Obama’s Medicare Hypocrisy. “It Ain’t Right”.

New Romney Ad Continues to Put Democrats on The Defensive Among Senior Citizens

   Bookmark and Share  As Democrats continue to try to turn Medicare into Medi-Scare, a liberal tactic designed to make senior citizens fear the Romney-Ryan economic plan,   Mitt Romney has put out a new ad that continues to turn the tables on President Obama.

The newest ad called “It Ain’t Right”, (see ad below) uses President Obama’s own words to demonstrate¬†how President Obama is the ultimate¬†hypocrite.¬† The thirty second spot takes a statement that¬†Obama often repeated when he was campaigning for President in 2008, and compares it to the actions he carried out as President.

In 2008, then Senator Obama criticized Republican presidential nominee Senator John¬† McCain for an economic plan that the left claimed would have cut $882 billion out of Medicare.¬† Whether that figure and that characterization of McCain’s plan was true or not, Obama declared that¬†making such cuts to Medicare “ain’t right“.

The newest Romney ad on this issue points out once again that as President, through the creation of¬†Obamacare, his massive government takeover of healthcare in America, President Obama cut over $716 billion out of Medicare.¬† The Romney commercial then goes on to ask what would candidate Obama say about President Obama’s cuts to Medicare?¬† The answer is exactly what Senator Obama said about such cuts in 2008…..”It Ain’t Right“.

This Romney-Ryan commercial is just the newest one in a string of ads on the Obama Medicare cuts that the Romney campaign has aired ever since Paul Ryan was added to the Republican presidential ticket over two weeks ago.  It is part of a successful strategy that has helped inoculate the G.O.P. from the traditional fear mongering that Democrats resort to in elections when they try to scare senior citizens in to believing that the G.O.P. will push Grandma off the cliff or force Grandpa to live on a steady diet of cat food.

But the newest ad also highlights the hypocrisy of the President and it does so in a way which slowly tries to set the stage for the Romney’s campaign’s ability to counter the future attempts by the Obama¬†campaign to portray Mitt Romney as a flip-flopper.

The left will undoubtedly try to revive both Romney’s 1990’s conversion from being an abortion rights liberal Republican to a right-to-life¬†conservative Republican and his opposition to the national Obamacare¬†plan after creating Romneycare for Massachusetts.¬†¬†Ahead of those future accusations,¬†the¬†Romney campaign is¬†¬†offering their own examples of President Obama’s own flipping and flopping¬†on the national agenda.

The President’s¬†opposition to Medicare before making deep Medicare cuts of his own will be just one example of that.¬† Another example will be based upon a 2008 quote made by then Senator Obama which White House 2012 stumbled upon and highlighted in the video below.

In that video, we see how President Obama claimed that the President Bush or his policies were “unpatriotic and irresponsible” because of the large debt that he accumulated.¬† Four years later and President Obama is now in the position of having to explain to voters why his doubling of the debt accumulated by George Bush is not also “unpatriotic and irresponsible”.

No matter what excuse President Obama may try to offer in his defense, he has demonstrated a level of hypocrisy and a propensity for flip-flopping that gives voters good reason to doubt how deserving of a second term President Obama is.  The new Romney ad on Medicare is just a two pronged attack that drives that point home while also turning the tables on the traditional liberal fear mongering of senior citizens who are now being forced to realize that it is President Obama and Democrats who are taking away their saftey net.

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Republican Convention to Show Video Tribute to Ron Paul

   Bookmark and Share  During a 10 AM press conference call, Romney Campaign Strategist Russ Schriefer announced that the convention will be having a video tribute to  perennial presidential candidate, retiring Texas Congressman Ron Paul.   (audio of the entire press conference call can be heard in the video below this post.)

According to Schriefer;

Congressman Paul’s people¬†came to us and said they would like to do a short tribute to him and we said absolutely, it would be a good time to do that.”¬†

Schrieffer noted “that while Governor Romney and Congressman Paul certainly disagree on many issues” they have “a lot of mutual respect between the two of them”.¬† Schriefer also stated that Senator Rand Paul will be speaking at the convention on Monday night and then made a point of stating that the Romney campaign looks forward to his speech.

