Is Mitt Romney a Bold Conservative?

Mitt Romney is going to have a hard time selling his tax plan.¬† Not because it’s a bad plan, it is actually a very good plan which I have enthusiastically endorsed.¬† But it does call for tax cuts and guts special interest group power.¬† It also makes the tax code simpler.¬† I think Reagan would approve of Mitt Romney’s tax plan.¬† Then, Romney came out with his energy plan.¬† I think it is getting harder to deny that Mitt Romney is actually a bold conservative.

Let me contrast Obama and Romney on energy with two pictures.  These two pictures show practical economic common sense versus pure ideology.  They show why every person concerned about our economic future should vote for Mitt Romney and not Barack Obama.

Romney's energy plan

Mitt Romney’s energy plan is a real all of the above approach.¬† He lets states control the energy resources on federal land within their borders, effectively giving states the choice whether they want jobs, energy independence for their state, and vast economic growth, or they can continue with the failed Obama subsidized green energy idea.

The key to this graphic is the figure in the upper left hand corner.¬† 3.6 million jobs.¬† Of course, that is solely based on the energy sector and doesn’t take into account economic multipliers and the effects of using energy to drop unemployment below 8%, the increased tax revenue involved, or the additional spending power of families who no longer have to pay close to $4 a gallon for gas so that Saudi princes and Libyan terrorists (who Obama tried to befriend) can get rich off of our commutes.

Romney also doesn’t forsake green energy, but includes it as part of his all of the above approach.¬† He also includes increased nuclear energy, which is clean and efficient.

Contrast this with Obama’s rebuttal.

Obama doesn’t like Romney’s energy plan because it would cost 37,000 jobs in the US Wind industry.¬† Can you see what the big problem is here with Obama’s ideology?¬† Romney’s plan would provide 3.6 million jobs.¬† Obama complains that in the process 37,000 wind energy jobs would be lost.¬† Do the math, should we abandon the Romney energy plan to save those 37,000 wind jobs?

Two more key problems with this graphic:

1. Was Obama concerned with saving energy jobs when he cancelled the Keystone Pipeline?¬† The US Chamber of Commerce estimates that Obama’s decision to cancel the Keystone Pipeline cost 250,000 jobs.

2. Notice the verbiage.¬† Obama-Biden supports 75,000 jobs.¬† In other words, Obama’s green energy plan is based on government subsidization of the industry.¬† Instead of the Romney plan that would create 3.6 million private sector jobs supported by private enterprise, Obama wants us to support his government program where taxpayer foot the bill and get 75,000 jobs.¬† That’s a pretty weak rebuttal, Mr. President.

In the meantime, we have already gone through four years of Obama’s energy plan and we know it doesn’t work.¬† We have actual, historical evidence that it doesn’t work.¬† Forget Solyndra for a moment, what about the jobs Obama has created through his green energy initiatives?¬† The Gateway Pundit estimates a pricetag of $4.8 million per permanent job.¬† That isn’t how much each employee makes, that is what the government has spent per new employee.¬† That is unsustainable.

Wouldn’t you prefer a plan where private companies invest the money to hire people to produce energy that actually works and has practical significance for the American consumer?¬† The Obama plan is to take tax dollars to produce energy we don’t use on a large scale so that we are stuck buying our gas from people in the Middle East who don’t particularly like us.¬† I’d much rather buy American.¬† For Obama, the environmental lobby make that an impossibility.

Mitt Romney has proven that he is not just the anti-Obama.  He is not just a status quo politician who will keep from making things worse.  The Romney-Ryan tax plan and energy plan are not tired RINO talking points.  They are bold change.


Democrats Remain Torn Over Convention Theme

Bookmark and Share¬† Republican National Committee Chairman Reince¬†Priebus recently¬†announced that the theme of the G.O.P.’s¬†convention in Tampa Bay¬†that begins on ¬†August 27th, will be ¬†‚ÄúA Better Future‚ÄĚ.

