Does Haley Barbour’s Presidential Ambition Get a Boost from the Election of a New Republican Party Chairman?

New GOP Chairman Reince Priebus

Bookmark and Share The Republican National Committee has elected a new chairman. Reince Priebus (pronounced rains pre-bus), the Chairman of the Wisconsin State GOP will now take the reins and as he stated in his acceptance speech, restructure financial operations, hire top notch staff and make the GOP a truly conservative Party that elects conservative candidates.

But behind the story is a sub plot that has had many talking the influence of 2012 presidential politics in the process of electing a new Party chairman.

Priebus was elected with the aggressive support and involvement of Henry Barbour, the nephew of Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, a man who himself is a highly successful former Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

For his part Henry Barbour has stated that his uncle has played no role in his involvement in the process. He tells reporters that he is happy doing his own thing and is also not trying to be like his uncle. Henry states, Theres only one Haley, and Im not trying to be Haley.

Governor Barbour has also denied playing a role in Henrys activity. But even if this was a Barbour family conspiracy, it would do little to help Haley Barbour get the inside track on route to the Republican presidential nomination, if he seeks it.

The National Committee is not allowed to favor one candidate over the other during the primary and caucus process that leads up to the nominating convention. And as Chairman of the RNC, Reince Priebus would not be allowed to use the Party apparatus or his position to favor Haley Barbour or any of the other candidates.

Of course good relations with the man charge of the Republican National Committee behoove all involved, so the fact that Haley Barbours nephew played a part in electing Reince Priebus will not hurt Haley Barbour, it will also provide little to no advantage as the presidential nomination process plays out.

And truth be told, Haley Barbour probably has better connections and fundraising capabilities than even the new Chairman has. Haley Barbours tenure as RNC in the 90s, when Republicans took control of Congress for the first time in forty years, earned him a multitude of gratitude from countless political players, players who feel a certain sense of indebtedness to. On top of that, Haleys position of Chairman of the Republican Governors Association has increased the amount of thanks and favors owed to him. During the past election cycle, through Governor Barbours effort, the RGA raised record amounts of money and played an important part in the election of many new Republican governors.

So despite Henry Barbours support for Reince Priebus, the only way Haley Barbour can really benefit would be by the new chairmans ability to strengthen the Party apparatus by reinvigorating and coordinating the grassroots, sharpening the Republican Partys message and doing as he saidrestructuring the financial operations of the Party. If Priebus can do that, we will all benefit.

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