Newt Gingrich Issues A Response to President Obama’s State of the Union Address

Bookmark and Share¬† Shortly after the President delivered his 65 minute long, third State of the Union Address and set the stage for his reelection campaign, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, issued a rebuttal to the President’s remarks.

In his response, Gingrich aggressively characterized the President’s stated vision as one of big government, bureaucratic control, and as one strives to create a food stamp economy designed to make Americans dependent upon government.

Newt Gingrich’s SOTU Response

“We have a crisis of work in this country and tonight President Obama proposed nothing in the way of policy changes that will get us to robust job creation and dramatic economic growth. Instead, the president described his conviction that his big government is built¬†to last and should be paid for with higher taxes. But bigger government and higher taxes will not lead to jobs and growth.

Bigger government and higher taxes will instead lead to more people on food stamps, a situation which the President and his party defend as a fair outcome. Here we have to confront the truth about President Obama.¬† Economic growth and prosperity is not really at the top of his agenda. He will always prefer a food stamp economy to a paycheck economy and call it fair. For the president and a large part of the political class, it‚Äôs about their power, their right to rule.¬† They just want to take money from Joe the Plumber ‚Äď the small business people who makes over 90 per cent of the new jobs — and redistribute it to the government bureaucracy and their political friends and allies.¬†

That‚Äôs why so much of that nearly trillion-dollar stimulus didn‚Äôt create jobs but just went into the pockets of special interests who support President Obama and the leadership of the Democratic Party. No better example of this exists than in the crisis of American energy. President Obama and his political allies ‚Äď not of few of whom love living in energy inefficient houses or driving gas-guzzling luxury vehicles ‚Äď openly admit they want gas prices to remain high so that the rest of America will learn to live more modestly.

They think it’s good for rest of us.  Only recently, the president canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline that would have created countless new jobs and helped America on the way to energy independence because he wanted to appease the far left of his party.  And yet not a single word on the Keystone XL pipeline tonight. To create jobs and growth in this country, we must start with dramatic tax reform that lowers taxes and maximizes capital investment and job creation. We must return to a dollar as good as gold whose purchasing power is the same in thirty years as it is today.  We must dramatically expand American energy production. We must have smarter regulation at the same time we abolish destructive and costly regulatory systems beginning with Obamacare, Dodd-Franks, and Sarbanes-Oxley.

And finally, unlike the current administration, we must have faith in job creators.¬† With these policies the state of the union will be much better.¬† They will create an explosion in job creation and lead to robust economic growth and a return to prosperity.¬† Furthermore, a paycheck economy will put us on a path to balanced budgets and paying down our national debt.”

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Does Newt Really Have The Momentum to Keep Winning?

Bookmark and Share  If one were to look at Florida, the answer is yes.

Since his exceptionally strong, first place, landslide victory in the South Carolina Republican presidential primary, Newt Gingrich has at least temporarily established himself as the only candidate with momentum on his side.

Ron Paul, and his supposed ever growing¬†massive number of supporters doesn’t seem to be¬†quite as massive or as rapidly growing as once thought, since his last place showing in South Carolina, and he has all but conceited the election and admitted that he is just in this thing not win, but to pick up enough delegates to finally become politically relevant.

Rick Santorum, has gone from being the surprise underdog winner of the Iowa Caucus to being the man who many question why he is still running.¬†¬†And Mitt Romney has seen himself gone from a frontrunner and the inevitable nominee, to being the candidate who many are ¬†beginning to¬†feel that¬†if he hasn’t locked up the nomination yet, he may never do it.

But Newt Gingrich’s recent resurrection,¬†from political death which propelled him¬†to become the winner of the first in the South Primary has clearly set the stage for him to finally hit a stride that will make this a two man race¬†between¬†himself and Mitt Romney.

In less than 24 hours of his winning South Carolina, Newt raised a million dollars and since¬†than he has more than doubled that total. Furthermore; in Florida, Gingrich has opened seven¬† offices with two more yet to be¬†opened, hired 14 paid staffers¬†and signed up 5,000.¬† By contrast, Romney’s campaign had just five staffers and three offices in Florida by early this week. And on top of that,¬†when it concerns the polls, Gingrich has gone from 27% last week, to 35% this week, a swing of eight percent which now finds Romney falling two percent¬†and in to second place.¬† Such dramatic numbers would certainly indicate that Newt has the wind at his back, while Romney and the others are now encountering strong headwinds in Florida.

