Hoopla Pits Piers Against Pawlenty

Bookmark and Share In an interview with CNNs Piers Morgan, Tim Pawlenty was asked if in a hypothetical situationwould he run as Donald Trumps Vice President if asked. Palwenty laughed and let slip the phrase“I’m running for president.” Not to be on the number tow spot.

Morgan than jumped on the words and asked if he was correct in in taking his words to be an announcement indicating that Pawlenty is fact running for President. To which the Governor stated “I’ve got an exploratory committee up and running and we’ll have a final or full announcement on that in the coming weeks,” said Pawlenty, who formed an exploratory committee last month. “It won’t be too much longer. But everything is headed in that direction.”

The 9 pm interview was taped earlier in the day and whan the taping was done, CNN and Morgan promoted the segment that was to be aired later in the evening, as one in which Pawlenty makes his presidential campaign official. Unhappy with these promos, and of preview clips off where the Governor states he is running, the Pawlenty camp asked that future promos contain the rest of the dialogue where the Governor clarified his position. But that request fell on deaf ears.

Now we all know this matters only to Tim Palwenty and his campaign. We all know he is running and he knows that we all know he is running. But the issue here is a legal one. Once a campaign moves from the exploratory stage to that of an official presidential candidacy the legal rules change and a new game is played. For that reason, the Pawlenty camp would have preferred that CNN played this straight and not try to makes something out of nothing. In this case, it was not worth it for CNN to intentionally imply what Pawlenty denied. Instead of creating a headline for much needed ratings, what they actually did was make the Pawlenty campaign a little less likely to answer question from CNN or accept future one on one discussions with them,

CNN should remember that while the candidates we scrutinize must undoubtedly prove their sincerity and honesty, so does the media. Especially the mainstream media which has had a hard time trying to prove that they do not operate and act on their own liberal biases instead of o their own journalistic code of honor and integrity.

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