With approximately¬†177 delegates and about twice as many when including alternate and unbound delegates, the often raucous and obnoxious Paul fanatics could try to disrupt the convention.¬† Attempts to get the G.O.P. to adopt such things as their isolationist foreign policies¬†and reckless cuts in defense strategies could cause delegates to stage various protests.¬† So the Romney campaign’s¬†willingness to show¬†a tribute to Ron Paul is most likely a gesture to those delegates.¬† But it will also help to leave the door open for tens of thousands of other diehard Ron Paul libertarians who up to now, have vowed to oppose Mitt Romney.¬† By embracing the efforts of Ron Paul by paying honor to his decades in the House, the Romney campaign is giving at least tacit approval to many of the economic efforts the Congressman has been in the forefront of.¬†¬† And under Mitt Romney, the G.O.P. is seriously considering some of Ron Paul’s big ideas¬†such as a¬†comprehensive audit of the Federal Reserve, issues of Internet freedom, and even¬† opposition to indefinite detention of U.S. citizens.¬† Combined with Romney’s willingness to publicly credit Ron Paul for his contributions to the conservative movement, that may be¬†enough to make discerning pauliacs¬†who realize how disastrous¬†a second Obama term would be, to consider casting their vote Romney instead of adding it to any anti-Romney vote total.

According Schriefer;

“We feel we’re in a good place.¬† We know that not everybody is going to agree with us all but we know that as the Republican Party, we’re going to unite and beat Barack Obama in November.”

During the press conference call, Schriefer¬†outlined what he hoped the overall accomplishment of the convention would be and the sub-themes¬†of each day and how they will drive a complete messages by the time the convention is over.¬† Monday will discuss how Americans can¬†do better¬†by addressing¬†the failures of the Obama Administration over the past four years and the things that Mitt Romney will do to make¬†things¬†better. Tuesday will carry the theme “We Built It”.¬† That involves showcasing the fundamental¬†philosophical differences between President Obama¬†and Mitt Romney which is that¬†while President Obama believes in government, Mitt Romney believes in entrepreneurship¬†and the individual.

The third night of the convention will¬†operate¬†under the theme¬†” We Can Do Better”.¬† That theme will focus¬†mainly on what Mitt Romney will do as President and the final¬†night will tell Mitt Romney’s story under the banner of “We Believe In America”.¬† Schriefer¬†states that on Thursday¬†night, Romney’s story will be told¬†in a way that will convince Americans that Mitt Romney is uniquely¬†qualified to take on the problems that this country is facing at this time.

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What Theme Should Democrats Choose For Their Convention?

¬†¬†¬† Bookmark and Share¬† Under the theme of “A Brighter Future”, Republicans¬†are preparing¬†to participate¬†in¬†a national celebration of their conservative principles that will culminate in the nomination of¬†Mitt Romney for President but as Democrats prepare to respond with their convention the following week, an effective reelection theme seems to elude them.¬† Afterall, what appropriate¬†themes could there possibly be for an effort to reelect a President whose Administration has cast a shroud of doubt and despair over the nation that is second only to the days of malaise brought upon us by Jimmy Carter in the late 70’s?

While¬†Republicans prepare to dedicate an entire night of their convention to contradict the President’s “You didn’t build that…. Government built that” ideology, Democrats are left with having to come up with a competing theme that tries to reconcile¬†President Obama’s¬†past record¬†of failures with a pitch for a better future that is based on forging ahead with the same failed policies that got to where we are today.

Currently the Obama campaign has adopted the slogan “Forward.” as their tagline.¬† The unoriginal and¬†intentionally ambiguous tag line is a very uninspiring rehash of the theme Democrats tried to adopt in 2010, right before they suffered landside¬†defeats at the ballot box.¬† Below is an ad in which Democrats briefly used the “moving forward” theme in August of that historic election cycle.¬†

It didn’t work.

Following that ad American’s rejected Democrats in historic numbers and gave control of the House of Representatives to Republicans by wide a margin.¬† In 2010 Americans did not want to move “forward” with Barack Obama’s policies and they made that quite clear.¬† So why Democrats believe that two years later, Americans would want to move “forward” with Barack Obama is a little hard to understand it makes it quite clear that with their convention fast approaching, Democrats need some help.

So we at White House 2012 would like to give them some help by having you offer your own suggestions regarding the theme that Democrats should adopt for their convention.  Just pass along your suggested theme in the comments sections of this post or post it on Twitter @ #DEMTHEME  .

We will put the 5 best proposed Democrat convention themes will be put up for a vote in a public poll here on White House on Thursday, August 30th, once the Republican National Convention has concluded.  And the creator of the winning theme will receive a free gift from the White House 2012 Campaign Store.

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1 Year Ago Today, Paul Ryan Announced He Would Not Run for President

  Bookmark and Share  What a difference a year makes.

