Newt the “Great Articulator” wins big in South Carolina

Not since President Ronald Reagan has a Politician stirred the deepest heartfelt passions & spoken to the sense of disillusionment, about every American household’s current struggle & experiences, then former Speaker Gingrich has this past week. “It’s not that I am a good debater,” Gingrich said, “It is that I articulate the deepest-felt values of the American people.” President Reagan may have been known as the “Great Communicator,” I welcome Speaker Gingrich as the average ordinary person’s “Great Articulator.”

Gingrich won 40% to Mr Romney’s 28% in South Carolina, a victory that seemed most unlikely a week ago. It proves that focussing on the issues and being prepared to stand up for traditional American values and speak directly to the people about the real issues, not the sugar coated spin often associated with the media’s interpretation of the issues, is what really appeals to the ordinary person. Other Republican hopefuls, former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum and Texas representative Ron Paul, were trailing badly with 17% and 13% respectively.

In his victory speech Gingrich went out of his way to praise his presidential rivals, getting an especially lively response when he cited Rick Santorum’s “enormous courage” for campaigning, and winning, in Iowa when he had no money, organization, or media coverage.  He was careful to cite the issues the other candidates have championed, as well as offering personal praise. Gingrich also said, ”Obama is the most effective food stamp president in history, I would like to be the best paycheque president in American history.”

Newt Gingrich’s thumping victory last night was based not only on his willingness to stand up against the media bias, which has traditionally attacked Republican candidates. It is also founded in the support base and homes of every American household, it is jobs and shows true people power is still the effective tool in American politics.

Gingrich spoke about a pro-growth strategy similar to the proven policies used when he was Speaker to balance the budget, pay down the debt, and create jobs. Political commentators and the media in general, have grossly underestimated the influence of social networks such at Facebook, Twitter and others have had in this result. The support base are now better informed and more independent then in any previous election, due to their willingness and ability, to undertake their own research on allegations and facts on the internet.

This election is without a doubt a watershed in American history, it will dictate whether America recovers from its slow economic decline over the last decade, and have its American spirit and love of free enterprise restored. The election boils down to the traditional question and bottom line. “Are you better off now then you were four  years ago?”

President Obama who is a very likeable person and rode a wave of public disillusionment in 2008 to win the White House with the message of hope and change, respectfully has proved an ineffective and at times weak leader. The near $5 trillion dollars of spending, and a perceived detachment from how ordinary American’s are feeling, is a world away from the optimism he espoused. American’s sense that their society, and indeed government, have never been as divided before. The ordinary voters haven’t switched off from President Obama the person, they have switched off from his administration’s poor policies, and all too frequent politicking in crucial matters. American’s want jobs and action, not political rhetoric.

Gingrich’s victory, should also send a clear and distinct message to Governor Romney, who has already spent $7 million dollars in Florida on media ads, the message is that dirty personal attacks are not what is going to make him president in this election. Voters want to know what the candidates stand for and what they will do to help them, with a passion.  I still believe Romney will win in Florida due to his spending advantage. However, Romney needs to win over the hearts and minds of the voters. He is coming across as too insincere, too out of touch and too much the professional politician. Fundamentally, people are sick and tired of the personal attack ads he so frequently uses.

Voters don’t want their votes and support taken for granted any longer, and political consultant’s will need to adapt their long held strategies and rule books and recognise, and respect, the reality is the modern voter is better informed and educated on the issues than ever before. Ordinary grass root supporters are also fed up of having a preferred establishment candidate being jammed down their throats, as if their own views and choices don’t matter.

This election is about restoring the American Dream, restoring jobs, rebuilding the education system, rebuilding communities, and above all, restoring the American dream with its unique exceptionalism together with a clear vision about the American future.

People are no longer interested in the trash talking that most of the television networks engage in, while reality T.V. may have made the debates more attractive and appealing to the younger generation. People want to know they can have a secure pay check at the end of each month and are able to meet their commitments and have the personal security that brings. They want a leader who puts America and Americans first, not their party or themselves. Gingrich has a record for delivering large scale improvements and for putting the people first, not the political elite.

The most evoking line that signalled Gingrich’s intent going forward against the GOP establishment and media attackers was, “We want to run, not a Republican campaign, we want to run an American campaign.”

Gingrich is slowly becoming the champion of the American dream and American exceptionalism for its people. More importantly, Gingrich is starting to make the ordinary American believe again in their leadership and country, that with optimism, hard work and some sacrifice, the American Dream can and will shine brightly for generations to come if he is elected.

Welcome Gingrich, the “Great Articulator”.

White House 2012 Video Flasback: More Liberty Through Less Government

Bookmark and Share After a scintillating weekend of CPACspeeches which all largely shared the same themes, of more liberty through less government, a stronger economy through fiscal responsibility, and amore secure nation through a committed defense of freedom, White House 2012pulls out of its vault, a speech by the man who reinvigorated theenthusiasm for these themes within the modern conservative cause ………. Ronald Reagan.

The following video was first put together by POLITICS 24/7, the parent site of White House 2012,nearly two years ago. However; the words contained in it are as important today as they were then, and they were as pertinent then as they wereover 50years ago when Ronald Reagan first uttered them.