Normally, even though these are solid signs for Newt, I would not be very confident in his ability to keep this recent turn of events moving in his direction.¬† In the past Newt’s proclivity for the untraditional has forced him to rely on instincts which¬†motivate him to go with¬†unconventional strategies, strategies which, like his previous¬†attempt to attack Mitt Romney from the left and go off the deep end by distorting Mitt’s record of success in the free market, have hurt him.¬† However after Monday night’s debate, Newt demonstrated a degree of political maturity which he has not often displayed¬†prior to¬†now.¬† He carried himself as a humble frontrunner and held back any desire¬†he may have had to respond to Mitt Romney’s own distortions with any exaggerated flare that could have undermined Newt’s credibility.¬† Instead it was Mitt Romney who appeared to be¬†desperate and stretching to find any fatal flaws in Newt Gingrich’s record.

In addition to that, up to now, Newt has not had the type of financial¬†resources that permitted¬†him to to¬†take proper advantage of media advertising which helps to carry his message beyond the audiences that may sit and watch¬†the debates¬†which he typically excels in.¬† And at the same time, even though Mitt Romney has already spent upwards of $10.5 million on Florida advertising,¬† he is losing ground.¬† This bodes quite¬†well for Newt who with his coffers filling up, and with¬†the aid a $5 million single donation to a Gingrich Super PAC in Florida, can now¬†chip away at the dominance of Romney’s campaign in the Sunshine State.

But that’s not the only reason I remain¬†optimistic for Newt at least in Florida.

In his attempt to stop the newtmentum, Romney seems to be¬†making some of his first strategic¬†stumbles.¬† In the most recent debate, while hoping to paint Newt as a Washington insider and influence peddler, he brought up the issue of Medicaid Part D and claimed that Newt¬†was paid¬†by health companies that could benefit from a piece of legislation,¬†to lobby Congress Medicaid Part D’s passage.¬†¬†During Monday’s debate he said to Gingrich;

‚ÄúIf you‚Äôre getting paid by health companies, if your¬† entities are getting paid by, and you then meet with Republican congressmen and¬† encourage them to support that legislation, you can call it whatever you¬† like. I call it influence peddling‚ÄĚ .

The argument could potentially have legs, but not in Florida, where the nation’s largest population of senior citizens benefitted from the program and where Gingrich successfully dismissed Romney’s claims¬†and accused Mitt of¬†being a serial¬†twister of¬†the truth.¬†¬† Gingrich countered Mitt’s charge¬†in part by stating

¬†‚ÄúI think it‚Äôs pretty clear to say that I have never,¬† ever gone and done any lobbying,‚ÄĚ

 He also added that he was  proud of the fact that he publicly, openly advocated the prescription drug program.

That last statement was essentially the punch that ended and won that round for Newt.¬† It successfully appealed to the very large senior citizen voting bloc in Florida, the voters who when it’s time to cast their ballots, happen to turn out in the largest numbers .

Additionally, Romney seems to be counting on tieing Newt Gingrich to the tide of foreclosures in Florida.

Florida took a hit second only to Nevada in the housing crisis and by claiming Newt made money from Freddie Mac which essentially oversaw the creation and bursting of the housing bubble, he is hoping that Floridians who lost their homes will see Newt Gingrich as the villain who profited from their losses.  The problem is that Republicans are not buying what Mitt is trying to sell in that area of political campaigning.  And another thing to note is that those individuals who lost their homes because they provided mortgages that they were not qualified for in the first place, are not voting for either Newt or Mitt.  So clearly, Mitt Romney is throwing a wildly wrong  pitch and throwing it to the wrong people.

Then there is something else working against Mitt in Florida.

Unlike the previous three contests, Florida is a closed primary.