According to Priebus;

‚ÄúAmericans are ready for a new direction, and that‚Äôs why our convention will focus on the Romney-Ryan vision for a better future.‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúAfter four years of high unemployment and skyrocketing debt, we need America‚Äôs ‚ÄėComeback Team‚Äô to get the country working again and protect the American Dream for our children and grandchildren,‚Ä̬†said Priebus.¬† ‚ÄúDuring our convention, the American people will hear about the priorities, experience and knowhow of our nominees and their plans to secure a better future for our country.‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúThis convention will bring together Americans from every corner of the country and every walk of life,‚ÄĚ said convention Chief Executive Officer William Harris.¬† ‚ÄúWhatever their background, wherever they‚Äôre from, they know too well that our country faces serious problems.¬† But they also know that the American people have confronted difficult challenges before, and that together, with strong leadership, we can overcome those challenges and secure a better future for generations to come.‚ÄĚ

While the G.O.P. finds it’s base energized and increasingly¬†enthusiastic with the prospects¬†for our nation’s future¬†that a Romney-Ryan ticket brings to it, Democrats find themselves weighed down by their ticket.¬†¬† These days, between the Obama Administration’s dismal record, a host of scandals, and a string of verbal gaffe’s from both the President and the Vice President, Democrats are finding it hard to get excited over the prospects that renominating Obama and Biden will bring.¬†¬† That lack of enthusiasm has created a minor glitch in the Party’s attempts to gear up for their national event.

Democrats who will be holding their convention 4 days after the gavel comes down on the G.O.P.’s shindig, but they have not yet made any official announcements on what specifically their theme will exactly be.¬† Phyllis Stine, a spokeswoman for DNC Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, told White House 2012 that Democrat leaders have “narrowed their choices down to several promising themes that offer powerful messages.¬† One of the most popular at the moment is “It’s Not That Bad”.¬† However many convention planners are currently pushing for us to make, “It’s their Fault” the overriding theme of the convention.”¬†

But Reed Dicuolous, a spokeswoman¬† for¬†House¬†Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told White House 2012 that the Minority Leader¬†is of the opinion ¬†that¬†creating one specific theme for the convention would be a mistake.¬† According to Diculous, “Leader Pelosi has repeatedly stated that¬†organizers of the convention¬†will have to¬†watch the convention before¬†they could possibly¬†know what will be in it“.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s spokeswoman Devoida¬†Lahjick, revealed that¬†Senator Reid¬†is trying to insure that the convention focusses¬†on nothing other than Mitt Romney and he urges to Democrats scrap any attempts to establish a single theme.¬† “Planning ahead is dangerous and it would risk committing ourselves to a message that we may need to change as the elections plays itself¬†out.¬† Besides, we haven’t made plans for a federal budget in four years and look at how well that’s¬†worked¬†at turning our economy around,” said Lahjick.

Devoida¬†Lahjick¬†explains that¬†¬†Senator Reid believes that regardless of any theme convention organizers settle on, the¬†4 day¬†convention should concentrate on nothing other than attacking Mitt Romney and defining him as an evil business baron.¬† “By the time we are done¬†with him, Americans should¬†view Mitt Romney as a contemporary cross between Ebenezer Scrooge and Mr. Bumble”,¬†¬†¬†said Lahjick.

Meanwhile Daniel Kurtzman¬†an intrepid online political columnist at, has come across the Democrat’s preliminary schedule for their convention:

  • 4:00 PM ‚Äď Opening Flag Burning Ceremony ‚Äď sponsored by CNN
  • 4:05 PM ‚Äď Singing of ‚ÄúGod Damn America ‚ÄĚ led by Rev. Jeremiah Wright
  • 4:10 PM ‚Äď Pledge of Allegiance to Obama
  • 4:15 PM ‚Äď Ceremonial ‚ÄėI hate America‚Äô led by Michelle Obama
  • 4:30 PM ‚Äď Tips on ‚ÄúHow to keep your man trustworthy & true to you while you travel the world‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Hillary Clinton
  • 4:45 PM ‚ÄďAl Sharpton / Jesse Jackson seminar ‚ÄúHow to have a successful career without having a job.‚ÄĚ
  • 5:00 PM ‚Äď ‚ÄúGreat Vacations I‚Äôve Taken on the Taxpayer‚Äôs Dime Travel Log‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Michelle Obama
  • 5:30 PM ‚Äď Eliot Spitzer Speaks on ‚ÄúFamily Values‚ÄĚ via Satellite
  • 5:45 PM ‚Äď Tribute to All 57 States ‚Äď Nancy Pelosi
  • 6:00 PM ‚Äď Sen. Harry Reid¬†‚Äď 90-minute speech expressing the Democrat‚Äôs appreciation of the Occupy Wall Street movement, and George Soros¬†for sparing no expense, for all that they have accomplished to unify the country, improve employment and to boost the economy.
  • 8:30 PM ‚Äď Airing of Grievances by the Clintons
  • 9:00 PM ‚Äď ‚ÄúBias in Media ‚Äď How we can make it work for you‚ÄĚ Tutorial ‚Äď sponsored by CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, the Washington Post and the New York Times
  • 9:15 PM ‚Äď Tribute Film to Brave Freedom Fighters incarcerated at GITMO ‚Äď Michael Moore
  • 9:45 PM ‚Äď Personal Finance Seminar ‚Äď Charlie Rangle
  • 10:00 PM ‚Äď Denunciation of Bitter Gun Owners and Bible readers
  • 10:30 PM ‚Äď Ceremonial Waving of White Flag for IRAQ , & Afghanistan
  • 11:00 PM ‚Äď Obama Energy Plan Symposium / Tire Gauge Demonstration / You too can get rich with Green Investment bankruptcies
  • 11:15 PM ‚Äď Free Gov. Blagovich rally
  • 11:30 PM ‚Äď Obama Accepts Oscar, Tony and Latin Grammy Awards
  • 11:45 PM ‚Äď Feeding of the Delegates with 5 Loaves and 2 Fish ‚Äď Obama Presiding
  • 12:00 AM ‚Äď Official Nomination of Obama by Bill Maher and Chris‚ÄúHe sends a thrill up my leg‚ÄĚ Matthews
  • 12:01 AM ‚Äď Obama Accepts Nomination as Lord and Savior
  • 12:05 AM ‚Äď Celestial Choirs Sing
  • 3:00 AM ‚Äď Biden Delivers Acceptance Speech

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Rick Perry’s Jeremiah Wright Moment

Bookmark and Share On Friday afternoon, at a meeting of the annual Values Voters Summit in Washington, D.C.,  Texas Governor Rick Perry found himself involved in a controversy not of his own doing.  Instead it was the man who introduced him to the evangelical audience that brought the controversy on  to Rick Perry.

At around 2:30 in the afternoon, in his introduction of Perry, Southern Baptist Convention¬†leader Robert Jeffress, who recently endorsed the Governor, described Perry as ‚Äúthe most pro-life governor in the United States of America.‚ÄĚ He also touched upon the gaffes made by Perry in the last debate by saying, ‚Äúdo we want a candidate whois skilled in rhetoric, or one who is skilled in leadership?”.¬† He went on to call him ‚Äúa committed follower of Christ.‚ÄĚ

But 45 minutes later, when speaking to reporters, Jeffress told reporters that Mormonism is a ‚Äúcult‚ÄĚ and that voting for former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney would ‚Äúgive credibility to a cult‚ÄĚ. ¬†He also stated that he endorsed Perry only as an individual, and that he would not tell his church members how to vote. But he further stated that he is planning to give a sermon this Sunday in which he talks about ‚Äúhow a¬† Christian should vote.‚ÄĚ Jeffress added that among the criteria is that the person they vote for¬†be a Christian.

According to a live blogger at the summit reporting for the Washington Post, Jeffress also told reporters that many evangelicals were afraid to talk about Mormonism but would have a hard time voting for a Mormon candidate.

At the same time Jeffress also confessed that as a pastor he was ‚Äúnot nearly as concerned about a candidate’s record on fiscal issues or immigration issues‚Ä̬†as he is with their social conservative bona fides.

That however is a view which contradicts the political realities of the 2012 election. And as demonstrated by the highly motivated TEA movement, is not the most important aspect that they are seeking in a candidate.  In fact for many of them, it is just the opposite.  They are looking more for a Republican candidate who while having moral values, will stay out of people’s personal lives.