In this video, Ronald Reagantalks about the risks presented to our nationback in 50’s, and even before that. It was a riskwhichdecades later was arguably the tippingpoint which gave rise to the TEA Party movement and a renewed interest in liberty, free markets and constitutionally limited government. I am referringto Obamacare.In the 50’s and 60’s of course, it was not called Obamacare. Ronald Reagan called it”socialized medicine”.

When listening to this speech, I can’t help but think how appropriate it would have been at a Conservative Political Action Conference way back when……….ifit had existed.

Soas White House 2012 deals with the election of a future president, and now thatthe book has been closed onCPAC’s2011 gathering, I thoughtit appropriate to give you a speech by aPresidnt thatCPAChonored throughout its three days, and who gave some of the most appropriate speeches that anyone couldhave given at such a gathering.

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Honoring President Ronald Reagan on the 100th Anniversary of His Birth

Bookmark and Share On this day, 100 years ago, was a born a man who loved God, family and country. He was born into a family with little money, an alcoholic father, and many struggles. Yet through it all, he pulled himself up by the bootstraps and became an American hero who rose to give birth to a movement and to rejuvenate a nation, its people and their spirits.

On this day 100 years ago was born Ronald Wilson Reagan, a man whose life spanned three careers and then took him on a political ride that went fromgoverning the state of California, to governing our nation. Throughout his long journey to the White House, Reagan carried with him the values of conservative republicanism and when he finally arrived, he turned them in to mainstream values . And in doing so he created an army of soldiers bound together by a common cause that unleashed the private sector, rebuilt our economy, strengthened our defenses, established a new federalism and allowed government to be refocused on the states.

Ronald Reagan achieved much during his two terms as President, but his greatest success was restoring our nation’s people with a sense of hope and pride that had begun to slip away from us. It was the values, leadership, personality and moral character of Ronald Reagan which reminded us all that America can face any challenge, overcome any enemy and achieve any goal, so long as we were willing to roll up our sleeves and set our minds to it.

Reagan came to us at a time of great need. With our economy crumbling, Americans held hostage to Islamic radicals, the Cold War in full swing and our Soviet adversaries marching full steam ahead, divine-like providence timed his rise to power to coincide with the rise to power of a unique mix of critical players on the world stage. With people like Pope John Paul II, Lec Walesa, Margaret Thatcher, and Mikhail Gorbachev, the timing of Ronald Reagans presidency provided the type of backbone which only the United States could provide. Reagans unique, confident, and bold leadership gave America the ability to combine the leadership of all these great figures and thereby and bring about the fall of Communism and the liberation of tens of millions. And it was Ronald Reagan who was the catalyst for those achievements.

So on this day, White House 2012 asks that you join with us and millions of other Americans in reflecting on the greatness that was Reagan and reaffirming the political leadership, and conservative values that he proved to be the key to our success as a nation and Party. Today we ask that all of us try to live up to the standards and examples that Ronald Reagan set for us forevermore.

In honor of this occasion, White House 2012 offers to you three video contributions to the memory of our beloved President Reagan. The first is a tribute. The second is a jovial and endearing record of his great sense of humor and wit and seeing as how this site is dedicated to selecting the next Republican nominee for President, the last vide is a very historical documentation of Reagans 1980 acceptance speech of the Republican presidential nomination at the 1980 Republican National Convention.

I hope you enjoy them.


The Humor of Ronald Reagan

Reagan’s 1980 Nomination Acceptance Speech

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Michael Reagan Offers Insight on the 2012 Republican Presidential Nominee at Reagan Day Dinner

Bookmark and ShareOn Friday, New Jersey Assemblyman Jay Webber held his 8th annual New Jersey Reagan Day Dinner. What started out 8 years ago as a fine and fun cozy event that was first held in a local firehouse, was now held in the grand ballroom of the Sheraton Hotel where over 650 people gathered to commemorate Ronald Reagan and celebrate his life and achievements on the 100th anniversary of his birth.

All across America, literally thousands of such events were taking place this weekend, but thanks to Assemblyman Webber and the Young America’s Foundation, New Jersey’s celebration featured a keynote address by President Reagan’s son. As he noted in his opening remarks, “not the son who dances”.

The speech delivered on this night was by the Reagan son who represents conservative principles and maintains his father’s legacy……….Michael Reagan.

Assemblyman Jay Webber

After conducting a very conversational dialogue about growing up in the Reagan familyand providing numerous personal stories that were quite amusing and very telling about the character and beliefs of his father, a member of the audience askedMike ifhe was leaning in a particular direction when it came towards a Republican nominee for President in 2012. Reagan offered no sign of favoritism towards any candidate. However he did have advicefor Republicans in 2012.

Mike Reagan told the capacity crowd that he firmly believes no matter who the G.O.P. nominates, they should adhere to the 80/20 rule his father believed in.

Ronald Reagan once famously stated “The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally – not a 20 percent traitor.” It is that thinking which Michael Reagan told the audience to remember in November of 2012.

He added;

Let me put it to you this way, who will you support……Sarah Palin or Barack Obama? Paul Ryan or Barack Obama? Rick Perry or Barack Obama?.

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