In a closed primary or caucus, only registered members of a Party may vote in that Party’s primary and Independents, those not registered with either major Party, are not permitted to vote in either major Party’s primary. Democrats who may like Mitt Romney’s moderate image, will not be¬†able to influence who Republicans nominate as their Party’s candidate.¬† This is the way I believe it should be.¬† It is also one of the reasons why Ron Paul has written Florida off.¬† Since his hero worshippers¬†from outside of the G.O.P. and within the sphere of liberal-tarian¬†lunacy, can not sabotage the Republican process, they are picking up their toys and not playing in the Sunshine State.¬† All of this is good news for Newt, who if he keeps it together, just might be able to extend his good fortune into the forseeable future.

But even if he does hold it together in Florida, he will still forced to confront some very rough seas.

Following Florida will be two contests that Mitt Romney so far looks¬†unbetable¬†in….Nevada and Michigan.¬† This will provide¬†at least a psychological sense of momentum that swings back towards Mitt¬† and away from Newt.¬† When that time comes, Newt will have to confront¬†his challenge, a challenge that will force him to prove he has the staying power to comeback, and put Romney back on the ropes.¬† So far Newt has proven that he has considerable political stamina, but if he wins Florida, he will have to turn that stamina in to a knockout punch that he can land sometime after Nevada and Michigan.¬† If he can’t land such a punch, Republicans could very easily end up seeing this race last longer than the 2008 Democrat¬†nomination between President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, or worse…….maybe even the first brokered convention since 1976 when President Gerald Ford was almost dumped by the Party in exchange for future President Ronald Reagan.

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Conservative Favorite Fred Thompson Endorses Conservative Alternate to Romney, Newt Gingrich

Bookmark and Share¬† Much of today’s news was dominated by the fact that Mitt Romney released his taxes for the last two years and that it proved he has money,¬† and it was also consumend by speculation about the State of the Union address¬†that President Obama will be delivering tonight.¬† These two dramatic (he writes with tongue-in-cheekily) overshadowed other events on the campaign trail, such as Newt’s continued rise in the polls over Romney and the rest of the G.O.P. field.¬† It also overshadowed a very special endorsement for Gingrich.

It came from former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson [see the video of the endorsement and a transcript of it below this post].

Thompson’s endorsement may not actually make many Republicans turn around and say that Thompson’s support of Gingrich finally gives them a reason to support Newt over Romney and Santorum, but what it does do is provide many conservatives with enough cause to seriously consider jumping on the Gingrich bandwagon that is now commonly referred to as “Newtmentum”.

Despite his failure to show up for owen presidential campaign in 2008, Fred Thompson is considered a true voice of commonsense conservatism.¬† The actor turned politician in the late 90’s, has been a consistent advocate of anti-establishment leadership and conservative fiscal and social values.¬† Part of his draw was his commanding ability to articulate conservative solutions with a dose of down-to-earth, folksy common sense that cut through the bureaucratic jargon that overwhelms the Beltway and attempts to complicate the issues with distractions and distortions.

It is that style and ability which was responsible for initially unleashing the greatets amount of spontaneous enthusiasm for any single Republican presidential candidate in 2008, when Thompson made a late Summer entry in to the contest.¬† But conservatives lost their enthusiam for Thommpson just as quickly as they became enthused by him, after he ran what, to put it nicely, was a lethargic campaign that had few campaign events, little money, and a candidate who was less energized than his supporters.¬† Some have suggested that Thompson’s entry in to the race was merely a political stratgey meant to take enough support away from Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney, to allow John McCain to squeak by and win the nomination.¬† Having been there myself, I tend to believe that.

While that is quite disappointing if true,  it still does not take away from the favorable opinion that many have of Fred Thompson, myself includeded.  In fact, I dare say that if Thompson had wanted the nomination in 2012 and actually wanted to run a real campaign for it, he would be the frontrunner today.  Which is why his endorsement of Newt Gingrich matters.  Especially now.

As Floridians prepare to nomiante their choice for President, Thompson’s endorsement carries more weight than others do, perhaps even more so than Jeb Bush.¬† While Jeb is certainly popular in Florida and would have a very substantial conservative candidate in his own right if he ran for the nomination, he is still largely perceived as a part of the establishment.¬† Fred Thompson is not.¬† And it is the anti-establishment vote which is largely driving the momentum behind Newt Gingrich.

