“Hope Isn’t Hiring”. The GOP Fights Back

Bookmark and ShareAs President Obama files the paperwork that makes him an official candidate for President and allows him to try to raise the $1 billion campaign war chest he is aiming for, the G.O.P has released a 54 second ad called Hope Isnt Hiring(see video below). The goal of the ad is to remind people that an investment in Barack Obama is like hiring Bernie Madoff to manage your stock portfolio and to raise $270.000. That target represents one thousand dollars for every electoral vote that is needed to elect a President.

In a mailing to perspective donors, RNC Chairman Reince Preibus outlines a host of examples as to how President Obama failed us and in a P.S., he writes;the RNC is THE only Republican Party committee under federal election law permitted to directly support our presidential nominee. Please help our Party prepare for the fierce battle ahead to fire Barack Obama and elect a new Republican president AND Congress.”

If you would like to add more than your own cents to the effort, please click on the “Donation” button provided below this post and just above the Hope Isn’t Hiring video. And once you’ve donated, click on the “Send to a Friend” button and ask them to help keep pace with the Obama money machine.

And in case you want tosee how well this fundraising effort is doing visit here and you will find a heat map that shows the state’s where the hottests totals are coming from.At the timethat this article was posted, Texas was way out in front, butformally blue New Jerseyhad the second highest amount of money being donated.

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