About a year ago the G.O.P. seemed to be¬†in an endless and desperate search for¬†a presidential nominee¬†that had many wondering if Republicans would ever be able to find someone they could enthusiastically get behind.¬†¬† The political world was still a buzz over Michele Bachmann’s victory in the Ames Straw Poll ¬†which resulted in Tim Pawlenty ending his candidacy and withdrawing from the race.¬† We were also talking about the potential of Texas Governor Rick Perry who¬†announced his candidthe presidential the day before Pawlenty dropped out of it.

Yet many Republicans were still holding out for someone else to surprise us with their candidacy and win us over.¬†¬†The media’s talking points were that Bachmann was too nuts, Santorum and Cain¬†were too dangerous, ¬†Romney¬†would not be able to overcome his creation of Romneycare, Newt Gingrich was too extreme and undisciplined, Perry was to closely associated to George W. Bush, and the others were just not known or liked enough to be in serious contention.¬† So many Republicans were looking for a White Knight.¬†¬†We had urged people like John¬† Thune and Mike Pence to run but¬†Thune decided to forego the race and Pence decided to run for Governor of Indiana.¬†¬† Some were urging names¬†like Sarah Palin, Mitch Daniels, Haley Barbour, and Chris Christie to come forward and save the day.¬† Others, including myself, were urging House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan to run.

Then suddenly exactly one year ago today, Congressman Ryan released the following statement;

‚ÄúI sincerely appreciate the support from those eager to chart a brighter future for the next generation. While humbled by the encouragement, I have not changed my mind, and therefore¬†I am not seeking our party‚Äôs nomination for President. I remain hopeful that our party will nominate a candidate committed to a pro-growth agenda of reform that restores the promise and prosperity of our exceptional nation. I remain grateful to those I serve in Southern Wisconsin for the unique opportunity to advance this effort in Congress.‚ÄĚ

Just days before this announcement, word was out that Ryan had been giving¬†a run for President some serious consideration and many fiscal conservatives were buoyed by the prospects.¬† In one post entitled ”¬†Heavy Hitters Urge Paul Ryan to Run for President“, White House 2012 detailed the high praise being offered for Paul Ryan’s potential candidacy from such political luminaries as Mitch Daniels,¬† Jeb Bush, Bill Bennett and Scott Walker.¬† And in that same post I wrote;

“If Paul Ryan were to be our Republican presidential nominee, he will begin a national dialogue that will consist of tough truths and sellable solutions, not bumper sticker slogans and hapless hyperbole. If Paul Ryan runs, the question will not be¬†is he ready to do the job, the question will be is America ready for Paul Ryan. We already know that the guy who currently has the job was not ready for it. But I know Paul Ryan is.”

On this day a year ago, Paul Ryan released an announcement that put an end to all the speculation.  He would not be a candidate for President.  But a year later even though Ryan is not not running for President, his vice presidential candidacy is doing exactly what I indicated his presidential candidacy would do.  He has changed the narrative of this election by getting us away from the dialogue of distractions perpetuated by the left and President Obama, and thanks to his expertise, and credibility on matters of fiscal responsibility, Paul Ryan has gotten us to talk instead about those sellable solutions on the economy that he is now promoting on the campaign trail quite well.

In just one year the road to the White House has seen more twists and turns than ¬†England’s famous Longleat Hedge Maze.¬† Names like Huntsman, Gingrich, and Bachman have become faded footnotes of a nomination contest that few remember with great detail.¬† Few¬†recall the promise of the Perry candidacy that petered out within a moment of his momentary memory lapse.¬† Faded memories of the derailment of the Cain train over unproven sexual harassment charges have left most Americans asking “Herman who?”¬† And the past’s surpise¬†surge of Santorum which was rolled¬†back by the consolidation of¬†support for the slow¬†but steady momentum of the Romney campaign¬†has people now wondering if the nomination contest was ever really close.¬† Now, one year ago to the day that Paul Ryan declared he would not be a candidate for President, Mitt Romney has taken that momentum he had in the primaries and increased its pace by getting Paul Ryan to run for Vice President.

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Paul Ryan Tackles Medicare Reform Head On at The Villages

See Ryan’s Complete Speech at The Villages in the Video Below This Post.

¬† Bookmark and Share¬† With no limits to the depths that Democrats will go in an attempt to¬†maintain¬†control of the behemoth federal bureaucracy that they seek to transform our nation with,¬†the left has¬†made the use of scare tactics a signature¬†part of their¬†election¬†efforts.¬† Liberals have targeted the elderly since the 1980’s when¬†they tried to campaign against Ronald Reagan and Republicans by trying to convince older voters that Reagan and the G.O.P. were going to destroy Social Security .¬† According to liberal’s the policies of Reagan and his fellow evil Republicans were going to force granny into such economic dire straits that she she¬†would be placed on a steady diet of cat food.¬† The same attacks were used against George H.W. Bush in 1988 and ’92, Bob Dole in ’96, George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004 , and now Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in 2012.