The anti-establishment vote drove the historic Republican takeover of the House in 2012 midterm elections, and while some on the left try to deny that anti-establishment sentiment represented by the TEA movement is still alive and well, it continues to have a significant effect on  politics.  Ask Romney, and off the record, he will confirm that.  On the record of course, he will tell you that his support from the TEA Party is strong, Unfortunately for him though, South Carolina proved that not to be true. Based on the exit polls in that race, you can rest assured that Romney would not bet $10,000 on whether the TEA Party supports him over candidates.

What Fred Thompson’s endorsement of Gingrich does is make it more difficult for Romney to gain the support of anti-establishment Republicans.¬† While it may not be the determining factor that makes Floridians flock to Gingrich, it adds to the positive psychological atmosphere that is growing around Newt Gingrich and reinforces the Newtmentum that according to the latest polls, is building.

For that reason, Fred Thompson’s endorsement of Gingrich is quite valuable.

And the way the endorsement was delivered happens to have been odne extraordinariliy well.  It was based on more than  just platitudes.  In his 5 minute pro-Newt testimonial, Fred Thompson articulates an extraordinarily deep rationale for supporting Newt.

At one point in the endorsement video, Thompson even strikes upon the chord that is critical to what differentiates Gingrich from all the other candidates and is one of the key elememts to his succes.  Thompson states;

“We don‚Äôt need to just manage the way Washington works.¬† We need to fundamentally change Washington. It would be a major setback for our party and our country if we elect a president who is not up to that challenge. We need someone who has the courage and ability to communicate the truth to the American people.”

Those words sum of the very sentiments that tens of millions of Americans have when it comes to politics and our government.  They articulate the thinking of a vast majority of Americans who are disatsfied by, and disgruntled with the status quo and seeking not fundamental change in American values, but fundamental change in an American government that seeks to enforce its bureaucratic values on Americans.

What Thompson’s words do is help to shape the debate and articulate the rational for supporting Newt Gingrich and while Newt may not have the money it takes to turn Thompson’s video endorsement in to a 5 minute ad that runs across the conservative rich Northern and Western section of Florida, he can take Thompson’s words and target these regions with the Thompson’s message.¬† And if Thompson is willing to put a little more energy in to it that he did for his own 2008 presidential campaign, hitting the campaign trail with and for Newt in the Sunshine will also help open up minds to the thought of supporting Newt while helping to add to Newt’s existing momentum.

Transcript of Thompson’s Endorsement;

I am one of the countless number of Americans who know firsthand that, in this country, a person may be born into modest circumstances, but that he comes into the world blessed in ways that have been unimaginable to the vast majority of people who have ever lived. We are born with the birthright of freedom and opportunity ‚Äď free to make our own choices about the important things in life and the opportunity to fulfill our God-given potential.

The greatest fear that I have for my country is that our government now has us on a different path. Instead of freedom and opportunity, it is one of debt, dependence division and decline ‚Äď a path that will weaken our country and sap the vitality of the American people. We have moved from an era of balanced budgets, to a time of debt as large as our entire economy and of lost credit ratings. In 2001, when I was chairman of the Senate Government Affairs Committee, I released a report ‚ÄúGovernment On the Brink,‚ÄĚ in which I laid out the extent to which our government was bloated, growing, wasteful, subject to massive fraud, and basically out of control.

A decade later, it is worse.¬† Today, federal bureaucrats think they can tell a family where they can build their home and a business where it can locate. I believe that how one views the condition and trajectory of our country determines how one views the strengths of our presidential candidates. For me, I believe that we are at a tipping point, one from which we may not return. To avoid these disastrous consequences, our country needs leadership that is fearless and confident ‚Äď a candidate who can give voice to the concerns and frustrations of the American people ‚Ķsomeone who understands ‚Äď and will never apologize for American Exceptionalism.

