Mitt Romney’s Multiple Choice Positions: How Damaging Can They Be?

Bookmark and Share    In politics there is no rest for a frontrunner. And there shouldn’t be. If you close to getting the job that you’re running for, it is best that every angle of the candidate is tested before they get the job. In the case of Mitt Romney, he is the undisputed frontrunner in the race for the Republican presidential nomination. But he is seen as weak one. His healthcare plan in Massachusetts and a history of what he calls changes of heart but others call flip-flops continue to weigh Romney down. They also help keep the door open for another candidate to enter the Republican presidential race.

Recently Mitt Romney’s 2005 pro-life conversion again became the focus of attention as  delved into the details of Romney’s change of heart on the issue. In his 1994 Massachusetts U.S. Senate debate against Ted Kennedy, Romney stood solidly behind Roe-v-Wade. The reason for this was due to the death of a family relative who had an abortion. Since then, the story was widely repeated but never widely explored by the media. did explore it though and they discovered that the event dates back to 1963 and  involved a Detroit woman named Ann Keenan. Keenan was the sister of Romney’s brother-in-law and after an illegal abotion, she died from an infection . At the time, Romney’s father, George was the Governor of Michigan and the Keenan family wanted to keep the matter quiet.

Essentially what Salon discovered is that there is nothing new or political salacious about Romney’s claim.

But the issue still nags Romney, especially since he changed his mind on the topic and after using such a poignant story to support his original position. The issue of flip-flops will continue to weigh heavily on Romney’s campaign. The more he remains in the front of the Republican field, the more his position changes on the issues will be discussed. The fact that he now opposes for the nation, much of the Massachusetts healthcare plan that he help create and signed in to state law, only makes matters worse.

In the video clip below, talk show host David Pakman harps on this point.

Pakman is a young and fast rising radio/television talk show star. He is kind of the Doogie Howser of talk shows. He describes himself as “very liberal on social issues, center-left on financial issues”. In other words he is a left winger. But that does not negate his point and if Romney is going to be our nominee, we will have to hope that Barack Obama can’t exploit the issue as well as David Pakman does.

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