That fact was not missed by Governor Perry.  For he delivered a speech that focused less on faith and more on his record of job creation.

Despite the fact that the group he was addressing was gathered together to celebrate the fundamentals of the Christian faith and socially conservative values, Perry chose to make the point that he was running on a message of economic recovery.  Such was most likely a tactical campaign decision based on an attempt to not allow rivals to paint him as a religious fanatic who would take the same priorities as Jeffress, to
Washington in 2013.

Ironically though, the remarks made by Jeffress did little to help his endorsed presidential candidate.  In fact, Jeffress only did more to hurt Perry.

Evangelicals have no problem with Rick Perry.  They know all that Jeffress tried to convey to them about Perry at the Values Voters Summit.  However, Perry will have a problem with voters who are leery of having a President focused more on social issues than the economic and foreign affairs issues that the office of President was designed to addressed and which are in desperate need of being addressed properly.  For those people, Jeffress did little to win over any converts to Perry.   And at the same time, he pushed a very sensitive button regarding religious tolerance and bigotry.

But Jeffress is probably less concerned with getting Rick Perry elected than he is with selling a new book that he has coming out.

For his part, after Jeffress¬†made his off the cuff remarks, Rick Perry had his¬†campaign distanced the¬†him from Jeffress.¬† They noted that it was the organizers of Values Voters Summit that chose Jeffress¬†to introduce the Texas governor, not the campaign. However it was later confirmed that Perry approved of having Jeffress introduce him.¬† Based upon Jeffress’ longstanding and well publicized¬†history of religious intolerance, Rick Perry should never have allowed Jeffress to have the opportunity to be an representative of Perry’s supporters.¬† Allowing Jeffress to introdcue him was indeed a big mistake.¬† Either that or Perry does not see much wrong with Jeffress’ intolernace and bigotry.

Perry spokesman Robert Black did released a statement that read ‚ÄúThe governor does not believe Mormonism is a cult. He is not in the business of judging people. That‚Äôs God‚Äôs job.‚ÄĚ

Whether that is true or not, no one can’t know for sure.  All we can do is take Perry at his word.  But interestingly enough the words that Jeffress speak do happen to be suspiciously scripted.

According to CBS, during Jeffress‚Äô post Perry speech comments, he claimed¬†‚ÄúI did not talk about my Mormon views‚ÄĚ with Perry, and added, “I’m not insinuating that the governor shares those at all ‚ÄĒ he may not.‚ÄĚ described himself as only an acquaintance of Perry’s. ¬†‚ÄúI did not talk about my Mormon views‚ÄĚ with Perry.¬†¬†¬†He continued, ‚ÄúI‚Äôm not insinuating that the governor shares those at all ‚ÄĒ he may not.‚ÄĚ

Jeffress then said the following words which rang some alarm bells with me;

¬†“I haven’t gone coyote hunting with him,”.

They were the very same seemingly unrehearsed words he spoke in an MSNBC interview  on August 14th  [see the interview below] .  Personally, it sounds to me as though there is a lot more coordination between Jeffress and Perry’s campaign than some are willing to admit.

In another interview, this one on Fox News Live, back in June of this year, Jeffress expressed his disappointment in Mike Huckabee’s decision not to run for President.¬† He also stated that without Huckabee in the race, Chrsitians may be faced with having to hold their noses and vote for the lesser of two evils.¬†¬†Jeffress then¬†claimed ¬†to being non-partisan and then professed that he is¬†¬†only concerned with “the next President being committed to eliminating the tide of un-Godliness and evil that is sweeping our country”.¬† He even admits¬† “while Romney may make a good President”,¬† but adds, “we better understand that if we vote for Mitt Romney we are not voting for a Christian”.¬†

Observe the video for yourself.¬† I believe you will find this religious leader to be preaching a level bigotry that is so obvious, that is actually offensive.¬† I can only say that thank God most true¬†Chrsitians are not as ignorant, bigotted,¬†and intolerant as Robert Jeffress is.¬† And when I write “intolerant”, I do not mean it in the politically correct sense which is to deny the truth.¬† I mean it in the sense of trying to defy logic and closing doors based upon perceptions, not actual facts.