We don’t need to just manage the way Washington works.  We need to fundamentally change Washington. It would be a major setback for our party and our country if we elect a president who is not up to that challenge. We need someone who has the courage and ability to communicate the truth to the American people. Someone who will explain the hard choices that we must make if we are to give our children and grandchildren the same opportunities our forefathers bestowed on us and avoid the fate that other great nations have suffered throughout history. I believe that person is Newt Gingrich. And that is why I strongly support him. I came to Washington in 1995, in part as a result of the political revolution that Newt conceived and led. Over the next few years we were able to balance the budget, pass welfare reform, and begin to rebuild a weakened military. So we know it can be done.

Unfortunately, some on our side lost their way, became divided, and fell into recriminations and finger pointing. Sometimes, success is a difficult thing to handle. I believe that most of us have learned from our mistakes and are now focused on the future and the dangers and opportunities that lie ahead for our country. President Obama‚Äôs strategy is simple‚Ķavoid the hard realities his failed policies have created over the past three years, divide the country, pander to and organize his various constituencies, and eek out another victory. I believe he fails to see what so much of the political establishment and the Washington insiders on both sides of the aisle fail to see ‚Äď that these past few years have changed our people and our country.

People in America don’t want to be told what to do, and they certainly can’t be told what to think. They see for themselves what is happening in Europe with Greece, Spain and the lot, do not want it happening on our shores and are spontaneously organizing in towns all across America. They realize that on our present course we may not recognize our country in a few years. They are waiting to be inspired and energized to a cause that will conserve those first principles that made us the envy of the world. This cause cannot be led by glossy flip charts, processing data, or reams of talking points poll-tested by a roomful of consultants.

It must be led by someone who can forcefully make our basic case for the economy ‚Ķ for example ‚Ķ how lower taxes benefit all Americans, and can raise revenue for the legitimate and limited functions of the federal government. Someone who is able to articulate the message of growth, free enterprise and freedom. Someone who knows that bold ideas have preceded every major achievement of mankind ‚Äď including the United States of America. I believe that Newt Gingrich is that person.

Please join me and Newt in this effort to renew America’s Exceptionalism.  Go to and show your support. 

Thank you.

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New Gingrich Ad Banks on Voters Desire for Positive Campaigns

Bookmark and Share   In his second televised ad, Newt Gingrich continues to try to offer voters a positive campaign as he reiterates his attempt to run for President on solutions and ideas not slander and innuendo.

The strategy is risky and some might say that by not responding in kind to negative attacks on him by all the other candidates, Newt is failing to get ahead of his rivals.  But what Newt is actually doing is giving Americans a chance to put their money with their mouth is.  Poll after poll shows that voters dislike negative campaigns, yet pollsters also find that negative ads work.  They successfully ruin the chances of the candidate who they are aimed at, of getting elected.

So here is Newt.  Here is Newt giving voters the chance to prove that they want politicians to run on the issues, not on the flaws of their opponents.

Now contrast that with Rick Perry’s latest 30 second spot, “Problems/Solutions:

To his credit, Newt Gingrich is not trying to decrease our chances to defeat President Obama next November.¬† Instead he is trying to prove why he is the candidate to beat President Obama with.¬† And if Newt does not actually become the nominee, he won’t have to flip-flop on any words that were designed¬†to destroy his rivals.¬† Instead, he will actually be in a perfect position to unify the Party.

Imagine that, Newt Gingrich being a uniter.  That is quite a surprising turn of events and a sharp contrast between him and the divider-in-chief, Barack Obama.
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An Interview with Newt Gingrich

Bookmark and Share   In an ongoing series by the Nashua Telegraph, Newt Gingrich addresses the major issues of the day as he faces some tough questions in an indepth editorial board interview.

In this interview, Newt Gingrich explains everything from the real reasons why he resigned as Speaker of the House and the myth about his breaking ethics violations to his ideas on Social Security and Defense and almost everything in between.

his interview provides a much more insightful look at Newt than any debate has or can.  It  details where Newt stands on the issues, and the ideas which make him a true reformer.  It is well worth watching.

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Solutions 2012: New Newt Super PAC Say’s Gingrich Can Win!

Bookmark and Share¬†¬† Prior to last night’s debate, a new Newt Gingrich Super PAC, was introduced¬†to Newt supporters via an email from the PAC’s campaign manager, Charlie Smith.

