Even Liberals Are Getting Disgusted With Obama‚Äôs Hypocrisy

¬† Bookmark and Share¬† If liberals are anything, they are first and foremost, hypocrites.¬† Liberalism is nothing¬†more than a hypocrisy¬†based ideology that operates under an atmosphere of double standards and an agenda that turns all issues into wedges that are designed¬†to divide and fuel a ‚Äúthem against us mentality‚ÄĚ.¬†¬† This is why¬†although you will always find the left preaching the need for tolerance, you will rarely¬†find a liberal who is¬†tolerant of a difference of opinion.¬†¬†Yet today, even portions of the liberal base¬†are finding that President Obama is reaching a level of hypocrisy that is too much for them to live with.

Such is the case with the CREDO organization, a liberal, pro-Obama group that practices their leftwing activism through the collection of signatures on petitions that they create for every issue they wish to reform.

CREDO recently issued a petition¬†drive that calls upon President Obama to take down a radio ad that he has running in coal producing state’s like Ohio.¬† In the ad, President Obama tries to portray himself as a pro-coal President who has strengthened the American coal industry.¬† Now most Americans understand that the notion that President Obama has been good for any industry is ludicrous enough but to¬†claim¬†that he and his policies have benefited the coal industry is down right libelous.¬†¬†¬†Yet this latest¬†radio spot doesn’t just suggest that president Obama is a supporter and fried of coal, it actually attacks Romney for remarks he made about¬† a Massachusetts¬† coal plant back in 2003.¬†¬† At the time, that specific plant in Salem, Massachusetts was the oldest in the state and it failed to comply with state environmental laws.¬†This particular plant was so egregious that according to a report by the Harvard School¬†of Public Health,¬†its¬†lack of compliance with¬†environmental regulations¬†were ¬†responsible for dozens of premature¬† deaths and 14,400¬†asthma attacks each year.

In his 2003 remarks, Romney stated;

“I will not create jobs or hold jobs that¬†kill people. And that plant kills people‚Ķ.”

In a blatant attempt to intentionally take Romney’s words out of context, the Obama ad implies that Romney was claiming all coal plants “kill people” and deceptively ignored the fact that Romney was referring¬†to that specific plant in Massachusetts¬†which failed to comply with the regulations that would have allowed it to operate¬†in an environmentally sound manner.

But proper context has little to do with liberal logic.

A year ago, ¬†another liberal cesspool called Climate Progress, used the same¬†soundbite¬†that¬† Obama uses in his ad but they were taking that quote out of context for their own purposes.¬† Climate Progress tried to use Romney’s words to demonstrate¬†that Romney is a compulsive flip-flopper¬†who has changed his position¬†on the environment.¬† By taking the Romney quote out of context, Climate Progress tried to convince voters that Romney was once opposed to coal but now that he is running for President, he supports¬†coal.¬†¬†Move forward a year and¬†now we have¬†Team Obama using the same quote to¬†try and claim that¬†Romney¬†is¬† supposedly not being as pro-coal as the President¬† is.

Meanwhile CREDO has now issued a petition calling upon the President to pull the ad, not because it misinterprets Romney’s position, but because as they put it ”

…”An ad suggesting that President Obama is more coal-loving than Romney isn’t just cynical, it’s misleading… Tell the Obama campaign: Drop your cynical pro-coal ad.”

CREDO gets marks for pointing out that the ad is misleading, but only a couple of points because misleading is an understatement.  But they quickly lose those points because like the liberals at Climate Progress, CREDO tries to suggest that Romney has flip-flopped on the issue of coal and that is a lie.

Still, regardless of how inherently disingenuous the left is, even the liberal Obama loving supporters at CREDO are beginning to freak out over just how two-faced the President is.

In their petition, CREDO writes;

“…Right now we need leadership from President Obama to overturn a decision by his campaign to run radio ads in Ohio which promote coal and incredibly actually criticize Mitt Romney for saying (when he was a different person, in 2003) that the pollution from coal plants kills people….”

Note how CREDO carefully tried to avoid laying blame for the ad at the President’s feet.¬† Rather than accuse the president of being a hypocrite, CREDO carefully phrases their criticism by calling upon the President to¬†overturn¬†the decision by his campaign to run the hypocritical radio ad.¬†¬†¬†It is an attempt¬†to deny that President Obama is the one in this ad who is making all his outrageously fictitious pro-coal claims.¬† Instead they try to put the onus on his campaign.¬† Nonetheless; it is easy to see that even the President’s¬†own supporters are beginning to get uncomfortable by the level of hypocrisy that their messiah is displaying.

Even the left is forced to to question which Barack Obama is running for reelection?  The one who spoke in the pro-coal radio ad offered above, or the one who has promised to bankrupt the coal industry and spent the past four years sapping investment in this industry and  importing coal in to the United States even though it can be found here, right under our feet.  As demonstrated in the video below, the record would seem to indicate that the Obama Administration is anything but a friend to the coal and energy industry.

All of this does prove one thing though.¬† Liberals, including the President, do have the market on one¬†thing —-¬† hypocrisy.

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