Bob McDonnell For Vice President

Bookmark and ShareIt is way too early to discuss vice presidential choices for the G.O.P. but why should that stop anyone?

During arecent television interview, with Virginia’s Governor Bob McDonnell when asked “What if the Party’s nominee.. came to you and said ‘for the betterment of your party and your country, I need you to serve as my running mate’. Wouldn’t that be a difficult thing for you to turn down?” McDonnell replied, “Probably”.

At a time when it is hard to even get peoplelike Mitt Romney to give a definitive answer about his own run for President (even though we all know he is running) “probably” is as close to “yes” that you can “probably” get from a politician these days.

So for that reason, Governor Bob McDonnell is the first name toofficially make it to the White House 2012 Vice Presidential Contenders list.

Between that answer and the fact that McDonnell isstill standing firmly in favor with Republican, circles I believe that no matter who the nominee is,McDonnell would be a safe and solid pick as their running mate. McDonnell comes with little, if any baggage. He has great appeal in the South comes from a state that President Obama won last time and by most counts would be necessaryto hammer together the electoral votes needed to sew up the election. McDonnellhas not offended the G.O.P. base in any way and to the contrary has pleased them on many issues but has been able to avoid any deep-rootedcharacterizations as an extremists, something which, like it or not, is helpful in a general election.

While there are dozens of good possible running mates, I do really have no desire to start listing them all, because it really is too early. But since McDonnell answered the question and since he is definitelya generically good running matefor anyone, I proudly make him the first entry on our Vice Presidential list which can be found here.

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