy the video and share it with your friends and family. We hope you enjoy the video and share it with your friends and family.

Thank you for your continued support.

Gail Gitcho
Communications Director

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Mitt Romney Makes It Unofficially Official

Bookmark and Share Today Mitt Romney announced that he is forming his 2012 Presidential Exploratory Committee. Although Romney has been planning a run ever since he pulled out of his 2008 candidacyfor the Republican presidential nomination he hasmadeit a point to put off making a 2012 run official for as long as possible. Last time around, Romney essentially began his campaign in January of 2007. This time around, Mittis taking advantage of the name ID that he already establishedand trying to back loadhis campaign as much as he can. The thinking is that voters will quickly become weary of many candidates who are in their face for too long.

ButRomney has decided that now is the time to get the ball rolling with the prerequisite exploratory committee that most all contemporary candidates enter in to.The move also allows him to start raising money directly for hispresidential campaignrather than just his Political Action Committee, Free and Strong America PAC.

In his announcement, which the video of can be found below, Romney states “It is time that we put America back on a course of greatness, with a growing economy, good jobs and fiscal discipline in Washington,”.

Romney is currently a very slight front-runnerfor the GOP presidential nomination. In many ways he is perfect. Having only held office by his own volition for four years as Governor of Massachusetts Romney can not be considered an insider, yet his leadership in executive office does give him experience, a quality that many trust. But at the same time, his great experience comes from the private sector where Mitt has been a successful businessman, who has helped launch other succesful businesses such as Staples.

Were it not forRomneyCare, his Massachusetts healthcareplan which many compare to ObamacareRomney would be the undisputedfrontrunner, butMitt’s government-centric healthcareplan makes many find him a little hard to swallow, especiallyin a presidential campaign that is expected to make running against Obamacare, a central theme.

Still, Mitt Romneyisin the front of the pack.White House 2012’s monthly ranking of the Republican presidential contenders has had Mitt ranked number one for thepast three months in a row, and manymainstream political prognosticators place him there as well. So while it will not be easy, Mitt will be a tough candidate to beat and right now he is “the” candidate to beat.

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