TEA-Paw’s TEA Party Tribute and Pitch for Needed Votes

Bookmark and Share In a new You-Tube commercial put out by former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, otherwise known as T-Paw, turns himself in to TEA-Paw with a tribute to the TEA Party.

It starts out with gently changing clips of individual TEA Party members, smiling and proudly participating in demonstrations for their beliefs. As these scenes play out, Pawlenty is overheard talking about the TEA Party.

He says;

“Each generation needs a change historical change in this country. usuallyit starts with a group that is somewhat fresh, somewhat new. Starts out with a little bit of an outsider status but then over time they become the driving force for change. I think the TEA Party is a welcome, helpful, energetic, forward leaning organization.”

The commercial then goes into what is becoming stylistic of the Pawlentyycampaign’s adds…….fast paced clips of scenes shot at rapid changing angles, roll out while the music and voice of Pawlenty builds to a crescendo of determined patriotic fervor. These words are taken from his stump speech which usually ends with a rally cry for Americans to take back our government.

As stated here in a previouspost “TEA-Paw” is leaving no stones unturned in his attempts to not only get TEA Party support but to turn himself in to a TEA Party leader. If that can fly when people like Mitt Romney finish eviscerating Pawlenty’s record, has yet to be seen. But Pawlenty is trying hard early.

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Tim Pawenty’s TEA Party Patriots Summit Speech

Bookmark and Share As recently reported here in Whit House 2012, former Minnesota Governor and future presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty “rallied the TEA Party” at a TEA Party Patriots summit held in Arizona. Now we would like to show you that speech in the speech below this post..

Much of the speech is a stump speech given at the many events he has been hitting. But with lines such as “the Constitugtion was not written to imit freedomm. It was written to limit government”, Pawlenty is honing his message to those who consider themseves a part of the TEA movement.Given that the TEA Party and its agenda is embraced by the G.O.P., the strategy is a good one and he is carrying it out well.

Currently Pawlenty is not a top tier candidate among the TEA Party, but with spoeeches like this, he soon can be.

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Tim Pawlenty Stands With Scott Walker

Bookmark and Share Today former Governor Tim Pawlenty has released a 60 second YouTube ad which ends with theGovernor stating the importance of standing with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and the people of Wisconsin in the battle with unions. The ad is a fast paced montage of clips from Fox News and CNN commentaries which speaks of how the DNC and even President Obamas front group, Organizing for America, are in large part, behind the protests and how it does not look good that President Obama was arguing for democracy in Cairo but does not do so in Wisconsin.

Other clips show how some of the protesters in Wisconsin dont even know why they are there.

The lastscene of the ad is a call to sign the Standing With Scott petition at StandingWithScott.com, a petition platform started by Pawlenty and sponsored by his America First PAC.

Both the YouTube ad and the petition gimmick are smart tactical, targeting tools aimed at the Republican base which Pawlenty will need support from if he is to go far in the Republican presidential nominating contest. If Pawlenty were to play this ad on television in Iowa and New Hampshire it would go along way in setting the foundation for that goal.

So far, no matter what impressions one might have of Tim Pawlenty, he is doing things right. Even though he is not a declared candidate for President yet, which is another tactical decision, Pawlenty is on top of the issues of the day and successfully exploiting them among the voters he will need in the Republican primaries and caucuses. His ads use the type of fast screen cuts and tones of drama which are common in contemporary media and convey imagery which appeals to younger voters while still conveying a message that appeals to conservatives of all ages. To date, it must be said that Pawlenty is definitely winning the race leading up to the race for the Republican Presidential nomination. This ad is just another indication of that.

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T-Paw Premeirs Before the Florida State Senate

Bookmark and Share The President of Floridas Senate promised to make sure that all the potential Republican presidential candidates pass through Florida so that voters can kick their tires and try them out. So in keeping with that pledge he delivered Tim Palwenty to the Republican state senate chamber where the former Minnesota Governor delivered what has become his standard stump speech.

It consists of his wifes telling him that he could not pass up the opportunity to run for Governor over 8 years ago. And how she gave him an inspirational speech about how only he could insure the right future for the people and Minnesota and other remarks that made him feel like Rocky Balboa. The punch line of the story is that after a few months in office as Governor, he cam home and his wife was disgruntled with the lack of time he had for household duties. When he reminded her that his job is what consumes his time and that she was the one who told him to run, she responded, “Yeah, but I didnt think you were going to win. I just wanted you to get it out of your system so that we could get on with our lives.

Below you can see some of the rest of Pawlentys speech before the Florida legislators as recorded by NewsServiceFlorida.com

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Can Pawlenty Inspire Evangelicals? See Him Try On Live Streaming Video Tonight

Bookmark and Share The Family Leader Christian organization led by Bob VanderPlaats will host former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty this evening, as he addresses the group in its presidential election series.

The Sioux City Journal will stream live video of the speech from Dordt College in Sioux City. The simulcast begins at 7:15 PM CST.

The Pawlenty speech comes on the heels of critical remarks about him from the public policy President of the Southern Baptist Convention, Richard Land. Land said of the former Governor;

“He’s a really nice guy. But he doesn’t move crowds the way some others do. It’s been my experience charisma is something that, you know it when you see it. Michele Bachmann’s got it. Huckabee’s got it. … Obama’s got it. Bill Clinton’s got it.”

“They’re [evangelicals] not going to nominate someone who they think can’t beat Barack Obama,” said Land.

“They’re going to want the strongest pro-life, pro-family candidate … who’s strong on defense. They want a candidate who is an economic conservative.”

The critique is one that lays out for Pawlenty, a challenge to meet and the Family Leader forum is the type of event where can Tim can either live up to the challenge or prove Richard Land right.

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Tim Pawlenty: Coming Soon To a Theater Near You

Bookmark and Share In what can best be described as a trailer-like promo for an upcoming dramatic, new made for television mini-series, Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty premiers a new ad tonight in New Hampshire, at the Merrimac Republican County dinner.

I guess the effort helps gather name recognition but I am not quite sure how well. The ad certainly lacks any compelling reason to support him for the Republican presidential nomination and between its sharp screen cuts and dramatic musical score, you feel as though you are about to see a sneak preview of an action packed, thriller, full of intrigue and sinister plots akin to the screen adaptation of a best selling Tom Clancy novel.

Then suddenly, as the screen goes black, the words Former Governor of Minnesota-Tim Pawlenty slowly zoom in.

After all the build up, its actually disappointing to find out that that is what its all about.

The ad reminds me more of the trailer to HBOs mini-series documenting the life of John Adams than a presidentail campaign ad. See for yourself. In the final analysis, we’re talking about it, so I guess it has some value.

Here’s Tim Pawlenty

Here’s John Adams

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