¬†The only way for Rick Perry to really nip this in the bud is to do more than distance himself from Jefresss.¬† In many ways this could be Rick Perry’s Jeremiah Wright moment.¬† That is why Perry needs to denounce Jeffress¬†for his prejudices and defend Mitt Romney for having what may be¬†religious differences but are most certainly Christian values.¬† If he does do not do so, Mitt Romney could turn what initially seems to be a relatively minor verbal hiccups, into a major issue that he could turn around to his advantage.

In this day and age, for Americans to hold prejudices against a political leader because of their faith, is nothing other than an example of backwards thinking and a contradiction to the very constitutional principles that the G.O.P. is trying to stress the need for our nation to return to.

As for Robert Jeffress, I am sorry to say this, but he is an ass.

I say so not neccessarily because of his beliefs but because of his obvious insincerity and the mixed messages that he as a religious leader, sends.  Personally, I think he is more concerned with selling his new book than he is with either whom our next President is, or Jesus.

But how does Mitt Romney feel about it all?  We may get the chance to find that out on Saturday, when Mitt is scheduled to address the Values Voters Summit himself.  His approach to the evangelicals gathered there will be quite interesting, especially in light of the assault made upon him and his faith by Perry supporter Robert Jeffries.

Palin Will Still Be the Cause for the Next Big Media Driven Maelstrom of the Election

Bookmark and Share A day after Governor Sarah Palin made it official that she would not run for President in 2012, the leaders of Team Sarah sent out the following email to their extensive list of supporters.


We’re not retreating, we’re  reloading!

While the announcement that Governor Sarah Palin will not be seeking the 2012 GOP nomination for the office of President of the United States came as a surprise and disappointment to many,¬† let‚Äôs not forget that we have all been called to ‚Äúfight like a girl‚ÄĚ in an effort to restore our country.¬† It‚Äôs a call to stand with Governor Palin and to continue fighting for the conservative values of smaller government, free markets, life, and family.

Team Sarah members will continue to march towards the 2012 elections advancing the values and principles that Sarah Palin represents in the political process.  We will join Governor Palin in the fight to secure many victories for commonsense constitutional conservatives at all levels of government.

The email seems to be representative of the sentiments possessed by most Palinistas.  While they are disappointed by the fact that there is no chance she will become President in 2012, they are not disappointed in her.

Palin’s supporters appreciate her seeming lack of ambition to hold political office.¬† That is why they understood the thinking behind her sacrificing the second half of her only term as Governor Alaska and did not hold it against her.¬† They understood that the political firestorm that came with the liberal assault upon her was going to make it easier for her successor to advance the agenda that she set, faster and further.¬† Palin’s lack of political ambition is what attracts most people to her.¬† They understand that her opinions and words are not driven by the political motives which are usually behind the¬† words and policies of your average politician.

That understanding and the enormous number of people who support Palin for her ability to articulate what they feel and think, and her desire to be honest and blunt about those sentiments, is the same understanding which gave birth to the TEA movement.  That is why for many, the two go hand in hand.  It is why Palin is a darling of the TEA movement.

It is also why Palin’s decision not to run, is likely to have as much of an effect on who will be the next Republican nominee, as she would have had if she decided to run for the nomination herself..

That is why pretty soon, the news will be dominated by another topic.

With names like Daniels, Barbour, Ryan, Christie, and Palin definitely¬†out of the race, the endless speculation about who is running which kept many from getting behind any of the actual¬†declared candidates, has finally stopped.¬† There is little talk about who can jump in and change the complexion of¬†the race.¬† But with the front loading¬†of the primary and caucuses actually forcing the first votes in the nomination process to begin taking place in as few as 12 weeks from now, the next media prompted maelstrom¬†will be who Palin is endorsing.¬† There will be a similar¬†media focus on who New Jersey Governor Chris¬†Christie also endorses, but ironically and quite figuratively, the Palin endorsement will carry much more weight than Christie’s.¬† Her support of a candidate could open doors for candidates like Romney, Santorum¬†or Gingrich, candidates who desperately need TEA activists to just consider them as viable choices.¬† Candidates like Herman Cain and even Rick Perry don’t need such an opening to the TEA movement.¬† They already have strong support from many sectors within the less spending, less government, more liberty cause.¬† But a leading candidate like Mitt Romney can ill afford Sarah Palin promoting one of his opponents.

