Chris Christie Shoring Up His Value as a Vice Presidential Running Mate

Bookmark and Share¬†¬†¬† In advance of¬†the¬†delivery of his second State of the State address, New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie’s team has released a new web ad that credits him for having begun to turn the Garden State around.

It’s the type of stuff, that fits in well with any campaign’s desire¬†to tap in to a similar¬†theme for the nation and its economy, which much like New Jersey, is in desperate need of a comeback.¬† This is not to say that the ad is meant¬†to establish¬†the groundwork for a Chris Christie vice presidency.¬† Afterall, regardless of national politics, Chris Christie¬†does need to make sure that his image¬†in New Jersey remains one that will be worthy of reelection come 2013.

Either way, the web ad helps promote an image of Christie that can’t hurt either his chances¬†for being picked as a vice presidential running mate or for eventually being reelected Governor.

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