On many occasions Democrats experienced varying degrees of success with that strategy.¬† In 1982 and agin in 1986, they did exceptionally well among seniors by exploiting the fear of our oldest and most vulnerable goldenagers.¬† But that success was in part due to the G.O.P.’s poor political responses to those scare tactics.¬† But in 2012, that doesn’t seem to be¬†the case.¬† Some thirty years after liberals began warning us that Republicans were going to kill our grandparents, people of my age have seen Grandma and Grandpa survive the Reagan¬† years and the Administration’s of both Bush presidencies and not once was Fluffy forced to share her can of 9 Lives with them.¬† That real life¬†experience alone has taken¬† a bit of the edge off the sword of lies leveled by liberals regarding¬†senior citizens but in 2012, what really hurts the left is the addition of¬†Paul Ryan¬†to the Republican presidential ticket.¬† With Ryan onboard and upfront, ¬†the G.O.P. and Mitt Romney have a silver bullet that is aimed right at the heart of this now old and tired liberal line of attack.

Ryan’s mastery of economics and matters of budget combined with his Kemp-like passion for conservative economic theory and principles makes him the preeminent voice for fiscal responsibility in the nation.¬† When discussing his¬†economic beliefs, Paul Ryan demonstrates an innate enthusiasm for his ideas that conveys a wonderful sense of vitality for our nation’s future.¬† And no one can explain those ideas as well as Paul Ryan can.

Whereas Jack Kemp, the conservative giant who actually sold Reaganomics to Ronald Reagan, often spoke about conservative economic policies in technical terms that seemed to make his audience’s eyes glaze over, Paul Ryan’s approach to explaining economic growth and fiscal responsibility tends to generate the same type of enthusiasm for those ideas that he conveys when discussing them.¬†¬†¬† This makes it hard for the left to discount Paul Ryan’s strengths on the issue but making it even harder for them this is Paul Ryan’s personality and image.

For Democrats the problem with trying to make senior citizens fear Paul Ryan and the ideas of the Romney-Ryan Team is that when senior citizens look at and listen to Paul Ryan, they have a hard time visualizing Paul Ryan as the demonic figure whose hands are¬†pushing Grandma off the cliff in her wheelchair.¬† When seniors see and hear Paul Ryan they don’t quite see him as the kid kicking their walker out from under them before running away and laughing.¬† Instead what they see is a smart, respectful, thoughtful, well spoken, humble, handsome, young man with a beautiful young family, and some pretty good ideas.¬† What they see in Paul Ryan is their own grandson, or at least what they wished their grandsons was more like.

That unavoidable impression makes it impossible for Democrats to find any success in the application of their now traditional senior citizen scare tactics.  In fact, this time around, their fear mongering will likely backfire.

Today’s senior citizens are not the same ones that Democrats tried to make fearful of Ronald Reagan.¬† The senior citizens who¬†were voting¬†during the Reagan¬†and George H.W. Bush years, were of a generation that once voted in big numbers for Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a political hero of their generation.¬† But the senior citizens voting in 2012 are of a different generation.¬† An increasingly large number of today’s seniors are the same people who voted in big numbers for Ronald Reagan, the political hero of their generation.¬†¬† That also dilutes the left’s attempt to scare today’s senior citizens.

And it is part of the reason why¬†the Romney/Ryan team’s¬†bold decision to make¬†many of the budget problems that lie at the heart of our¬†national economic crisis, a main focus¬†of the presidential campaign¬† is being well received.¬†¬†The Republican ticket’s willingness to address¬†the entitlement programs which¬†under their current structures require¬†more to¬†be¬†paid out than the government takes in, strikes at the heart of¬† the issue that should be in the forefront of this campaign….fiscal responsibility.¬† And¬†instead of¬†¬†resorting to¬†fear tactics and the pursuit of a political strategy of distractions and shallow political platitudes,¬† Romney and Ryan have decided to elevate the campaign and its dialogue to that of a substantive, adult conversion that forces Americans to confronts our problems.¬†¬†¬†In doing so, this past Saturday,¬†the Republican presidential ticket sent Paul Ryan¬†to discuss the issue of Medicare at The Villages in Florida.