That is why Sarah Palin is very likely to be pivotal in the Republican nomination contest. And probably more so in the nomination process than the general election contest where she will probably not be able to change the minds of those supporting or still considering supporting President Obama for reelection.

In the meantime, Palin holds the power to change the course of history.  If she so chooses, she can actually be a determining factor in who the next Republican nominee and subsequently the next President is.  Such an assertion is only made more evident by the above letter from Palin supporters which confirms their desire to stand with Sarah Palin through thick or thin.

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Even the “Average Joe” Knows President Obama Can’t Win in the Obama Economy

Bookmark and Share¬† Vice President Joe Biden is probably one of the G.O.P.’s best friends.¬† He has a real propensity for always saying the right thing ………..for Republicans.¬† His latest statements to verify that came Thursday at the Washington Ideas Forum, an invitation only,¬†two day¬†forum¬†for leading newsmakers at the Newseum¬†in Washington, DC.¬†The event¬†is¬†sponsored by The Atlantic and the Aspen Institute.

During an appearance at¬†the forum, Biden stated that¬† the shaky economy has left many Americans in “real trouble“, and made clear that the¬†Republican Party is strong enough to beat President Barack Obama in the 2012 election.¬† Note how he said “President Obama” and not “us“.¬† Joe may be dumb but he is not without an ego that would¬†prohibit him from¬†sharing the blame for the economy that he said will be responsible for the defeat.

According to Joe, a significant majority of the American people don’t believe the country is moving in the right direction. You think?¬† He adds that such a public perception¬†is never a good place to be going into re-election (no kidding), regardless of whether it is the current administration’s fault or not.

Biden defended the Administration though when he suggested that the economy has still greatly improved under President Obama.  He states that he is  counting on voters recognizing how deep the recession was and how much the economy has improved under the Obama Administration.

To be fair, credit must be¬†given when it is deserved.¬† Joe is right about the strength¬†of the Republican Party going in to the 2012 presidential election.¬† However, honesty is not always welcome in politics, especially if you are a liberal trying to promote the benefits of unsustainable spending, increased taxation, and socialist policies.¬† For that reason, the Vice President is not likely to get a pat on the back and hear a sincere thank you from the President for his honesty.¬† Instead he might hear something¬†more along the lines of “Way to go, Joe.¬† Thanks for the encouraging words”.

The episode does demonstrate¬†one thing though.¬† It shows us that the Administration sees the writing on the wall.¬† So much so that even the “average Joe” can read it.¬† That means that the Obama re-election team is¬†surely¬†preparing¬†a campaign based on desperate attempts to run an extremely negative campaign against¬†the Republican ticket, regardless of whose names are on it.¬†¬†If they¬†understand that¬†voters will have very little reason to support the Obama-Biden ticket for reelection, there only chance will be to make the opposition¬†look worse.¬† That means that¬†while the¬†President will¬†try to resort to discussing issues with little detail and great flowery, rhetoric, His surrogates and ad men¬†will be attacking¬†attacking the Republican ticket with verbal assaults¬†that are based¬†on¬†personal matters,¬†and far-fledged distortions of records.

This conclusion is only verified by Joe Biden.

His¬†comments on the 2012 election at the Washington Ideas Forum¬†offer¬†us¬†a glimpse¬†of the¬†Administration’s¬†mindset.¬† They know that they can’t win on the one issue that¬†is likely to dominate the election…… the economy.¬† Oh they will try to¬†wage class warfare, they will incite the anger of¬†their big¬†union base and take advantage of the underprivileged.¬† They will even play the blame it on Bush card and¬†try to morph the Republican¬†presidential nominee into Bush. ¬†But in the end, the American people understand that¬†saying that¬†sat upon¬†President Truman’s desk and read, “The buck stops here”.¬†¬† And the fact that no bucks are flowing in to the economy, will only make most voters more aware of who is responsible for that.
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