Perry Watch: Texas Governor Rick Perry Stops Short of Announcing His Candidacy for President

Bookmark and Share   When it comes to whether or not Texas Governor Rick Perry will run for President, Perry has himself all but answered yes (see video below). According to the Governor, two months ago the prospect of running for President was not on his periscope. But in several interviews he admits that things have and changed and he lays the blame for that change on his wife and what he calls an;

“organic buildup of people who have basically said, for whatever reason, ‘We’re not comfortable with the host of people who have come forward to say they want to be the next President of the United States” .

He adds:

“God sends messages through a lot of ways and through a lot of messengers. I am very calm that the direction that I am heading is good. I’m not there yet – not ready to announce here on your program that that is going to be the case, but as each day goes by, I get more comfortable that the direction I am headed is the right direction.”

In addition to Perry’s admitted comfort with a run for President, over the past month other indications of the Governor’s intentions have come in the form of preliminary steps to organize a presidential campaign team. After last month’s implosion of Newt Gingrich’s campaign operation that saw many former aides leave the Gingrich team, Perry has essentially picked up their support for his own presidential campaign. This presumably includes longtime Perry confidant and top political advisor David Carney.

Carney was one those involved in the en masse exodus from Gingrich and up till then, many assumed that without his long time advisor and strategist at his side, Rick Perry was unlikely to be a candidate for President.

Another Perry player who left Gingrich was Rob Johnson, Perry’s former campaign manager and as reported by The Blaze, according to a source, upon Johnson’s departure from Newt, Johnson and Perry spoke last week and Perry told him his “old job is waiting for him.” That source added; “I know that for a fact,”

More recently Politico has reported that Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad stated that his lieutenant governor received a call from Perry and put out other feelers in the state. He adds “The sense is that it’s very likely he will enter the field,” And in what amounts to the strong possibility of an endorsement of Perry, in that same Politico report, Barandstad volunteered “Texas has been a superstar in economic development. You know, California’s demise has been to Texas’s benefit. They’re out there taking industry and business out of California every day,” Branstad said. “I think Texas has kind of led the way.”

So will Perry actually go for it?

So far it does not look like there is anything to discourage him. Given the overall lukewarm support for the existing candidates, and the very tentative hold on frontrunner status that Mitt Romney has, Perry has a good chance to catch fire and outshine others in the crowded field. One thing that could have discouraged a Perry candidacy was the recent quarterly campaign finance reports of the main Republican presidential contenders. Yet not even the $18.25 million that Romney raised in the past three months, seems to have staved off the ambitions of Perry who has proven himself to be strong in fundraising.

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