The Villages is an age-restricted, master-planned, retirement community that sprawls across the counties of Sumter¬†, Lake, and Marion in the battleground state of Florida.¬† The Villages is a retirement community for people 55 years of age or older and according to the 2010 census figures, it boasts a population of¬†51,442¬† residents.¬† Given the demographics of that community, sending the liberal’s poster boy for senior genocide to The Villages to discuss aggressive reforms on Medicare might seem to be¬†more like throwing Daniel in to the lion’s den than a campaign stop, but as seen in the video below, Paul Ryan proved that today’s senior citizens are driven more by a desire for changes that lead to real solutions than they are by some fictitious fear of¬†the solutions¬†that Democrats are hoping for.

In what can only be described as a well received explanation¬†for both the need of Medicare reform and the reforms proposed by the Romney/Ryan ticket, Paul Ryan¬†went to The Villages and offered an inspirational call to arms that¬†demonstrated¬†his generation’s need to preserve¬†Medicare for the¬†generations that precede it and follow it¬†.¬†¬† His speech also¬†ushered in the end of an era, the end of the era of successful fear mongering of senior citizens by¬†Democrats.¬† Paul Ryan’s ability to have¬†American’s¬†rationally discuss the issue of entitlements reforms¬†actually¬†takes that particular¬†liberal scare tactic away from¬†Democrats and finally forces them to be¬†held accountability for their unwillingness to deal with such issues effectively.¬†¬†¬†As a result, ¬†where liberals¬†once¬†may have been¬†successful at scaring old people,¬†with the seniors of today when¬†people like Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Nancy¬†Pelosi,¬†Joe Biden and even President Obama,¬†jump out¬†of the bushes to¬†scream¬†“boo”,¬†all they will¬†succeed at doing¬†is making themselves look foolish.

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Doc Barack And His Medical Assault On Seniors

Paul Ryan deserves a high-five. Why? Oh, by simply pointing out that Obama cuts $700 billion from Medicare. That, of course, changes Medicare into a positive for the Republicans. That’s right, Medicare is now an attack issue for Republicans.

Can it be? After all, how many decades have Democrats relied on the Medicare-hammer to pound Republicans like nails?¬† Two? Three? Perhaps more? Whatever the answer, it’s been a long time with plenty of bruises.

So, take a moment, let it sink in. It’s not everyday politics changes this dramatically.

Say it. Come on, you can do it. Ready — Obama cuts $700 billion from Medicare to fund Obama-care.

Feels good, yes?

Republican Connie Mack IV, a recent primary winner in Florida, got in on the act. ‚ÄúIn the state of Florida you‚Äôre gonna have the presidential election ‚Ķ and you‚Äôre gonna have a Senate election. There‚Äôs only two people in those races that have voted to gut Medicare, and that‚Äôs Barack Obama and Senator Nelson. They took $700 billion out of Medicare to pay for Obama-care.”
Doc Barack cuts Medicare for Obama-care. Mm, mm, delicious.

Say it again, you might as well, it helps the cause. If word gets out — and it better — Democrats may never get another senior vote. They can’t say it nor can they defend it. Obama cuts $700 billion from Medicare to fund Obama-care. We can pile on, too. Let us not forget, Obama-care is the largest tax increase in the history of history, too.

Mack continued, ‚ÄúI think President Obama and Sen. Nelson are kind of living in glass houses right now and playing catch with rocks.”

Think back to the ugly days during the Obama-care debates, Democrats sensing they were losing the fight, claimed Obama-care wouldn’t be a monstrosity. Do you recall the accounting trick of collecting Obama-care taxes (revenues) for a decade but providing services (expenses) for just six years and Democrats saying ‘see, it saves money’? Do you recall the double-talk — ‘it’s a tax, oops, sorry, it’s a penalty, no it’s a tax, no it’s a penalty’.

The gimmicks and word-play are coming back to haunt Democrats now.

The Romney/Ryan plan makes no changes to Medicare for people 55 years of age or older. Meanwhile, Obama and the Democrats are stealing $700 billion from Medicare to fund Obama-care.

We know Obama-care is a bad thing for myriad reasons. And we know with his controversial ruling, Chief Justice Roberts told us to solve our own problem. He tied Obama and Obama-care to the same fate. If you want to rid yourself — and your children and their children — from Obama-care, you must do away with Obama. It is that simple.

And now we know something else.

If you want to explore this further, there’s a good article at the National Review.

And you can watch Rich Lowry engage liberal commentator Rachel Maddow regarding the reality of the Medicare cuts. She’s left stammering and stuttering.

Doc Barack steals $700 billion from Medicare to fund Obama-care.

It’s got a nice ring to it, yes? And the best part is, it’s true.

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