Charlie Smith

The committee¬†is called Solutions 2012, and as seen in the copy of the email below, it’s launch is inititing¬†a campaign that tries to address the perception that despite the fact that many agree that Newt is good for the job, he can’t win.

Super PACs can be¬†invaluable to a candidate.¬† Although they are entities¬†that are separate from a candidate’s actual¬†campaign, their support often works in uncoordinated¬†¬†tandem with the campaign by either helping to deliver the same message that candidate’s campaign is trying to get out, or even addressing issues that the candidate’s campaign may not have the resources to address.¬† What makes Super PAC’s even more valuable¬†is that their are no restrictions on how much donors can give to them.

Below you will find the email sent out by the Solutions 2012 super PAC and the groups introductory web ad.

Time for Newt

“Smartest guy in the room.” “A genius.” “Brilliant.” “Fantastic to listen to.” “I would love to see him debate Obama.””But he can’t win.”If you’re like me, every time Newt Gingrich’s name comes up, this is the kind of thing you hear. Conservatives love him. He’s clearly the smartest guy on the stage and the candidate best suited to take the fight to Obama. So why does he always get ignored?Because the liberal media¬†and the establishment have been telling us all for a year that Newt Gingrich can’t possibly win. Well, I’m here to tell you that all that’s changed. Newt Gingrich is now leading Mitt Romney in Iowa. He can win, and he WILL win if we have your help.

Consider this email your permission slip to do what you’ve wanted to do all along: get behind Newt Gingrich and fight for the smartest, most electable conservative in the race.

Mitt Romney came up with the idea that became the template for Obamacare. Without Mitt Romney, there IS no Obamacare. Rick Perry thinks you’re heartless if you don’t want to give free college tuition to illegal aliens. (He actually SAID that!) And Herman Cain is a nice man, but he can’t win at this point.

That leaves Newt, right where he’s been all along, articulating real solutions that will allow us to take our country back, turn this economy around and make us freer, stronger, and safer as a country.

Just stop with me a second and think about something: Next Fall, there’s going to be¬†a Presidential debate between Obama and the GOP nominee. Who do you want to be in it?

Mitt Romney? The guy who has taken different positions on every single major issue?

Rick Perry, the guy who can’t articulate his positions, and when he does, seems to offend conservatives every time he talks?

Herman Cain?

The answer is clear: Newt Gingrich. He will absolutely wipe the floor with Obama. He won’t be cowed, he knows policy better, and he has the backbone to tell it like it is. He has the guts to say to the American people, “President Obama has failed.”

As the leading pro-Newt SuperPAC, we’re going to go into the states and rally the activists, and build the organization Newt needs to win this nomination and beat Obama in the Fall.

The media and the establishment don’t get to pick our nominee. We do.

Will you join us?

It’s time.


Charlie Smith
Campaign Manager
Time For Newt

What is most notable about Solutions 2012’s ad is that they seem to be willing to do what Newt is not, …….. go negative against his opponents.¬† That is good and bad.¬† It allows Newt to stay above the fray and play the role of being the adult in the room by avoiding any of the ugliness that we have seen between candidates like Rick Perry and Mitt Romney.

However; if Solutions 2012 gets too negative, Newt will undoubtedly be put on the spot and asked to denounce the PAC’s tactics and to call upon them to change their tactics.¬†¬†A standard answer to such calls is, and one that I¬†believe is very Newt-like is;

¬†“this is an independent group that I have no control over, and frankly I am not going to tell private citizens how to spend their money”

The problem there though is that Charlie Smith, the PAC’s campaign manager is no stranger to Newt.¬† The two even serve as honorary co-chairs of the G.O.P.¬† Youth Convention.¬† Of course such titles do¬† not mean that the two men know each other, met each other, or ever worked together, but politics is perception and the tie is enough to create the perception that Newt Gingrich has more say in the Super PAC than he is allowed or actually does.

As for Charlie Smith, he is a described as a native Iowa who attended the University of Denver from¬† where he studied Real Estate and Finance at the Daniel College of Business. Charlie developed a passion for politics at DU, becoming the leader of the campus College Republicans, a two-term state chairman of Colorado, the CRNC’s. “Best State Chairman” in 2005 and a leader in youth and Republican politics.2003-2007.¬†

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Is Newt Gingrich Beating Mitt Romney in Iowa?

