Trunkline 2012: Tuesday Tidbits From The Republican Presidential Race – 11/22/11

Bookmark and Share   Today’s Trunkline 2012 has word of doubt about how serious Bachmann’s presidential bid is, Mitt’s pretedning that he won tghe nomination, Newt picking up support in  more ways than one, Palin preparing to endorse someone for President, Russians giving Barack Obama the bird, and I don’t mean a turkey, and much, much more.

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Conservative Political Bloggers Wanted for White House 2012

Bookmark and Share White House 2012 is a bog covering the evolving Republican race for the White House. Since August of 2010, WH12 has been covering the potential candidates and all the news related to the 2012 election. Slowly but surely, it has been gaining ground with new subscribers every day and nearly a thousand readers a day.

Along the way, White House 2012 writers have even been featured on several radio talk shows and linked to in dozen of blogs and online news outlets. WH12 is growing everyday and as a result we would like to expand our coverage of the many contenders and the breadth of conservative opinions on the developing Republican nomination contest.

For that reason WH12 is seeking new political writers to join our staff. The positions are not paid but they offer great exposure and a wonderfully unique outlet to broadcast your opinions on and allow you to steam off on.

In addition to covering specific contenders, White House 2012 writers are encouraged to post accounts of developing news along with their own analysis of such events. They may publish any posts on any issue or with any opinion, so long as it relates to the 2012 presidential election. Writers must post something at least once a week but are strongly encouraged to post as much, and as often they like.

While WH12 is a useful central location for information, news, and links, to all the Republican contenders, what makes it unique is the quantity and quality of opinions offered. And the more opinions and unique perspectives offered, the better we are. That is why we seek new blood for the site. We want those of you who eat, drink, and sleep Republican politics, to use White House 2012 as your sounding board and join our distinctive family of likeminded men and women who are already contributing to the site.

If you are interested in joining the White House 2012 family and honing your political analytical skills and prognostication talents, please contact Anthony Del Pellegrino at or by calling 1-405-2WH-2012.

We would love to have you join our blogging team and share your conservative views with us and the rest of the political world.

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