Trunkline 2012: Trunkline 2012: Tuesday’s Tidbits from the Campaign Trail – 10/23/12

Tuesday’s Trunkline 2012 is packed with an array of tidbits regarding last night’s debate including several on polls that will make the left cry, as  well as some analyses of the debate from Charles Krauthammer and David Gergen.  But today’s news summary also includes reports of Republicans being more educated than liberals, the future of the Supreme Court in the next four years, the truth about Obama and Iran, 5 reasons for independents to vote for Romney, a very poignant letter that the New York Times refused to publish, and more;

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Trunkline 2012: Tuesday Tidbits From The Republican Presidential Race – 11/22/11

Bookmark and Share   Today’s Trunkline 2012 has word of doubt about how serious Bachmann’s presidential bid is, Mitt’s pretedning that he won tghe nomination, Newt picking up support in  more ways than one, Palin preparing to endorse someone for President, Russians giving Barack Obama the bird, and I don’t mean a turkey, and much, much more.

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Trunkline 2012: Monday Mentions from The Republican Presidential Race – 10/24/11

Bookmark and ShareRomney makes it official, Huntsman whines about it, Bachmann hemorrhaging staff, Perry finally starts getting a decent staff, Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich play Lincoln and Douglas, Santorum invites himself, Allen West discusses the Campaigner-in-Chief, and Occupy protesters show how disgunting they really are.  That’s some of what the news from the campaign trail leaves people talking.

Obnoxious, slovenly, intimidating, provacative, stupid, senseless, irritating, dopey, useless —— these are some of the words that describe the Occupy protesters that are comparing their attempts to deliver mixed messages and a socialist agenda, the TEA movements actions. See the video below and judge for yourself.

They need some sense before they can even begin a dime’s worth of a legitimate conversation.  Sick bastards!

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