2008 Iowa Republican Caucus county Map with th...
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Bookmark and Share   On Monday an independent which was commissioned by no candidate, political Party, or entity affiliated with any of the presidential candidates, their campaigns or partisan entities, released a one day poll which was taken among 864 voters.  The outfit which conducted the poll apparently did so for as legitimate means to promote itself.

We Ask America, is an Illinois based polling and interview service and a subsidiary of Xpress Professional Service, Inc., which was founded in 2004, and is designed to help clients shape opinion.

according to We Ask America, their one day poll of Iowa Republicans found Newt Gingrich to now be in second place, ahead of Mitt Romney and behind Herman Cain.

We Ask America released the following statement and results early on Monday;


“GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain¬†certainly has had better weeks.¬† Just as he gained traction and broke through the Republican¬†candidate clutter, news surfaced of a decade-old sexual harassment problem. While we still don‚Äôt know the details, Cain and his campaign staff flubbed their response badly by coming up with dizzying array of replies. Yet, Cain remains strong in national polls‚Äďperhaps an indication of the disdain many in the Right have for the national media and they way the story seemed to ooze out from another campaign, not the alleged victims.

With Iowa’s caucuses looming ever closer, we thought this would be a good time to go back into the Heartland to see if those clear-eyed, corn-fed Iowa voters reflect the national trend to embrace Cain while the facts of the accusations remain just out of reach. So, we asked 864 Iowans who told us they planned to participate in a GOP caucus this simple question:

If your Republican caucus were held today, for whom would you vote?

Here are the responses:”

Iowa: GOP Presidential

“Iowa Republicans, like the rest of the nation, seem to be standing by Cain‚Ķat least until more facts come out. We found it interesting, though, that Newt Gingrich continues to claw his way up through the pack to the point where he is now just behind frontrunner Cain. Gingrich, whose intellect is just as impressive as his ability to make you forget about it when he spews incredibly wild statements, has been methodically rising up the ranks the last few weeks by staying on message and drafting behind the frontrunner‚Äôs bumpy ride. And Mitt Romney‚Äďthe candidate pundits most often mention as the ultimate winner‚Äďjust can‚Äôt seem to break through the logjam.

If Cain’s problems continue to grow, we may see Gingrich surge ahead here to take the lead. But given Newt’s penchant for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, could Iowa finally give Romney the boost he’s needs to make the pundits’ consensus winner land on top?

There‚Äôs LOTS of time left here, and the jockeys are just now going to the whip. We think the smart move here is to expect the unexpected.”

“Type of Poll: Automated
Date of

Participants: 864 GOP voters
Margin of Error: ¬Ī 3.33%”


Like any poll, the accuracy of it is questionable, and We Ask America has yet to establish a reputation for itself that is as reliable as other polling companies with longer track records. 

And there is one factor here worth pointing out.¬† I can’t help but question the accuracy of the representaion of the opinion of 18 t0 24 year olds.¬† I highly doubt that the diproportionate share of 41% of this¬†age group¬†is going to Michele Bachmann.¬† I believe such a result is a total anomaly.

It also should be noted that while We Ask America¬† states that Herman Cain seems to have not been effected by the sexual harassment accusation of his past, the poll was taken on Sunday, right before a fourth accuser, Sharon Bialek, went public with her story.¬† Bialek is the first accuser of Cain’s to reveal her identity and release the details of her allegations.¬† Whether this new bump in Cain’s road to the White House has an effect on Cain’s frontrunner status has yet to be seen.

That aside, the poll does help add to the common perception that Newt Gingrich beginning to emerge as a very viable alternative to Mitt Romney and the gaggle of candidates who are perceived as being more conservative than Romney. 

Meanwhile, things are looking are certainly looking ¬†up for Newt Gingrich.¬† Now he just has to make sure that he doesn’t screw it up.¬† And by that I mean, he better have learned from his earlier mistakes and allow himself to run a relatively more traditional campaign than he has been .¬† One that uses traditional organizational tactics and creates a structure for Newt to operate within, because when Newt allows himself to wander off track and message, he tends to get lost.

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